TMZ Live Lil Wayne He's Baack!!

3/22/2013 12:30 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Lil Wayne -- He's Baack!! But What's Next?

TMZ Live

We got the first look at Lil Wayne since his 6 days in ICU, and it's a freakin' miracle -- 'cause Weezy looks great! He says he feels great too ... but it's what he DIDN'T say that's raising concerns.

Plus, Ashley Greene from "Twilight" suffers a tragedy -- we have info on the apartment fire that killed one of her dogs ... and we'll tell you what neighbors are saying about how it started.

Also, Ray J joins us to explain why he brawled with rapper Bad Azz -- and the surprising next move he wants to make in their ongoing feud.
(0:00) Lil Wayne and T.I. sent video to TMZ, and the topic of discussion ... Barbecue!
(7:00) Ashley Green's apartment catches fire, and tragically only one of her adorable pups made it out.
(10:00) Turns out Lindsay Lohan will not be charged with her alleged New York nightclub assault. Lucky?
(11:00) Kim Kardashian is taking heat on about her pregnancy weight, is Jessica Simpson glad the spotlight is off her?
(18:00) Soulja Boy Instagrams a bunch of pictures of his dinner... with a side of sizzurp! The surprising fan backlash.
(25:00) Ray J gets into a heated argument with a woman and then a fist fight -- he calls in to set the record straight.
(27:00) Joe Jonas and girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler poke fun at a rumored sex tape.
(31:00) Kris Humphres misses the divorce deposition, but he sure didn't miss his steak at STK. His excuse?
(33:00) A weight loss suppliment claims A-List stars George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio use their product to stay shredded. Do they, and more importantly, are they?
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Amanda Bynes tweets to Drake very specific things she wants him to do to her lady parts. No hacker involved in this tweet!