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Authorities Probing For

Possible Welfare Fraud

3/20/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom Nadya Suleman
is under the microscope after a complaint was lodged that she committed welfare fraud ... and if it's true Octo could go to prison.

TMZ has learned ... someone made the allegation last week to the L.A. County Dept. of Welfare Fraud Prevention and Investigation (WFP&I), claiming Octo is getting various forms of welfare, including food stamps, even though she made nearly $200,000 in 2012.

Under California law, Octo can legitimately collect welfare for her and her 14 kids if she makes $119,000 or less in a calendar year, but if the allegation is true ... she exceeded the limit by a lot.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the WFP&I is conducting a probe and has already interviewed witnesses in Octo's world.

If WFP&I determines Octo committed welfare fraud, she can be prosecuted.  If convicted she could face more than 3 years in prison.

Oh, right.  You're wondering how Octo could have scored nearly $200k.  Answer: porn, stripping, self-pleasure videos ... the usual.


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This woman was a train wreck from the very beginning!

584 days ago


Will the authorities PLEASE put this douchebag away and get her kids in an environment where they stand a chance of developing into productive humans, instead of repeating the s***my lifestyle of their piggish mother? WHY is this NOT a priority case, when so many parents who have done so much less are under scrutiny for stupid offenses that cause no harm...and this SLOB is destroying her kids' lives with her twisted, perverted example? This repulsive SLUG of a woman is everything society should condemn...and her children deserve protection from the sick and poisonous life she is making them live as "normal."

583 days ago


First send bankers to jail, stop killing innocent children overseas. Then she may not be so guilty as all of you're

583 days ago


@"Technical" -- You posted a great response to comment no. 28. However, not many people have seen it since you have to do an extra click to read responses. I would like to re-post your comment here, because it needs to be seen:
She never has paid 2 nannies 40 hours a week. She paid one babysitter $10.00 an hour to work Monday to Friday 3pm to 7pm. Everyone else watches her kids for free because she tells them she has no money. She makes over 14,000 a month with out benefits, State pays for the food $700 a week, her rent is $2500 a month and the State gives her 'emergency' cash of $2,000 and she puts it towards her rent. Her oldest son has 8 pairs of brand new shoes and the Octuplets have none and Octo has every color of Ugg Boots that cost over $200 a pair. The money goes to clothes and shoes for the oldest kids and Octo's $3,000 a month drug and alcohol habit (which consists of Xanax, Ecstasy, Marijuana, Vodka and wine) . Now the Fake rehab Chapman House is paying her 2k a month to talk about his failing fake rehab so he can write a book about her. The only thing that matters in this whole thing is the kids and unfortunately they are not reaping the benefits of what Octo is stealing from the Government and all of us.

583 days ago


I don't agree with her receiving benefits either, mainly because I do believe not all of her earnings are being reported..BUT 119K for 14 kids and herself isn't much and would qualify her. So when ppl make the comment of moving to Cali for the welfare system...if you have a family of 15 and make under 119k go right ahead..otherwise you'll be greatly disappointed at the fact the system is flawed and the very needy usually don't

583 days ago


Poor ole Octo. You folks are too hard on her. All the kids makes for a tough time. the media forced her into the position"HAHA" That she is in. She is great for entertainment. Who cares about the money when everything else around us is going to crap. What abpout Lindsey?

583 days ago


There you go people, there's your welfare fraud. I don't think they will jail her because it will cost more to place 14 children in foster care. will people like her quit draining the system? I bet Kate Goslin is another one. And those Duggers.

583 days ago


I guess this would really bother me more if there weren't a bunch of illegals with 6 kids getting food stamps

583 days ago


And California wonders why it's broke.

583 days ago


ha ha ha i want my money back too

583 days ago


What about the woman in Madison, Wisconsin? Her son killed his step brother whom was disabled. She lived in the duplex with both she knew her son was beating the kid up, water boarding, hitting him with a 2x4, shooting him with a bb gun and who knows what else. After the kid killed his step brother the mother was using the kids money from S.S. and his food stamps. She recieved a year

583 days ago


It was brought up several years ago how she had used welfare money for her plastic surgeries and what about the doc who fertilized her with eight kids to begin with. Also remember several of the eight had physical problems. What crazy welfare systems pays for fertilizing woman and then pay for the kids after. Only in Ca

583 days ago


All these liberal states are just giving the tax payers money away to welfare people and never varifying if they are even qualifies for it or using the money towards what it was intended for. I have no problem helping those that need help but better than half are not deserving of it and there are many that should get some help and can not.

583 days ago

Kat Karnes    

Is anyone surprised?? If so, raise your hand. This weirdo is definitely depriving some village of its idiot. She is most assuredly a shining example of why you should avoid inbreeding. It just really pisses me off that she is taking our tax dollars to raise a herd of illegitamate kids, then laughing in our faces, when there are people out there who are hungry and really need assistance, and she is sitting back (or should I say lying back) not thinking about those people who need help~~just taking all she can get. She's a taker and a user.

583 days ago

St. Smith    

For real though people need to leave this lady alone. Granted her life decisions haven't been all that great, put we pick and choose what sins we want to celebrate. Get real she had eight kids in one shot i think we all can agree she needs some type of assistance and we dont get upset like this when corporate moguls don't pay taxes. Hummmmm mother of many or Corporate mogul who doesn't pay taxes??? Really what welfare would rather support SMH

583 days ago
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