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Michael Jackson

Drug Addict On Trial

4/2/2013 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Michael Jackson's intense and decades-long addiction to powerful prescription drugs will be front and center in his family's wrongful death trial ... which kicks off today.

Katherine Jackson and Michael's 3 kids are suing AEG Live, claiming the company negligently hired and supervised Dr. Conrad Murray ... who killed MJ with a massive overdose of Propofol.

TMZ broke numerous stories after MJ's death ... revealing how Jackson had at least 19 aliases to score Rx drugs from various doctors.  It was well known in L.A. and Beverly Hills medical circles that MJ would doctor shop to find professionals who would open their surgery centers to give him Propofol.  The doctors -- and dentists -- would justify the drug by saying they needed to put him under for minor procedures, such as acne removal.

We reported in one case ... a famed doctor used a gynecologist's office -- run by a doc who specialized in vaginal rejuvenation -- to perform a minor acne treatment under full anesthesia.

The Jackson family will argue AEG Live had a duty to monitor Murray.  The problem is ... Jackson's the one who found Murray in the first place and that Murray administered Propofol long before the doc signed on to the "This Is It" tour.

AEG has a slew of doctors on its witness list ... to make the case that Jackson's addiction was in full bloom long before it entered the picture.

Katherine and the kids are asking for more than $40 BILLION in damages.



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It's sad that his supporters follow this piece of garbage like he is some kind of god. The man was sick. He was a drug addicted pedophile. It doesn't matter how great of a performer he was. He was a sick and disgusting person who is now rotting away in hell.

533 days ago


MJ was a junkie deal with it.

533 days ago


please dont blame anyone,every person in life make there own choice's ,he'd got it no matter what , I know no one force him, it's wrong! Sorry you make look like he wasn't a druggie

533 days ago


MJ was a drug addict and the family should pay AIG back!

533 days ago

wacko was a loser    

Warning to all about Sabine Faustin of Brooklyn New York
This blog is a warning to anyone who has come in contact with a Brooklyn woman named Sabine Faustin. Sabine Faustin runs several blogs and websites dedicated to the late singer Michael Jackson. Her most successful creation being an erotica fan fiction site called CobraCrackCentral. Although Sabine is a 40-year-old single mother of two children, she lives everyday of her life glued to the internet. She has been attempting to make it as a writer by self-publishing several poorly received books under her publishing name "Ameeramac" - both children's books about her son and daughter as well as Michael Jackson erotica books. Her latest self-published effort is titled "Cowboy Mike".

When Sabine Faustin is not too busy writing her sexual fantasies about the deceased Michael Jackson, she maliciously cyberstalks people who disagree with her. Sabine's latest victim is a school girl she got into a spat with because the girl is no longer a Michael Jackson fan. Rather than getting over the disagreement as any sensible person would do, Sabine Faustin dedicated an attack blog to the girl. She now spends everyday defaming someone who is young enough to be her child. Sabine Faustin of course denies that she is behind it, but her identity has been thoroughly verified. Sabine is a very sick woman, and she is best to avoid entirely. The slightest thing can and will set her off, so unless you want to be her next victim do not engage her in any way.

533 days ago


Wish you'd get your facts str8, TMZ, in his later years of RECOVERY, he was so scared to get addicted to pain pills again, he only took HALF dosages on his DAILY MEDICATION.

533 days ago


Michael was the only one in his family who wasn't totally consumed by greed. I feel sorry for the kids. They're growing up in an environment where they'll become anything but the humble adults their father wanted them to be. I hoped they'd be raised by Diana Ross and be protected from Michael's family.

533 days ago

What I Think    

But MJ's fans claim he wasn't addicted to any drugs so how can this be???

533 days ago


Can a true jukie sing and dance the way he did while he was prepping for the tour...... used drugs but I don't think to the extend to damage him or the way people wanna portray him .. his personal life aside he was an amazing singer dancer and entertainer and will not be surpassed

533 days ago

What I Think    

I do look forward to seeing MJ's name dragged through the mud again. That is something I don't think I will ever get tired of.

533 days ago

What I Think    

Here is a heads up for both fans and non-fans. Dr. Murray will be on CNN at 7pm cst.

