Lindsay Lohan Alcohol In Porsche At Time of Crash

3/18/2013 1:10 PM PDT

Lindsay Lohan Had Alcohol In Porsche Before Crash


Now we know why prosecutors wanted Lindsay Lohan in lockdown rehab -- she was driving with alcohol in the car at the time of the June crash.

TMZ has obtained a copy of the police report, in which the officer says after the crash a plastic water bottle was lying a few feet from the driver's door.  The officer picked up the bottle and noticed the water was amber colored.  He smelled the liquid and says "it was an alcoholic beverage, possibly wine."

The cop says, "It was my opinion that one of the occupants ... was possibly in possession of the open container and discarded it shortly after the collision."

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... they believe the bottle was Lindsay's.

On top of that, the cop says when Lindsay arrived at the hospital, there was an odor of alcohol on her breath.