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Lindsay Lohan

Six-Figure Payday

Before Rehab

3/24/2013 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0324_lindsay_lohan_brazil_compositeLindsay Lohan has scored herself a HUGE paycheck before she goes into rehab, and TMZ has learned she'll be earning her keep by hanging out in South America. 

Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ ... she's headed to Brazil this coming week to make a few appearances to promote a clothing line. We're told Lindsay scored a low six-figure payday for the deal. 

Our sources say Lindsay will head down to Brazil on Wednesday (with a small entourage in tow) after she shoots her appearance on Charlie Sheen's show, "Anger Management." We're told Lindsay is scheduled to shoot her scenes Monday and possibly Tuesday. 

The money will certainly come in handy. As TMZ first reported, Lindsay was recently hit with another tax lien in the amount of $56,717.90 ... in addition to two other liens she has outstanding.


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Mumra the Ever Living    

So one day, maybe part of a second to do Anger Management? I can't imagine Lohan working on her lines - well, except for lines of coke. I can't imagine her showing up on time that she has already been paid for - $100,000. I can't imagine her working hard enough to get done in one day, and does Sheen really think she will show up for the second day?
And hasn't Lohan shown over and over that she has absolutely no comedy chops whats-so-ever? SNL was a disaster, that Let me Fuque With Your Looks thing she did with Falon was embarasing to watch.
Just wait until the WARLOCK discovers that she doesn't know her lines, showed up two hours late for make-up, is surly to the crew, disappears every 10 minutes for a cigarette, got totally wasted during lunch, and stole everything of value out of her dressing room.
Charley Sheen has shown he is more than willing to throw money to people who he thinks need it. But he is also known for flying off the handle and absolutely crucifying people who have crossed him.
I have a feeling that there will be a slew of comments from Sheen about Lilo in the next couple of days, and they won't be very nice comments.
She's going to need that trip to Brazil after she fuques over Sheen and Anger Management, just to get away from the wrath of the Ma-Sheen.

547 days ago


Can someone explain to me why anyone on this planet wants that skank to wear their clothes or represent a line? She is the biggest turnoff and ruins any chance that anyone would want to wear something she wears. Plus, she usually steals half the showroom on the way out.

547 days ago


Most actors make this type of money all of the time, but no needs to report on it but this is all of the income this bitch has-so when you think about it this is showing just how sad and pathetic her "career" is. I read that John Travolta gives his daughter 1 million in trust ever year on her birthday -his daughter has more money just celebrating her birthday than Lindsay makes "working"-so sad and she doesn't even know it.

547 days ago


Isnt it great that HELLER said she will be helping Children and plans on giving lectures at schools..

teaching kids how to follow the straight and narrow..

and showing them the light like a ROLE MODEL..

I guess that was put on the back Burner beside of the stovetop meth

547 days ago


I thought they would have taken her pass port away of fear she would not come back and do her rehab

547 days ago


How much of this money will go towards Dina's mortgage?

547 days ago


What is she going to do? Cash the check at a 24 hour check cashing place for a fee? She has to claim it. She has to claim it through customs, and whatever company this is (??) is not going to give her a sack of money. Remember, the IRS isn't a neighborhood mom 'n pop shop, and they don't play. They went after Wesley Snipes, a real actor with real film credits. They're not going to leave messages on her door with stickynotes and happy face stickers.
Sooner or later, this girl ain't gonna have no more money to help mommy pay off the mortgage on her house, and can we dormer it up anymore? What is it, Buckingham F*ckin' Palace?? Remember, the plan was for Lindsay to move BACK to New York so she could have a good network of family and friends around her. Yeah. Who do we call to score an 8 ball? Who's paying??
Tick, tick, tick. The clock keeps ticking. Until next time...

547 days ago


How the heck does someone of probation and in her situation get to leave the country?? Isn't part of probation that you give up your passport unless the court determines otherwise.. and wouldn't there need to be a hearing for that to happen??

547 days ago


Better ask them to pay you in cash only, Lindsay so the government don't take what you owe them! We all know you don't like paying your bills!!

547 days ago



Yea south America is the ticket....No drugs to be found there..

547 days ago


not to mention how is she able to hang around Charlie Sheen when the court told her to stay away from ppl who use drugs or have drug issues....

547 days ago


Her uneducation and overfreedom make her be and look like this. Her mother is DUMB.

547 days ago


Next Trip is Russia..she has to leave the country to Find her Muse..

547 days ago


So six figures and all the uncut coke she can snort.

547 days ago


I'd do her.

547 days ago
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