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Lindsay Lohan


If Looks Could Kill

3/20/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has just been booked by the Santa Monica police ... which means ... SHE HAS A BRAND NEW MUG SHOT ... and she does not look happy about it.

Lindsay was ordered to turn herself in for booking after pleading "no contest" Monday to the charge of giving false information to a police officer and reckless driving, stemming from her PCH car crash last summer.

By our count this is mug shot #6, that we've seen. Another was taken in NYC last year, but since NYPD doesn't release mug shots ... we got robbed

Lindsay was released moments after posing for her latest close-up.

As we reported, Lindsay was sentenced to 90 days in a lockdown rehab facility ... but that won't begin until after a hearing on May 2nd.

The shot marks Lindsay's 5 billionth mug shot ... if you recall, she also has mug shots from the time she was arrested for shoplifting, DUI, drug possession, etc, etc, etc, etc.



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now she is out at the clubs shopping a 'lock down rehab" garantee the place she 'choses' will allow her to continue her perscritptions of uppers and downers,
will find one that people will have been that have been able to 'score' drugs at....not her worst mugshot, but anyone ccclaiming this chick is 'sober' like her lawyer was claiming must be crazy, did anyone see what she looked like in court? you call that sober?......she was hungover BAD. oh yeah blame it on the all night flight drama......sorry not buying. anybody reading her body language cold see the scorn she had for the court, the laywer, the police and everyone else that had the audacity to bother her..........her majasty the queen or chaos!.......she will f*up again before may 2nd........any bets against that?

552 days ago


People like Nicole and JJ are so stupid that they actually think they are smart,lols

552 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

DC, that is PRICELESS!!

Lindsay's lying





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552 days ago


Really whats 90 days just lock the ****en bitch up and dont ****en put her on pc

552 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

Night, All.

552 days ago


Oh come on guys Lindsay is arrested, charged and then pleads out not because she is guilty but because she is innocent. Duh! I

1) First DUI - INNOCENT- Lindsay wasnt drunk, she didnt flee the scene after hitting a palm tree nor did she have cocaine in her car. The evil paps set her up by staging the accident, injecting her with alcohol and then planted the coke with the help aliens. Yes that is right folks ALIENS! They do exist and they are out to get Lindsay!

2) DUI2- Lindsay didnt chase her assistant because she was angry she was merely driving really really really fast to tell her the new season of American Idol start date. The coke in the pants wasnt hers she was forced to wear those pants by a stranger she had just met at a night club a couple hours earlier and she wasnt drunk the cops lied because they are out to get Lindsay.

3) Probation violation what probation violation? Yeah the judge said on film to attend her AA class once a week but there is a law that states Lindsay Lohan doesnt have to listen to judges order DUH! Look it up!

4) Necklace theft? Lindsay was given it by the store! I mean they didnt say she could have it but it is implied because there is a contract clause in Herbie Fully Loaded that states Lindsay Lohan is allowed to walk into any store and take anything she wants because she is just that special. Of course when the cops were called she had to return in what an injustice!

5)Lying to the cops? Another conspiracy. Lindsay didnt lie she just didnt tell the truth. How dare the cops ask her if she was driving. 90 days in rehab? OUTRAGE! Oh wait she chose rehab, never mind.

6) Another probation violation what?????? She only just plead out to comitting another crime why in the world would her probation be violated. INJUSTICE!

552 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

They wouldn't be able to keep it in stock, if Mr. Pink used that mug shot in a commercial. Just saying.

552 days ago


This has to be one of the worst mug shots of hers. Of course there are so many to choose from. Looks like she was on a bender last night... if that's not a hungover look, I don't know what is! She could have at least combed her hair! I see she got new lip injections.

552 days ago


"Lindsay was ordered to turn herself in for booking after pleading "no contest" Monday to the charge of giving false information to a police officer and reckless driving, stemming from her PCH car crash last summer."

Did I miss something? I thought this was part of her Plea deal. Why would she have to turn herself in? Was the Plea deal for something hard to keep track LOL

552 days ago


god what a fcking loser

552 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

OMG, her mugshot looks like EDWARD FURLONG.

552 days ago


justin beebs kid was soo right last week tweeting.. look at her last years income.. and she dosent own a home anywhere , no fixed address and LA hotels dont like renting her a room for the night and often deny her occupancy for the night. last time she flew in for court before monday was with her mother and the beverly hills hotel denied her a room the night before that court she in from ney york. she lives at her moms in ny and lost all her property , owes the IRS and she owes sean holly near half a million.. she lucky the taxpayers of new york probably pay for her mandatory live in rehab..or for her jail needs. some taxpayer has to feed her in jail and rehab ordered by a court. beebs kid so right. the proprty she did own in LA she didnt pay the decorator months ago asked for 200k in renos but i guess she told them she didnt ask for it after they completed the work like a liar. what else is new. she in debt up to at least a million and no fixed address..gross

552 days ago


Ok am I seeing things or is this woman's nostrils getting bigger & wider with each mugshot?

552 days ago


I think she looks cute with red hair.

552 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

She really is going bald, I laugh how she has to take hair from the left side and add it to the right side, same with the right side.
Gotta cover those bald spots.
Wonder why she wasnt wearing her wig??

552 days ago
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