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Lil Wayne


Pays Weezy a Visit

3/16/2013 2:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0316-birdman-cedars-tmzLil Wayne's latest hospital visitor was perhaps his most important: his mentor ... Birdman.

The rap stars are as close as close can be, so much so that Birdman calls Wayne "his son." Birdman famously gave Wayne $1,000,000 in cash on his 26th birthday. 

Wayne -- who has been in the hospital since suffering multiple seizures earlier this week -- has also received visits from Drake and Los Angeles Clippers star Chris Paul

Birdman tweeted after Wayne's health scare last night, saying, "My son is feelin Good.will be home real soon."


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He didn't die?

Oh well. Can I still build a shrine since he is uber phat apparently, and worthy of a friggin' ongoing homage?

All this attention good for upcoming sales? You bet! Bring on more Sizzurps! See you all next week when he goes back in the hospital again for the same thing.

What an awesome role model for today's black youth.

585 days ago


Didn't Prince sing about Birdman in Purple Rain?

585 days ago


Lil Wayne was a talentless piece of trash. This is no big loss at all. So long, s*** bag.

585 days ago

Andrea Arribe    

I pray for Lil Wayne early recovery!! My very best wishes and thanks for his continuous contributiion making the music industry shine all the more with his talent and lively energy!! Best regards from Vienna, Austria

585 days ago


"my son is feeling good"(aka drugs to relieve the pain). "will be home real soon." ( aka heaven"

585 days ago


"My son is feeling good" aka hospital drugs = no pain. "will be home soon" aka heaven. Man oh man

585 days ago

diane alexander    

I wish lil wayne a speedy recovery...but something just isn't adding up. And it seems like someones are in denial. And, there is a lot of hostility directed at TMZ why because they have nothing to lose or gain and are reporting what an inside source told to them?

585 days ago

diane alexander    

I wish lil wayne a speedy recovery however something just isnt adding up right here. It seems as though someones are in denial. And there also a lot of hostility directed at TMZ why because reported what and inside source reported to them. TMZ has nothing to gain or lose by lieing that what would be there motive to lie?

585 days ago

Super Villain    

"...hope for the best, but I'on think he gon' make it/Not the way he was shiverin' and shakin' on the pavement" *T.I. voice*

585 days ago

jus do it    

Lil weezzzy shorty

585 days ago


The old man must be senile to call that mess named Lil Wayne, "son"
Either that or he is blind.

585 days ago


I thought Lil' Wayne according to his camp was supposed to be released by now. It's really obvious that they are shook and lying about his condition. He will be in that hospital for a minute.

585 days ago


MPC7757 said: "Wow. Lotta haters writing some sinful garbage on here. R u mad at his money? ... Or the fact that he has more money and drugs than you will ever see in your lifetime? ... He accomplished more than u can in your lifetime."

Actually, you have no clue as to what other posters have accomplished; you only know what YOU have accomplished. And the fact that you think someone like Lil Wayne is worthy of respect speaks volumes about your own life.

HE MADE HIS MONEY BY ENCOURAGING BLACK MALES TO SHOOT EACH OTHER, by encouraging little black boys to call little black girls hoes and bitches, by teaching an ENTIRE GENERATION of black men to walk around with their asses out (because apparently, having the lowest test scores in the nation and other impediments to employment were not enough for him; He wanted to ENSURE they remain unemployed by teaching them to expose the ENTIRETY OF THEIR BLACK ASSES to the world.) It is by doing those things -- HURTING HIS OWN PEOPLE -- that he became rich. How, pray tell, is THAT an "accomplished" life?

I, conversely, made MY money by starting life in a housing project, working hard to earn college scholarships, getting TOP grades in college, attending a top 10 law school, and working REALLY HARD every day of my life to reach millionaire status today (in middle age). Along the way, I have given thousands of dollars to black children in scholarships, and will continue to do so. I consider THAT a blessed and accomplished life.

It is unfathomable to me to ever consider making money by encouraging my OWN PEOPLE to kill each other, or to demean themselves, or to see themselves a n!ggers rather than as proud black Americans.

How many of your friends and relatives have you lost to senseless gun violence at the hands of black males who are ENCOURAGED in their behavior by black rappers? Why, then, would you embrace someone like Wayne? Why are the lives of YOUR loved one LESS important than someone like Wayne, who ADVOCATES the violence that has killed so many innocents?

With all due respect, you represent the end result of the lack of education among blacks. The black race has been purposely dumbed-down to the point that you are now incapable of anything except GROUPTHINK. You can't decide for YOURSELF, based on objective criteria, whether someone like Wayne is worthy of reverence. You simply follow the group. They all revere Lil Wayne, so you do as well. But what he has done -- other than enrich himself off of the blood of his black bretheren -- to DESERVE your reverence?

585 days ago


Who cares if this druggies dies? I sure as hell don't.

585 days ago


That's a shame, he's got all that money and fame but don't know what to do with it but hurt himself.He needs to step away from the music industry for awhile and get himself into a drug treatment program,cause if he does not, he may not be so lucky.

585 days ago
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