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Lil Wayne

He's Baack!!

3/22/2013 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live

0322-TMZ-LIVE-LARGEWe got the first look at Lil Wayne since his 6 days in ICU, and it's a freakin' miracle -- 'cause Weezy looks great! He says he feels great too ... but it's what he DIDN'T say that's raising concerns.

Plus, Ashley Greene from "Twilight" suffers a tragedy -- we have info on the apartment fire that killed one of her dogs ... and we'll tell you what neighbors are saying about how it started.

Also, Ray J joins us to explain why he brawled with rapper Bad Azz -- and the surprising next move he wants to make in their ongoing feud.

(0:00) Lil Wayne and T.I. sent video to TMZ, and the topic of discussion ... Barbecue!
(7:00) Ashley Green's apartment catches fire, and tragically only one of her adorable pups made it out.
(10:00) Turns out Lindsay Lohan will not be charged with her alleged New York nightclub assault. Lucky?
(11:00) Kim Kardashian is taking heat on about her pregnancy weight, is Jessica Simpson glad the spotlight is off her?
(18:00) Soulja Boy Instagrams a bunch of pictures of his dinner... with a side of sizzurp! The surprising fan backlash.
(25:00) Ray J gets into a heated argument with a woman and then a fist fight -- he calls in to set the record straight.
(27:00) Joe Jonas and girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler poke fun at a rumored sex tape.
(31:00) Kris Humphres misses the divorce deposition, but he sure didn't miss his steak at STK. His excuse?
(33:00) A weight loss suppliment claims A-List stars George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio use their product to stay shredded. Do they, and more importantly, are they?
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Amanda Bynes tweets to Drake very specific things she wants him to do to her lady parts. No hacker involved in this tweet!

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Harvey, that argumentative little Ryan comes across as a high school cheerleader...just sayin'

524 days ago


Well, I'm outta here all. It's always a pleasure posting with yas.
Have yourselves a fantabulous weekend all. Stay safe, enjoy the spring and see you on Monday.

524 days ago


Geezezuusss, quit talking over each other and doing stupid stuff and just do the show.

524 days ago


Some of the guys in your office should try those diet pills.

524 days ago


Check out X17. First Britney looking so happy with her boyfriend and then miserable kimstoogian.
And ROL's story about the K's show going down like the titanic.
This site officially sucks.

524 days ago


Harvey took the cookie from the cookie jar....

524 days ago


Canters! Of course!

524 days ago

nee nee    

Occasionaly KFC won't hurt you. Let's face it , the stuffs delicious !

524 days ago


Black and White cookies - When I was growing up in NY they called those half moons, always my favorite. I loved when we would stop at the bakery to get them.

524 days ago


OMG Leave Kris Humpries along, the publicity whore is Kim.

524 days ago


Max you look good with your hair back like that. Maybe just cut it all off -- you'd look really good! (Boring news day so I pick on the staff).

524 days ago


Ryan's doctor vag

524 days ago


Lil Wayne in one of your raps you say you don't wear suits because that's what they bury you in....well you should buy one now and keep it in the closet for the day that's on the horizon!!

I saw this in a dream and felt compelled to tell you that you need to seek help and soon! Your kids will probably follow in your footsteps and be doomed as you will soon if you don't seek help!

523 days ago


Who cares if a black rapper OD's, the music, so called music is the reason way the young people are on drugs. If we lose black rapper it only can benefit the world. If one wants good music you have to find it from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Black rappers are the evil and not of this earth.

523 days ago


Kim's not taking the spotlight off of Jessica, Kim's just catching all the heat about being fat now. Jessica is much healthier this pregnancy, and people are not only watching, but also giving her props for doing so well! So no Kim's not doing Jessica any favors, Jessica's doing way better off. And not trying to flaunt her body, the way Kim is, Jessica's just taking better care of herself, than Kim is!

515 days ago
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