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Authorities Probing For

Possible Welfare Fraud

3/20/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom Nadya Suleman
is under the microscope after a complaint was lodged that she committed welfare fraud ... and if it's true Octo could go to prison.

TMZ has learned ... someone made the allegation last week to the L.A. County Dept. of Welfare Fraud Prevention and Investigation (WFP&I), claiming Octo is getting various forms of welfare, including food stamps, even though she made nearly $200,000 in 2012.

Under California law, Octo can legitimately collect welfare for her and her 14 kids if she makes $119,000 or less in a calendar year, but if the allegation is true ... she exceeded the limit by a lot.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the WFP&I is conducting a probe and has already interviewed witnesses in Octo's world.

If WFP&I determines Octo committed welfare fraud, she can be prosecuted.  If convicted she could face more than 3 years in prison.

Oh, right.  You're wondering how Octo could have scored nearly $200k.  Answer: porn, stripping, self-pleasure videos ... the usual.


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Wesley Coffey    

Bad choices follow her around. Why does DMZ report on this woman. Who gived a damm. She
brought all this on her self. If the high school
drop outs that report on trash like this, would
find something good to report. She is a
train looking for a place to wreak..

584 days ago


This is great. Maybe she will go to jail and the state will take her children away from her and place them in homes with people that aren't as stupid as her.

584 days ago


The sad fact is that she has 14 kids-if she goes to jail, those kids have to be farmed out to foster families at a cost much greater to taxpayers than the welfare she is getting. No regular job will pay for childcare and living expenses. She will never be able to earn enough working regular hours to support herself and all of those children. Taxpayers need to decide if they want to foot the bill while she has the kids or while they are in state care.

584 days ago



584 days ago


A lot of mexican do this

584 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Does anyone really expect anything will be done to this bubblehead? She'll strike a deal to pay back a penny per month--and never pay it!

584 days ago


Don't send her to jail, make her live at home with her 14 kids. She is such burden to the welfare system now, then taking care of them all and her jail cost.
What a great country. Have all the kids you want, someone will take care of them. Where is the father??

584 days ago


WTF!!! This woman(I use the term VERY loosely) should have never been allowed to have this many children in the first place. She OBVIOUSLY has some form of mental illness which has or hasn't been addressed when she began having these poor helpless innocent children?! And the porn and stripping??? When I read that I was DISGUSTED! What should happen is this: Get those kids away from this thing we term a mom/woman immediately before anymore damage is done! Where are the DCYF authorities??!! It's not just a dirty house....It's a really down right dirty lying disgusting and pathetic excuse of a mother! Get these poor kids into good homes with a stable and non-neglectful families and FAST!

584 days ago


I still say the Dr. should be liable for the litter Not Us. He Inserted them...

584 days ago


Are you for real. When was the last time that anyone who the media has turned into a celebrity has been punished for any type of crime. It just gets laughed off.

584 days ago


Bad luck? Are you kidding me? This selfish woman ruined her life and condemned her kids to lives of poverty and neglect. Her actions and results bordered on criminal.

584 days ago


Welfare is supposed to be a temporary solution not a lifestyle. When she gets big payments for whatever job she has done, she is taken off welfare and lives off that earned money. When itt runs out, she applies for welfare again. With 14 kids, that money runs out more quickly than it does for a family with 2 children. She has said if she knew then what she knows now, she would never had all those children. I give her credit. She keeps trying to find ways to support those kids.

584 days ago


She can make $119,000.00 and still get welfare? Something is wrong with this!!

584 days ago

Just My Opinion    

It's a shame that the kids will have to pay the price, but at least then (hopefully) they'll be in a morally decent atmosphere and brought up with some decent values. Quite obviously she never considered how she was going to support these children when she got pregnant in the first place. How selfish can one person be.

584 days ago


She has not had bad luck at all. She has made very bad decisions that have, sadly, affected the lives of her children also. She is certainly not rocket scientist material but these decisions were dumb, even for her.

584 days ago
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