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Lindsay Lohan

Prosecutors To Use

Past Lies Against Her

3/15/2013 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
's past may come back to haunt her when she goes to trial next week for allegedly lying to cops after her car accident ... because TMZ has learned, prosecutors will attempt to introduce evidence she's done exactly the same thing twice before.

Law enforcement sources directly connected to the case tell TMZ ... prosecutors are convinced that Lindsay has an M.O. when she gets into trouble on the road -- telling cops she wasn't driving, even though she was.

Lindsay is being prosecuted for allegedly telling cops she was a passenger in the Porsche that crashed into a truck last June on Pacific Coast Highway when in fact she was the driver.

We've learned prosecutors want the jury to hear about 2 prior incidents:

1. May, 2007 : Lindsay was busted in Bev Hills for driving under the influence after her Mercedes struck a curb at 5:30 AM on Sunset Blvd.  Lindsay told cops she was a passenger in the car. LIE.

2. March, 2012 : Lindsay was leaving the Sayers Club in Hollywood in her Porsche just after midnight when she allegedly struck a pedestrian and fled.  She told cops she was a passenger. LIE.

Our sources say prosecutors will attempt to introduce the 2 incidents under the law that allows evidence of "prior bad acts" that shows a pattern of misconduct.


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589 days ago


That new story is the Flop side of this story.....postive/negetive ///bad story /good story.......this is the bad story for had to do a fell good story will be another baddie.......
Don't know about you all but ain't even going to bother with that is so lame....Belinda was never "like Lindsey" ...she may had done drugs, drank , and partied but she didn't have a mile long criminal record or total disreguard for people....

589 days ago


She's going down, down, baby. Going down, down, down . . .

589 days ago


Anybody want to see another one of those proofs. ? LOL I got one were my eyes are all squnty and my nose looks like its 10 inchs long ....Just LOVE that one ....NOT......Think me and the photographer are going have a little talk.....heeheheeheheeheheh !

589 days ago


I'm REALLY hoping for some actual jail time for her - finally, but my hopes aren't high.
Stupid CA lack-of-justice-system.

589 days ago


@Maddy A "MAXIMUM" HAHAHAHAHAHA and HA!!!!! California would indeed GO BROKE paying the court costs of that loooooonnnng a.s.s trial. Dare I say it fellow H8TURD? Crackie's goin' to get locked up(like Lindsay Lohan)!!!! I see jail bars in her future 'cause I'm a fu.c.king gypsy! T-3 DAYS and counting. Unfortunately, this borderline bi.tch will probably take the deal in the eleventh hour-I've got this feeling- and we will be denied ALL OF THE DELICIOUS DETAILS of that fateful day that a trial would have revealed. Pure comedy gold-and her only shot at a Emmy for best Crackie in COURT T.V.'s docudrama "GUILTY of being a crotch rotten, denture and polyester weave wearing, botoxed face bloating, brain damaged drugging, lying sack of!!!" Still, there is hope that her narcissistic tendencies will win out and we all be rewarded with a trial. IF ONLY!!!

589 days ago


Hannah you got any mentrol rub like Vicks or anything like that.....rub it onto your temples and across your forehead at your will cool your head and help with the headache.....and a toddy of honey /lemon and whiskey don't hurt either....Don't know if it actually works on the flu but it sure does make me feel better.......honest recipe......

589 days ago


Sung to the tune of STYX's(-who by the way kicked Samro's stepdaddy's band Foriegner's A.S.S. back in the day-)song RENEGADE: Oh Crackie I can hear you a cryin', You're so fu.c.ked and all alone, Hangman is comin' down from the gallows, and you don't have very long." Come everyone and sing it now!!!! FREE FRECKLE FRIDAY!!! GOTTI ROLL- but will be back later.

589 days ago

Lxve Leighton    

Why is it so difficult for her to stay out of trouble?

589 days ago


Lohan staying out of trouble, there is no fun in that. And certinly no attention. Lohan getting caught and being able to blame anyone and everyone and still getting away with it. That's the attention and fun for her.

Lohan does stupid shyt for the tabloid attention.

589 days ago

Chief Gall    

quick annoy in...
How many of you here stupidly think Lindsay is drunk and stoned right now and will be drunk and stoned on St. Patrick's Day and will do some stupid drunk, stoned thing that will be an item on gossip sites like Blind or The Stupidfic, I mean The Superficial, before her court date? Raise your hands. That's a lot of stupid hands.
quick annoy out.....................

589 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Hey got a question?

When Lying Lindsay is found guilty, can they get her on a felony for filling a false report with the insurance company?

589 days ago


Why would Mercedes Benz, in 2005, give that idiot a supercharged AMG SL 55, what that kind of power to drive? The fvck? I cringed seeing that car destroyed. And then her running and fleeing the scene with TMZ in tow...that part was funny. Then I saw her try to put a loaned Range Rover in a garage and almost tear the roof off like a sardine because she didn't judge the clearance right, countless Porsches.....throw in a couple of DUI's and how does she have insurance let alone a license?

589 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

The other thread is lame.

588 days ago


Too bad Smeghan wasn't in my kitchen last night, the damn ceiling caved in, Asbestos and insulation everywhere. That would've been the best picture that TMZ has ever had of her.

588 days ago
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