Sharon Stone Sued Maid: She Called Me Crazy ... Then Fired Me

3/11/2013 11:25 AM PDT

Sharon Stone Sued -- Maid: She Called Me Crazy, Then Fired Me!


6:00 PM PST:
Sharon Stone's lawyer Marty Singer tells TMZ ... "[This lawsuit] is bizarre and ridiculous.  Ms. Castillo was never fired, and as of today is still covered by health insurance as an employee of Ms. Stone. We are confident that Ms. Stone will prevail in this meritless case."

Sharon Stone
has no sympathy for the injured ... at least according to her former maid who claims Sharon treated her brutally after she injured her back.

Angelica Castillo just filed a lawsuit, claiming she injured her back while loading groceries in a car for Sharon. Castillo says her doctor ordered her to avoid lifting heavy objects, but that didn't sit well with the temperamental actress.

According to the lawsuit, when Castillo resisted heavy lifting because of the pain, Stone called her "crazy" and "stupid" and ultimately fired her.

FYI ... Stone has had other problems with the help.  In May she was sued by a former nanny who claimed Sharon berated her for her religion and gave her walking papers.  The Filipino nanny also alleged Sharon ordered her not to speak to her kids because she did not want them to "talk like you."

Castillo wants unspecified damages.