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Lindsay Lohan

In Limbo

Over Rehab

3/31/2013 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0331_lindsay_lohan_tmzIt's been two weeks since Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in lockdown rehab, but TMZ has learned there's been no movement in placing her in a facility.

We broke the story after lots of digging ... there's no such thing as lockdown rehab for Lindsay, and that creates a problem because we're told the judge and prosecutors were under the clear impression -- based on representations by Lindsay's lawyer -- that she could be placed in such a facility in New York.

We're told prosecutors are discussing what to do with the famed defendant, but nothing has been decided. The options are regular rehab (where Lindsay has been a royal screw-up in the past) and jail. 

 In fact, the sentence is actually 90 days in jail which can be fulfilled by 90 days lockdown rehab.

It's unclear if prosecutors will make the rehab decision on their own or take it back to the judge. Given that the judge also seemed to clearly be under the impression that lockdown was an option, it's likely Judge Jim Dabney will have to sign off.



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TMZ wants you to fail. Harvey is a midget piece of dog excrement!

572 days ago

Hot Farts    

Maddy clarifying -sending facts to prosecuters regarding the most recent theft was helped by MM as the list/research is done

572 days ago


regina phalange
"Don't tell me that *Dirt* is living in my hemisphere!!!!!!!"

No, he's right in my backyard in So Cal.

572 days ago


she needs to go to jail for at least 90 days. She is NEVER going to learn unless she goes to jail. If she was a member of the general public, she would have already gone to jail. And her bad attitude doesn't merit such special treatment. Put her in jail, in general population. Stop messing around.

572 days ago


She's a beautiful, talented lady with a bright future.

572 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Looks like Lindsay is set to hit 100% on the TMZ LOSER POLL again! Talk about negative branding!

572 days ago


Clicking and commenting on this story only because I am SICK of Lindsay Lohan stories and have no other way to express that. TMZ should just rename themselves because I swear they are the only website posting multiple LiLo stories every time this girl turns her gdd-mn head.

572 days ago


I live in CA and it would make me happy knowing my taxes are contributing toward keeping this bitch in jail so I don't have to hear about her everyday. Clearly rehab hasn't worked for her so perhaps some hard time is exactly what she needs

572 days ago


The only one creating a problem is TMZ. All the judge meant was that the lass couldn't leave the facility without getting arrested. Rehab arrest instead of house arrest. So they just have to find a rehab that will notify authorities if she leaves. Put a locator on her and it's even easier. I can get one for my cat, certainly they can get one for Lindsay. She had one before when on house arrest. Why is TMZ jumping up and down about this? Plenty of rehabs can handle such requirements. Lindsay isn't the first person to be sentenced to rehab on a lockdown basis (meaning no passes to leave, as the judge clarified immediately after he said lockdown rehab).

572 days ago


My prediction: Blohan will move on to another out of country gig somewhere to avoid the the long arm of Uncle Sam and Uncle Charlie.....

572 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Can't wait for the next bit. I am sure there will be stories about possible charges in the theft of wardrobe from the set of AM.

572 days ago


Hey jaxxx. A s s get a life!!!

572 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

You know now that Lindsay is under the umbrella of Heller and Heller getting her jobs, managing her, defending her; I will be they are collecting 40 to 60% of what she is making!
Guess that leaves Mommy Dearest out in cold where $$$ is concerned......

572 days ago


@9--I'm not privy as to what you intend to send to the prosecutors but unless and until FX/AM become an aggrieved party there is no crime. Your time would be better spent convincing them to report a theft than relaying a tabloid story to the prosecutors. In addition, from the perspective of the prosecutors, she has not done anything wrong in Brazil. She is allowed to go to clubs and drink alcohol. Without testing there is no way to prove she is taking illegal substances. She's an idiot but that's the beginning and end of the story.

572 days ago


another night, another club, good role model for young girls everywhere

572 days ago
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