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Debbie Rowe, Paris Jackson


4/5/2013 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson has secretly reestablished ties with her birth mother, Debbie Rowe ... TMZ has learned.

Multiple sources connected to both Debbie and Paris tell TMZ ... Michael Jackson's 15-year-old daughter spent a good part of her birthday Wednesday with Debbie, who was married to MJ and gave birth to Paris and Prince. We're told, "The two just hung out. They've gotten really tight."

As TMZ previously reported, Debbie signed her full parental rights away to Michael in 2001 ... when Paris was 3. 

After Michael and Debbie divorced she had virtually no contact with Paris.

Our sources say ... Paris and Debbie have gotten together a number of times recently. They've really established a relationship.

And, we're told, Debbie has gone out of her way to keep the meetings on the down-low because she doesn't want to create an appearance that she's exploiting their relationship. One source says Debbie could have made a lot of money off the meetings, but wouldn't even consider it.



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Too bad Michael was ashamed of his own skin color. I bet his kids would still be just as beautiful and look like him. Oh well, his children are his children. I hope they stay grounded like how their father was raising them and when they're legal to stay as far away from that greedy family of his and go on to continue enjoying life.


Staying grounded like MJ, LOL!!!

MJ visited Arnie, every other day to get his drugs and was high like a kite if he was not sedated by Propofol. You rabid fans sure are selective with what you read from the media! Yeah the coroner say he was not a drug addict, and was healthier than most obese American males at his age!!!! LOL!!! Well for a man of his height weighting 96 lbs, that was certainly healthy!!!

566 days ago



566 days ago


I don`t understand the rabids. Why are they so happy about this.

It only proves the point that how despicable the Jacksons including MJ, you king of all music, was and are by depriving a child of the love of a mother to begin with. Now is your Saint Michael is still as humanitarian as you once believed. To isolate your child from the love of any parent is definitely inhuman.

566 days ago


Is paris going to play for the home team too?

566 days ago

Cincinnati Sugar    

WE LOVE YOU DEBBIE, this is such great news. I am so glad that Paris is getting close to her mom. Michael would be so happy about this. Debbie really loved Michael and never bashed him, she was never fake like LMP was. Such great news this is :)

566 days ago

I Was About To Say    

YAYYYYY! We love Debbie, she loved Michael enough to give him kids, I would have done the same! Debbie we love you!!!

566 days ago


This is the right thing to do. Paris is old enough to know what she wants to do. And Paris probably has many questions to ask her mother.
But, she will always honor her father's memory.
The grandmother is getting on in years and Paris needs someone to connect with.

566 days ago


good for her , she's her mom !

566 days ago


Michael Jackson was broke despite all the outward appearences.

He was the one who pushed the tour. No one ever approached him for a comeback tour. Jackson hooks up with AEG. Michael Jacksons biggest demand was Dr. Conrad Murray "his personal physician" (Conrad Murray had clean script pads) What London doctors aren't good enough?

All of Jacksons demands were met. Got everything he wanted.

Once everything was signed and good to go, Jackson barely made 1 rehersal. Bellied up a few days later.

Propophol that Jackson was using since the '80's caused his death. Jackson knew more about this drug than Murray did. Jackson needed Murray to get it for him. He did.

Michael Jacksons been a hard core 'script addict' for over 25 years. Long before Murray.

Murray got the hit. In jail for involuntary manslaughter that Jackson did to himself.

Katherine Jackson sueing AEG for $40 billion. wrongful death. This is what Michael Jackson could have made if he was still alive. Cut the crap.

Still trying to sponge off his dead body.

566 days ago


I wonder if she asked her who her Dad is. It sure wasn't michael

566 days ago

I Was About To Say    

@Janet, your comment is too funny, shows how much of an idiot you are, LOL You say he was broke (which he wasn't plus he owned half the beatles catalog) He was STILL living larger then you, eating better food then you, and wearing better clothes then you. So really, I think you are just jealous of that fact and I think its funny. You likely live in an apartment, eating Wendys and shop at Kohls, LOL!!! Go ahead and keep judging, LOL

566 days ago


They need a parent and now that Michael's not around, it's good that she's developing a relationship with her birth mother. The Jackson's just don't seem like the right family for these kids.

566 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

I really don't understand Debbie Rowe's motives when she entered into that contract with MJ. But hopefully, after all these years, she can be a steady parent in Paris and Prince's life-they are going to need it.

566 days ago


Paris is so beautiful! All of those kids are.

566 days ago


Rent an egg, rent a sperm and rent a uterus, sad that the poor girl will never know the combination the Jacksons' used. What a awfull thing to do to a child just because MJ wanted to buy children.

566 days ago
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