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Lindsay Lohan's Plea Deal

One String Attached ...


4/1/2013 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0331_lindsay_lohan_adderall_composite2Lindsay Lohan drew a line in the sand during plea negotiations in her lying-to-cops case -- she'd agree to rehab ONLY if the facility would allow her to continue taking Adderall ... sources close to LiLo tell TMZ.

Our sources say Lindsay has taken Adderall -- used to treat Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and misused for various other purposes -- daily for years.  She believes she needs it to function.

We're told Lindsay was steadfast -- either attach Adderall to the deal or she'd take her chances at trial.  Sources say Lindsay's lawyer, Mark Heller, assured her he could find a lockdown rehab facility that would accommodate her demand.

Heller may not be able to deliver ... fact is, there's no such thing as a lockdown rehab facility that would take Lindsay, much less allow her to take the drug.

It's pretty ironic ... when Lindsay was jailed back in 2010, she got a doctor to prescribe Adderall while she was behind bars ... even though her ADHD diagnosis was called into serious question.

A number of people in Lindsay's life believe it was the Adderall that led to her downfall.


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Truth and Reality    

Remember the old lady in the movie Requiem for a Dream? She was taking the adderall like pills to lose weight and they cause her looks to go bad and made her lose her mind. That was a movie. This is the real thing.

548 days ago


First, the DA could have never agreed to such a deal as it's a REHAB facility that makes choices on what patients are prescribed. Every facility will have an evaluation done on new patients with a physician/psychitrists and if the doctor deems something necessary (whether through a forced withdrawl or for necessary pyschiatric treatment), it will then be part of the patient's regime administered by a nurse on staff with full regulation & monitored dosage and taking. Courts do NOT make those kind of calls and put that in the hands of the facility medical staff. PERIOD. 2nd, Mark Heller, "could have" TOLD her that (maybe he did, maybe he didn't), but nothing will be honored. That's completely in the hands of the medical staff NOT the courts or lawyers in any kind of an agreement. Now, not knowing what a doctor will do -- but based on assumption -- they will not knowingly let her abuse a drug in rehab (although any addict can figure out ways to still do it in rehab); they will either wean her completely and substitute with other psychiatric drugs under their care OR will cut a patient's dosage down to normal therapatheutic dosages for real treatment. I guess I'm saying that the lawyers didn't agree to this as it's a medical priveledge & diagnosis thing as opposed to a legal one even in negotiation. With that said, Ms. Lohan IS an actress, what she convinces a doctor to do one-way or the other is to be watched. She's convinced the court-system over-and-over to play with her, so I'm wondering if she doesn't do the same in rehab as she acts through the system here as well.

548 days ago


. and if Heller told her that he could do that or would be part of a deal,to get her to agree, once again his head could be on the chopping block as he could be investigated for ethics and even set her up the whole thing for renegotiation.

ALSO, if Heller told her that in thinking he personally could negotiate this directly with a rehab facility (i.e. not saying anything to the courts) as part of her admissions process, he again would have grounds for ethics investigations.

ADD is a psychiatric drug AND can (and IS) used within rehab facilitiies under the direction/monitoring of medical staff. However, the chances of giving it to someone who has an addiction to it are low, but who the heck knows how an actress can manipulate the situation once inside there??????

548 days ago


It's alot more likely this bitch has fleas than freakin ADHD.

548 days ago

Good riddance!    

Well, her brain has already atrophied and shut down. I wonder what the next organ will be? Liver? Lungs? Heat? No, not the heart. She's been a cold, heartless sociopath for a long time already.

548 days ago


She might as well ask for a marijuana medical card then she can smoke a little weed .
That isn't Vodka in the bottle that's just last months water it only smells bad .I didn't do anything wrong just taking my time drinking it

548 days ago


Anything to try and manipulate the system .Lindsay can see and the rest of the world wears Bifocals.
And get a medical card for some weed

548 days ago



548 days ago


pure dont need adderall to function.... adhd my ass, she is an addict, and a common phrase for addicts is 'i need this to function' dr who diagnosed me with adhd said if i ever used the phrases i need my adhd meds or i cant function without them, he would immediately take me off of them. can somebody please throw her in jail????

548 days ago


So, the drug addict gets to keep her drugs in rehab. I guess she gets to administer them herself too.

548 days ago

Good riddance!    

So eventually Crackie gets locked up somewhere without her distilled Lowhan water and cases of drugs she's gulping, snorting, smoking, injecting, or whatever, and then has a nice, fun time trying to rip her diseased skin and fake hair off during DTs. Soon then the bald spots appear, the fivehead Grand Canyons form, and the bill deflates and looks like two rotted out, flat innertubes. She finally reverts to her natural Gollum form. Eventually she's released and goes whole hog on everything. Maybe 2 days later the constantly updated obituaries are finally deployed. Then we have to suffer seeing poppa Crotchie do the Dr. Phil tours from hell and talk about what a great father he is, while momma Drunkie tries to sue everyone under the sun before finally being evicted and is never heard from again. The rest of the world just says a collective 'Well, duh!'

548 days ago


I'll go to rehab IF you let me bring my drug of choice.....welcome to the real world where you don't get to make demands and set terms.

548 days ago


So when is this bitch expected back in the States?

548 days ago


You all know something ..........................I have to walk down the road with ?SterlingGuy on this one........ain't no court alive is going sentence someone to rehab with the clause she gets to keep taking her drug of choice....that utterly ridiculous....BUT and this is a BIG ASSED BUT we are not talking about a fair and impeachable court here like in the real world we are talking about the pay for sentence court in LALA were the defendant gets the sentence she's payed for the more she pays the more reducluious is the I can see her getting it because if ever their was a bought and payed for sentence that was one......if it had been fair her flabby ass would be sitting in a jail cell now and for the next 9 mos for this sentence and the violation of her probation........
You get what you pay for in LA........
Hope you are having a better day .....there was a 95 car pile up on the interstate coming in from Virginia and they have finely reopened the road after 12 hours of clean up but the traffic is so heavy I will never be able to handle it and I have to go to Durham this morning so I will take backroads down to 40 before heading east and the fog is still heavy outside..... I will be at the hospital why the General and his family bury his mommy.....they put it off one day for Easter and to avoid burying her in the rain.....Funny but by the time they lined up the family in the receiving line last night at the wake their was over a hundred people in line kids ,grandkids ,great grands and several great great grands... then the visitors coming in have to run it over more then a hour....She was truly waked in honor last nigh.....I told the General she would have been so pleased and embarrassed at the same time..she was a very shy person...........

548 days ago



548 days ago
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