533 days ago


TMZ Sued for Placing Hidden Microphones in a Courtroom


Earlier this year, the celebrity tabloid was rumored to be exploring licensing a drone to stalk celebrities from the air. TMZ denied it, but maybe people should be looking down rather than up.

According to a new lawsuit filed in California federal court, TMZ allegedly has been placing hidden microphones in courtrooms and recording conversations between court officers involved in matters of tabloid interest.

The lawsuit comes from a man named Alpha Walker, who on May 16, 2012, was brought into a Los Angeles Superior Court hearing and accused of attempting to extort the singer Stevie Wonder. During the proceedings, Walker's attorneys objected to the presence of media in the courtroom, and then the discussion evolved to the illicit microphones that were placed on the judge's bench and behind books on both sides of counsel table.

According to the complaint, which asks for a permanent injunction, "It was then learned that these privileged communications were instantaneously transferred to the headquarters of TMZ Enterprises."

The case is murky because the judge in the matter, Ray Jurado, had allowed the recording to occur, and the court's staff apparently was involved in the placement of the microphones.

Still, the judge said he was dismayed to find a microphone on his bench.

"I would like to state for the record that I was not aware of this microphone," Jurado stated in court. "Had I been aware, I would have made sure that it was either removed from the bench when we have sidebar conference or turned off or both. This will not happen again."

STORY: TMZ Pulls Down 'Sexy' Child Star Video to Settle Lawsuit

The judge then addressed the media in the courtroom, saying that if the media couldn't hear what was being said, the court had its own microphones. He then held off-the-record conversations with the attorneys and announced, "The Court's just been made aware that there was unbeknownst to counsel and the court a microphone placed at counsel table."

Frances Young, the deputy district attorney, then demanded that the court confiscate the equipment and investigate other recording devices.

"It would be evidence of a crime," said Young. "I realize it's an unusual request, but I also, in 16 years, have never -- and I've done many media cases -- never had a media organization surreptitiously record a bench officer, a DA and two defense attorneys."

The court asked the representative of the media to state his name for the record. The respondent said he was Christopher Manivong, who is listed on LinkedIn as live stream coordinator at EHM Productions, which operates TMZ. Manivong denied broadcasting out anything that wasn't on record, but the court officers weren't entirely convinced.

Jurado and the attorneys then reviewed the recordings. Afterward, the judge stated that no "discernible voices" were heard on sidebar conferences and private discussions between counsel. The judge said there was nothing problematic about the recording and approved its use by the media.

But that didn't end the matter.

After the hearing, Walker's attorney Ian Wallach spoke on the phone to Elisabeth Neubauer, a senior counsel at EHM, and thought that he had reached an agreement whereby TMZ would destroy footage. But there appears to have been no agreement. According to a letter sent by Neubauer to Wallach attached to the lawsuit, "I made no promises during our conversation, and frankly I am appalled that you would go to such lengths to put words into my mouth. That said, please know that TMZ will act consistent with its legal obligations."

Now comes the lawsuit where it is alleged that the microphones and camera equipment couldn't indicate to court officers whether there was recording happening and didn't have a mechanism to stop power when the proceedings were off record.

The complaint also says: "Prior to TMZ's motion to be present was considered by the Court, Plaintiff was erroneously brought out of 'lock-up' by the Courtroom Deputy, but then quickly returned. It would later be learned -- when the tape was viewed by all counsel and the Judge in chambers -- that Plaintiff had been filmed against the wall, with a close frame-up of his head, while in handcuffs, and that this footage had been immediately transmitted to TMZ's headquarters."

Read More here:

533 days ago


Now on to the subject at hand.

TMZ sensationalizes every story it prints and rarely gets their facts straight. Take for instance the rapper Lil Wayne who was reported by TMZ to being administered last rites by a Priest. Well, most of us know how that played out. LoL

Anyway, all unfounded allegations by TMZ being reported in the story above. There is no proof anywhere that Michael was addicted to anything.

533 days ago


This shouldn't take long to get thrown out of the court system. MJ was an addict for years and years. This is nothing more than an assisted suicide,sad to say. For his family to be seeking 40 BILLION in damages only speaks to their raging GREED...

533 days ago
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