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Lindsay Lohan

Jail Scares the Crap Out of Me ... So I Chose Rehab

3/19/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


It's not a promising sign ... but we've learned Lindsay Lohan did NOT accept the plea deal of 90 days in lockdown rehab because she wants to beat substance abuse -- she chose it because it beats jail.

We broke the story ... prosecutors have offered Lindsay the 90-day lockdown rehab deal for weeks, but she consistently rejected it. Her change of heart came at the last minute -- 30,000 feet in the air as she belatedly flew to L.A. for her trial.

Lindsay is telling friends she actually likes the rehab option, because it will allow her to focus on herself without any distractions.

Here's the problem. Lindsay is still saying -- ADAMANTLY -- she does NOT have a substance abuse problem. People in the rehab world say ... it's virtually impossible for anyone in rehab to get better if they don't admit having a problem.

Lindsay has been down this route before, but the rehab experience has never stuck.


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Ya see, this just shows all of us that she does NOT take any of this serious, including her addictions.

Rehab didnt work the first 5 times, why work now?

548 days ago


Having her in rehab is not gonna work unless you accept that you have a problem & she admits she does not have a problem. She'll keep heading in the wrong direction until she eventually will kill somebody else. She needs to go to a "real" prison in order to scare her straight. The court system continues to keep her out of jail but it is never gonna work cause she'll keep doing anything she wants defying the law cause "she thinks she is above the law".

548 days ago

Suzy Q     

"Lindsay is telling friends she actually likes the rehab option, because it will allow her to focus on herself without any distractions."

Hahahahahahalolololololol......whew! I guess all those stick figures around her wanting their own needs met are the real reason she's a pathetic human being.

548 days ago

Alan Carver    

This JUDGE has failed ONCE again regarding the Lohan debacle and travesty she is making of the courts! She has abused EVERY SINGLE OPPORTUNITY given to her and yet these Judges keep thinking she needs rehab, at the 7th or 8th time mark and she is continually relapsing, lets face it ANY SANE AND HONEST Judge would/should see it is a waste of TIME! I say REMAND her to jail where she belongs. Clearly she is threat to the community/society and needs to be taken into jail to face the CONSEQUENCES for her actions! After the um-tenth time in front of a judge for her probation violations ... that is what should have happened this time, but she got another SOFT LENIENT JUDGE with NO BALLS to do the work of the public that pays his salary! It is a travesty of the judicial system that Lohan is being allowed to continue in probation for yet another TWO YEARS! She wont make it as she continually proves! She is a mess as is our judicial system! :^(

548 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    


548 days ago


The loser just continues on her way to destruction. What else is new!!

548 days ago



548 days ago


It took me a while but I finally figured out why jail is not preferable for her care and the people running the jail know it. When someone like herself goes to jail and spends all their time sobbing, pleading, complaining and dreaming up angles for reconcideratiom of alternate forms of sentence due to some urgent emtional or wild medical claim, it saps the attention of the staff in the jail and disrupts its operation on an ongoing basis.

548 days ago


So you're saying that she got over again

548 days ago

Suzy Q     

Posting this on all 3 threads because it's hilarious and I don't want anyone to miss it.

From People Mag reporter yesterday:

Howard Breuer ‏@Hbreuer
Waiting for #LindsayLohan hearing to start. Word is she and her attorney stopped at a liquor store en route to the courthouse

548 days ago


There are more nuts in rehab then there is in jail!

548 days ago


This is exactly why this world will never change because of people like linsdey who has lots of money and dont know what to do with it. So many stars get involved with heavy alcohol, and drugs. They reach the lowest of the low point in their lives- and some other star has to bring them back on top again just to fail over and over again. If we are setting an example for our kids, set the example by not giving awards to ppl in a/a or n/a, or congradulating their every clean weak, month, or year. They put themselves there- they obviousely want attention. How about giving an award to someone who suffered an endless amount of childhood trauma, and in her adult life has managed to live through homelessness, and is going back to college at the age of 34- managed to pull through all this without getting into any negative activety. No heavy alcohol abuse , no drugs, no jail. Oh yeah and all on her own, with no family. How about applauding that and rewarding that. Not plastering junkies and druggies on television- the kids will think maybe thats how u get famous.

548 days ago


This woman has never spent enough time in jail for it to actually scare. Lock her up the same as everyone else and maybe that would scare her away from partying. Then again in her case, probably not even that would do it.

548 days ago


Stop reporting on her and she will fade into the night.

548 days ago


I wonder who it is going to take for her to kill for America and Cali judges to put her behind bars... We do not need train wrecks like this in our society being broadcast-ed because she can not take responsibility for her own actions. Lyin c*nt needs to be cut down to normal status!!!

548 days ago
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