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Dick Gregory

The Racists Are Out to Get

Beyonce and Jay-Z

4/9/2013 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce and Jay-Z are taking heat for the Cuba excursion because all the RACIST WHITE PEOPLE are on the hunt to attack African Americans -- so claims legendary comedian Dick Gregory.

Gregory -- whose political attacks are epic -- told our photog at Reagan National Airport,  Beyonce and Jay-Z have been skewered because of the color of their skin.

And he warns everyone ... "We're not the caretaker of Black folk."

And one more thing -- Gregory seems to think Dennis Rodman went to North Korea as part of an Obama-sanctioned secret mission.

Dick Gregory -- old but still bold.


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The "race card" should stop being pulled but just scroll through the comments posted on here daily . Racial slurs and hatred are spewed constantly . And that's just in a comments section on the Internet . Racism lives on , not as blatant but we all know it . Under every post about an African American whether it be a rapper , news reporter , actress Etc . Nearly half of the comments if not more have something to do with them being "trash , garbage, thugs, monkeys etc . When people learn to be people and respect one another for who they are the world will be a better place .

377 days ago


Stop with thew f*cking race card. Jesus Christ it amazes me to see how many people who want to see equality go right back to this bull****.

377 days ago

Colonel Nudge    

must be a former slave or Jesse Jackson's cousin

377 days ago


Shut crazy Dick...

377 days ago


Yes. Of course! So true! I mean after all, Bush took so much abuse from people and the media when he was President just because of the color of his skin.....darn white people!

377 days ago


another OLD RACIST black man.. sad :/

377 days ago


If Rodman was on a secret mission, then this country has alot more problems than I thought it had. Crazy talk.

377 days ago


This seems like an attempt to be relevant. He was never funny so relevance seems to be the only thing left.

377 days ago


Dick Gregory - old and senile

377 days ago


I thought he was dead

377 days ago


He speaks the truth! Yall to blind to see the truth most of yall are white racist anyway.

377 days ago


White pride world wide. You are right we are racist. If you don't like it go back to Africa.

377 days ago


It's not about being racist it's about some one speaking up and saying WTF? I mean their own citizens can even go there to visit!!! I'm tired that every time a black person does something stupid and some one calls it out that means they are racist!! Is not that racist is calling it like it is and this is of those examples and everyone knows this couple have strong tides with the president so what you call that?? People needs to stop using the card it has an expiration date and it's about to expire soon...

377 days ago


Afro Americans continue to hold onto the slave mind set.
Many still feel "Massa" is responsible for their welfare.
Until they begin to take full responsibility and learn to help each other they will continue being society"s "children.

377 days ago

Keyser Söze    

'Went to Cuba with my family two weeks before the Carters...
Very beautiful place, a bit boring, and, well, the food is just awful, but man are the folks over there super nice! And, when you get drunk, you get drunk on the best damn drinks you can imagine!

All this to say: I do understand where Cuban-Americans are coming from, when it comes to Castro's regime, but 50+ years of the embargo only proved that it just doesn't work - all it's doing is starving the population, who, by the way, are overjoyed to have tourists coming in, since they can make some money out of the tips they received (a good junk of my budget went directly to that). If you truly want the communist regime to fall, you have to force it to deal with open democraty, like the US did with China, which also have major human rights violations, yet no embargo...

377 days ago
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