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MIchael Jackson's Family

Don't Ask

'Who's The Daddy?"

3/19/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Michael Jackson
's family is pleading with the judge in their wrongful death lawsuit against AEG Live to EXCLUDE any evidence of the paternity of MJ's 3 kids.

TMZ has obtained legal docs in which Katherine Jackson, Blanket, Paris and Prince argue ... it's irrelevant for a jury to hear evidence about the conception of the 3 kids. Specifically, they believe AEG has no right to delve into their biological parentage. 

The Jackson crew also wants to exclude any evidence that MJ's siblings have financial problems.  They worry AEG might try to argue that the real force behind the lawsuit is the need for cash.

And mama Jackson and the kids want the judge to bar evidence or any mention of child molestation allegations, partly because MJ was never found guilty.

A judge has yet to rule on the motions.



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You have a valid point on the kids, but I personally think they have already tried that route with no success and this lawsuit is their only way of getting any money what so ever. Whether they are MJ's kids biologically or not, by adoption or not, his name is on their birth certificates and by California law is listed as their father. People are going to hate me for saying this, especially the ones who love this family, but I think this is just another scheme to get some money handed out to the others because they already ran into a brick wall with getting the will revoked.

581 days ago


And now some can hate away at me.

581 days ago


And its really sad altogether that this subject was even brought up by Katherine's lawyers because apparently in all of AEG's do***ents that were filed they were not even going to approach this. Just another blow to MJ3 about a man that was their father from day 1 of their lives. Just a sad situation all together.

581 days ago


And on that point I am going to leave that subject alone because in my book he was their father no matter what. Nuff said.

581 days ago


"Well the world knew this would be only a matter of time before this happened. If the family would not have dropped the restitution after this man was convicted of killing their family member, this wouldn't be happening. This is disgusting and you do not have to be a MJ fan to be disgusted by this, you just have to be a human being with a heart. And its also disgusting for CNN to be giving this convicted felon a platform to air his dirty crap. It's all about the money for all of these people, and still to this day everyone is riding the MJ money train. And this is just the beginning for Conrad Murray. "

Conrad Murray will be interviewed by CNN on Tue April 2nd

"Well here we go. The demon has raised her head up again.

Diane Dimond is going to be covering this trial for CNN so clearly they intend to make this salacious if they are using her..
please contact them and tell them you will be writing to their sponsors , if they use this so called reporter who clearly misrepresented what tool place during the 2005 trial.." - Contact Us

580 days ago


To All The MJ Fans:

That information was sent to me earlier this evening. I only copied & pasted it here to alert other MJ Fans as to the upcoming interview with Murray. I hope that we can all join together, and contact CNN and stop this interview from taking place.

Wishing & Praying that Everyone will have a Happy & Blessed Easter! Love & Hugs to Everyone!

580 days ago


I don;t understand why after all this time the idiots including TMZ are still after Mj. After all you morons have done to this man why are you getting paid or something to keep this s##it going? The man raised those kids single handedly. Other celebs adopt kids or use surrogates and the children are deemed to be theirs,,, no problem right? If MJ does the same it is a big problem. why keep picking on MJ? My God let it go and get a freaking life. You illiterates make me sick. I just hope no other black man does the same as MJ in terms of being too willing to help people (especailly ungrateful whites) because in the end they take you for a ride and as they did MJ they try to destroy you once their find they financial wells are drying up

579 days ago

D Bonaccorso    

I don't see the need to have the kids' paternity brought in to this case or what when on prior with Michael. This case is about whether or not AEG checked out the doctor thoroughly or not before hiring him to be Michael's physician.basically

576 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Everyone always goofs on the name "Blanket" which is just a nickname. The real disturbing thing is he named both boys Prince Michael. That's almost as bad as Jermain naming his kid Jermajesty.

574 days ago

Fantastic Four    

Blanket and Prince should make Paris take a DNA test.

Acoording to Jackson's will, If Paris is not Jackson's genetic child and another family makes claim to her, Blanket & Prince will inherit a lot more money.

They could always get a DNA sample from dental floss or bandaid if she was non-compliant.

574 days ago

What I Think    

Let the mud slinging begin. I love it.

574 days ago


Most people at TMZ are SO mean and Stupid.. Look at what Real Biracial Kids look like then judge. Those kids ARE Michaels.


554 days ago


You guys should think twice about all the stuff spread in the internet about Michael Jackson & his family. Most ppl forget how loving & caring Michael was, what his true message was. And mostly what he all gave to us! We should be thankful - and not abandon him. Always think about him as a true humanitarian with a pure heart! Not weird, not wacko!
Since his passing this crap became worse. Leave his family alone; stop judging in a false way. It’s painful & it’s disgusting. For reading the truth about the trial check following links. Then make your conclusions. Thank you! L.O.V.E. <3


546 days ago
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