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Lindsay Lohan

In Limbo

Over Rehab

3/31/2013 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0331_lindsay_lohan_tmzIt's been two weeks since Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in lockdown rehab, but TMZ has learned there's been no movement in placing her in a facility.

We broke the story after lots of digging ... there's no such thing as lockdown rehab for Lindsay, and that creates a problem because we're told the judge and prosecutors were under the clear impression -- based on representations by Lindsay's lawyer -- that she could be placed in such a facility in New York.

We're told prosecutors are discussing what to do with the famed defendant, but nothing has been decided. The options are regular rehab (where Lindsay has been a royal screw-up in the past) and jail. 

 In fact, the sentence is actually 90 days in jail which can be fulfilled by 90 days lockdown rehab.

It's unclear if prosecutors will make the rehab decision on their own or take it back to the judge. Given that the judge also seemed to clearly be under the impression that lockdown was an option, it's likely Judge Jim Dabney will have to sign off.



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This seems like the keystone cops and the LA prosecutor looks like a the hand of Linds and her inept attorney....who's inept guys? He hood winked you.

517 days ago



No words.

517 days ago


The prosecutors don't care or they would have researched it. This girl could kill someone and get away with it.

517 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

You H8TURDS worry more about what Lilo is doing then you do your own lives. Oh yeah, none of you have lives so you suit up to hold trailer court on TMZ every day. Quit putting your baby's in the washing machine WE don't want them to turn out as red neck illiterate as you welfare check cashing lizards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



517 days ago


I'd rather have an update about Mark Heller being investigated for witness tampering! Heller only needs to provide proof of enrollment at the May 2nd hearing. I guess she is free to party it up until then. Hopefully the court will find out about her recent antics, will force her to attend court, then send her directly to jail.

517 days ago


If lockdown rehab isnt an options he should go to jail for the full 90 days. No being let out early for overcorwding etc. If Martha Stewart and others can serve their time so can Lilo. Jail would be good for her its the only place she will ever learn she is not that speacial.

517 days ago


and this is a surprise and is news worthy?

517 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

@Rouge. They don't have to worry about their own lives because they have none.

517 days ago


FFS! If my links aren't working, try:

It has links to all Blo's Junkie/Clamming Brazilian pics.

517 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    


517 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

You H8TURDs blow more hot air than a 100 gallon air compressor in front of a space heater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You all should be cops, they were picked on so much in high school, they had to find a way to retaliate and deal with their inability to make the band team..................Now they're showing us, by writing speeding tickets!!!!! LMAO...... Oh yeah, the have to write, something you H8tuRDS have still failed to learn to do............

I gotti roll, it's almost pool season again

517 days ago


California Judges to Crackie-
April Fool!
You don't need jail or rehab.
You are hereby free to party until Death.

517 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

help this young woman

Brazil's tribute to Lindsay. Enjoy TMZ.
50 minutes ago
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517 days ago


Love this woman!

517 days ago


Here's the thing - even though Lohan has a substance abuse problem, even though they found a container near the scene that contained alcohol, I don't understand why they sentenced her to rehab. She was not booked for DUI, they tested her at the hospital to see if she was drunk and she wasn't. Why the rehab? It should never have been on the table from a legal standpoint. Lohan should have been sentenced to jail from the beginning.

Also - lockdown or not, rehab doesn't work on Lohan so why do something that doesn't actually do anything for the defendant? Lohan is no desire to be in rehab on her own and there's no way that anyone in rehab can "cure" Lohan. Only Lohan herself can do that.

And lastly Michael Lohan can want Lohan to do her time in rehab, but he's a vagina-kicking felon, and he can scream all he wants - but it's not going to help his daughter. If he really wanted to help his daughter he'd do two things: plant some drugs on her and call the police so they would put her in jail for 3 years and then shut the f*ck up. Don't give interviews, don't start rumors, don't talk at all - just leave her the f*ck alone.

The more rehab doesn't work for Lohan the more money Michael Lohan makes by appearance fees and exclusives. He doesn't WANT her to get better. He's just trying to butter his bread on her back. Michael Lohan is a SICK F*CK! And so his daughter.

517 days ago
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