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Michael Lohan

Magna Cum Sober Degree

From Lindsay's Rehab Joint

4/11/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
has history with the rehab center which she'll call home for 90 days -- her dad dried out there in the late '80s, and we're told he and the rehab owner are thick as thieves.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay will be moving into the Seafield Center at Westhampton Beach in New York for her court-ordered rehab.  Turns out a coked-up and boozy Michael Lohan checked into the joint in 1989, and became tight with Executive Director Mark Epley.

Michael tells TMZ ... Mark knows the "family dynamic" of the Lohan family.  Michael says the goal is to force Dina Lohan to agree to family therapy -- with Michael and Lindsay -- to deal with their laundry list of woes.

Here's the problem -- Michael got sober at Seafield, but he fell off the wagon pretty quickly thereafter.

Michael says he wanted Lindsay to go to Lukens Institute in Florida because the facility is small and stylized to the patients, but he still likes Seafield a lot.


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Diamond Goddess!    

Oh, I KNEW there was some MiLo fuqqery in this somewhere!!!
(BTW--the LAST thing this b!t@h needs is anything "stylized" to her [methinks she's had entirely TOO much of that!], she needs to learn to submit to a system that's for her highest good.)

561 days ago


So glad she can afford the tix. We couldnt. $800 a person for two days. She's getting comp'd no doubt. Im just saying. Us regalar folk dont have enough niclels for that one this time.

561 days ago


Oh,my sweet beautiful Lindsay,stay away from your awful father,he doesn't love you,not the way that
I do,don't worry my love I'll throw you cigarettes over
the fence so you won't have to suffer,my love.

561 days ago


I don't think her actions will go unnoticed-if Michael really is tight with her then yea she may get away with some things-but the others that are patients will tell on her. They have no reason not to speak once they are out. If Squeaky acts entitled as usual and she makes the 90 days -there will be many people discharged during that time and Lindsay is not the only addict that thinks she is special-they will tell everything they know. She won't be with the rich people of other rehabs -she will be in with people that have nothing to lose.

GOOD MORNING-off to work catch you later.

561 days ago

Tammy LM    

Oh My God. Michael lohan is completely crazy. What the hell is it with this guy and wanting to force members of his family into rehab? A damn tv movie deal or is it a reality show he wants to make? This is ridiculous. You cannot force people that don't want a relationship with you or each other into therapy. His kids are grown. Lindsay is an adult. She's not under 18. He's divorced from Dina. He cannot force anyone into therapy. He's like some sick crazy obsessed stalker that wont leave people alone. Why can't he get it through his thick skull that his family is not his family anymore? What's it going to take? A brick?

561 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

OH, I want to go undercover as a fellow patient with a spy-cam like the Enquirer did to Liz Taylor.

561 days ago


If that bitch gets any more fillers in her face,It would only take for her to come into contact with a sharp object to deflate it (Hindenburg) style.

561 days ago


The hindenburgh blew up, so maybe she should be reeeeely carefulllll around flame?

561 days ago


Buhbye all. Got a job interview thing tomorrow. Gonna try for sleep so dont look like **** .

561 days ago


Seafield just wants its 15 minutes of fame too from Lilo just to stay front& center in the news media without paying for this massive publicity.
But then ANY person, place or thing gets burned up badly with association with this vile low Lohan. So they too will pay the price.
Better for her to go to a rehab with 90 day treatment programs already in place than to concoct one special super duper for her.

561 days ago


He is such a liar. He was seen and photographed drunk after he left this place and not too long ago. Pathetic, professional liar.

561 days ago


Every time I see the name of this joint it looks like "Seinfeld" LOL.!!!

561 days ago


That man doesn't even care about his own daughter. How can he give his opinion? GO AWAY YOU FAMILY TRASH!!

561 days ago


michael lohan still doesn't get it. he has NO family with the lohans, the all hate him, he betrayed them so many times i've lost count.

he tries to insert himself into lindsays business so he can sell storys. heck if there was a family therapy session he would probably record and sell it. he's done nothin but FORCE people all his life, when he can't get his way he beats women and a lot worse, he's a sexual deviant and a fcuking lunatic. if lilo says NO it remains a NO. milo, go get a fcuking job and stop scroungin off lame storys about your daughter.

561 days ago


Ok. So now we know the place doesn't work. Can't we save everyone the 90 days and just lock her up now. Honestly, this will just be a vacation doe her.

561 days ago
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