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Conrad Murray

Leave Me Out of MJ Wrongful Death Suit ...

Or Face Destruction

4/3/2013 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Dr. Conrad Murray believes his testimony in Michael Jackson's wrongful death lawsuit would lead to catastrophic consequences for one side -- and he's not saying which -- so it's best to leave him the hell alone.

Murray made the veiled threat last night in a bizarre, rambling voicemail he left on a friend's machine -- obtained by TMZ -- and you have to hear it to believe it.

The doc who's serving time for manslaughter says, "If I am compelled to speak [in court] I can cause one party or the other to experience the impact of an immediate seismic shock" resulting in "a total and complete debacle" for both sides.

Murray -- who was subpoenaed to testify in Katherine Jackson's $40 billion lawsuit against AEG -- has pled the 5th because he doesn't want to incriminate himself in any upcoming legal proceedings stemming from his appeal to overturn his manslaughter conviction.

Which begs the question ... what's he NOT saying? You gotta listen to this thing.


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Roman Moroni    

This guy is the biggest schmuck! Give him more jail time it's what he wants!

476 days ago


Conrad should get the electric chair!

476 days ago


How come he can make all these calls?

476 days ago


Murray has nothing, he lost his medical license, patients and home. Hes desperate to get out of jail. If he had some big secret to tell I`m pretty sure he`d have let it out in his own trial to save him from jail. He is full of something. For all those talking about Michael being alive, you need to check your facts. He is dead!!!!!

476 days ago


And yet ANOTHER recording from his jail cell to Sade Anding's (AKA the''instrument'') personal voicemail so she can sell to get her as the girlfriend/ mistress/ baby moma, another payday so she can pay the rent....via TMZ..

476 days ago

Tammy LM    

My God. I can't believe this man's an actual DOCTOR! How can this be a professional career man? How? I have never seen such a professional [Doctor] act like such a spiled obnoxious brat. He's crazy. The man's clearly a moron. I think he needs to learn what contempt of court means....the hard way. Because if he's planning on LIEING if forced to testify then that can just add even more time to his sentence only this time for purgery. He's such a piece of trash. He still doesn't get it that he's SAFER in prison. If he thinks he's going to have any kind of a LIFE when he gets out. That he's just going to be left "in peace", his nightmare hasn't even started yet. He's going to be hunted and chased and harrassed for the rest of his miserable life. He's got no idea how good he's got it right now while he's in there protected and cared for. Just wait til you get out Dr. Just wait.

476 days ago

Truth Be Told    

I seriously doubt if Murray did indeed speak up at the trial - that anything he would say - would be the Trooth! He has already been shown to be a Major Liar! Among other things! This guy is a certifiable Nut Job! Thank God that he can no longer practice medicine! Its just a real shame that he only got that short sentence that he did (in which he has been whining and complaining about since his first day there), because he truly deserved a much longer sentence.

476 days ago


Michael Jackson once upon a time long, long ago was kick ass.

Murray is in jail for involentary manslaughter. AEG is being sued for wrongful death. Nothing about what Jackson did to himself over the years.

Jackson is still dead and the Jacksons are still looking to make money off of him.

They can't use him anymore so they are going to use his kids who will get whatever money.

476 days ago

just an observation    

The shock will be when the world finds out


476 days ago

Glenda in Texas    

Looking forward to you moonwalking, Conrad! Have you been practicing?

476 days ago


I love his wannabe attempt at a threat. Like anyone is gonna believe a doping murderer.

476 days ago


I think he is going to come out and say that Michael faked his death
any beLIEvers here?

476 days ago


Considering "Doc" Murray IS THE REASON there is a wrongful death trial, what is HIS problem *smdh* Delusional much? uhm yehhhhhh

476 days ago

King of TMZ    

He basically wanna whine that MJ told him how much of money vultures his family are so to revenge from them. They get zero billion $ and he gets revenge. Little did he know the case is by MJ kids and mom and not brothers and sisters.... Does anyone pay this prick to be on TV or make Dr Retarded comments about MJ. The only one milking MJ for money here is Dr Broke Murderer.

476 days ago
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