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Justin Bieber

Vehicular Terror In Neighborhood

3/27/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
is a menace on wheels, driving at speeds approaching 100 mph in his quiet neighborhood and endangering children and dogs ... this according to multiple residents.

We broke the story ... one of Justin's neighbors filed a battery report Tuesday after a heated altercation on the singer's property in his uber-exclusive gated community in Calabasas.  

Justin's security people say the neighbor went nuclear over parties that were thrown at the Bieb's house while he was performing in Europe.  But we're hearing a VERY different story from neighbors.

We've learned the man who confronted Justin told Sheriff's deputies ... the singer was driving "unbelievably recklessly" through the neighborhood in his Ferrari.  The man -- whose hobby is racing cars -- estimated Justin's speed at 100 mph.  He told cops he was really upset because at the time Justin was burning rubber (just before 9 AM) his wife was walking the dog.

The man also says a lot of kids were on the street because of Spring break, and Justin put the entire neighborhood at risk.  Multiple neighbors back his story.

We're told the man was NOT upset by the partying at Justin's house.  He said it was "no big deal."  But he admits he was "smoking hot" when he went to Justin's home to tell him what an inconsiderate jerk he was by driving at breakneck speed in the hood.

The man -- who is 5'7" and 135 lbs -- claims Justin made some sort of contact with him and thus the battery allegation. 

BTW ... check out this pic of Justin blowing a red light in Calabasas just hours after the altercation.


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question: what would you do if a guy comes into your property and yells at you? Would you run away like a scared puppy? What if you merely touch him because he gets in your face and files charges, how would you feel? Happy? Why assume the neighbors are not just backing this guy because they don't like Justin?

574 days ago


he's soooo gangsta *eyeroll*

574 days ago


at this rate one of these days he will be the celebrity to hurt someone real bad or even one of his fans how dumb is that not cool

574 days ago


Well OF COURSE he ran a red light...poor little baby can barely see over the steering wheel!

574 days ago


Ok, two things....

#1...that pic of biebs "blowing the red light" is just sensationalism at its best. Clear there is another vehicle oncoming that took a right hander as douche bag was making his left. Clearly he was in the intersection while it was yellow but didn't have a clear opening until it was red. ...can't believe I'm defending him but the sensationalism of the photo/caption made me resort to it.

#2..if this is some swanky neighborhood, wouldn't you imagine most if not everyone has security cameras? And I imagine if they did at least one camera would be pointed towards the driveway/road. If said camera did exist it would most likely show Senor Douche bag acting like an idiot and flying up and down the roads. Because it's on tape it could be used as evidence to site him for reckless driving. Hey Sheriff deputies..way to drop the ball in teaching this douche a lesson.

574 days ago


little boy with too much money acting a fool!

574 days ago


Calm the F down Justin. and quit huffing brown bottle.

574 days ago


"But he admits he was "smoking hot" when he ..."

I don't know but when I first read that line I swore it said the neighbor was smoking "pot" before he went to JB's house.

lmao... that's funny

574 days ago


Whatever happened to cute little boy singing 'boyfriend'!!!!????

574 days ago


he has an ego that knows no bounds.

he knows his 15 minutes is counting down rapidly now and he's acting like an azzhole.

574 days ago


This kid needs a smack on the arse!!! All these yes people around him need to get lost. His weird mother needs to step up as this kid is ruining his career and needs guidance now. I thought he was sweet and understood why his fans (little girls) loved him. Now he is so busy trying to be cool that he is a bad influence and no longer a role model.

574 days ago


Such a douche. Just because you have little more money in your pocket than others, doesn't mean you can do whatever the hell you want with no repercussions.

574 days ago


i hate this beiber kid 100x's more than i hated vanilla ice. i don't think i've seen a bigger wannabe brat white kid in my life.

574 days ago


He personifies the word "punk" and "douchebag'. If he ever grows up and his voice starts to change... he will be but a bad memory... if we are lucky!

574 days ago

Fred Farkel    

I love to stay in Calabasas when I am in CA and I look forward to bumping into this piece of S H I tee when I am there.

Thank you

574 days ago
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