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Rob Dyrdek & Cousin

Settle Beef w/ Hells Angels

Over Alleged Logo-Jacking

3/17/2013 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MTV stars Rob Dyrdek and his cousin Chris "Drama" Pfaff can sleep a little easier at night -- they finally settled their legal battle with the Hells Angels ... after the parties came to a (peaceful) agreement outside of court.

The Angels sued Dyrdek Enterprises and the clothing co. Young and Reckless (run by Rob's cousin) back in Spring 2012 -- claiming "Y&R" stole the Angels' flaming skull logo and then plastered it on a bunch of t-shirts without their permission.

At the time, Rob told TMZ he would NEVER disrespect the Angels like that -- and was adamant he had ZILCH to do with Y&R or any logo jacking, adding if the Angels "need to stomp anyone out" it should be Drama.

But no stomping was necessary ... according to legal docs filed in CA this month, the parties quashed their beef outside of court -- the terms of the agreement remain unclear.

The case was dismissed March 7.



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Am I the only person who likes Rob Dyrdek? Me and my teens all watch his shows together and they love that I get into the show but I like seeing people have fun. They have the greatest times and my boys and I enjoy laughing and watching together. Glad they settled nice.

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Hells Angels MC
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Eric Franco, 38, was the sergeant-at-arms for the Hells Angels chapter in Lynn, a statement from US Attorney Carmen Ortiz said. He was convicted of the charges in September and sentenced Tuesday in US District Court in Boston.

In May, Lynn police arrested Franco after finding the gun and ammunition in his apartment while investigating a report that Franco was assaulting his girlfriend, the statement said.

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Skate or Die Dude

530 days ago


Scared. to. death. "I would NEVER disrespect you guys!!" lol

530 days ago


Good. I think it's safe to say that they were definitely taking liberties with the logo. You get called on it...own up to it and do the right thing. That seems to be what was done here. Glad everyone was civil about it. Enough said.

530 days ago


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That is some funny schiznit.

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Rob and his cuz....W/E. What if someone had worn that t-shirt in the wrong bar???

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