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Rachael Ray Show Sued

260 lb Teen Says

They Made Me Take a Hike!

4/16/2013 4:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0416-rachael-ray-gettyA very large teen claims the "Rachael Ray" show is more brutal than CrossFit, more grueling than P90X, more intense than "The Biggest Loser" -- and it all ended with humiliation and anxiety.

Christina Pagliarolo -- who weighed in at 260 lbs -- agreed to be part of a segment on overweight teens.  She claims in her lawsuit ... the trainer made her run like Forrest Gump, yelled and screamed at her, and made her hike in the mountains.

Worst of all, she says the trainer put her on a StairMaster and kept cranking up the speed until she fell off the machine ... and then he yelled at her for falling.

Christina says she was a mess after training ... suffering serious injuries including messed up legs.

Christina is suing for negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

7:30 PM PT -- A rep for the "Rachael Ray Show" tells us, "We haven't received this purported lawsuit but if it does materialize we will defend ourselves against it vigorously and fully expect to prevail."


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Yeah, I'd hate myself too if I let myself look like that in high school. The lawsuit doesn't have an elephant's leg to stand on.

564 days ago


With all these comments about this young lady being a "fat bitch" "piggy" "fatty", statistics show that all of you more than likely has 1 obese family member, if you're not yourself. If anyone called your mother or sister these names you'd want to kill them. Grow up.

564 days ago


This girl was not ready to lose weight. She has a loving supportive family and they were not being demeaning about her weight. This girl said all the right words to get on the show, to get the help, BUT it was apparent that all she wanted was attention. She found herself in a situation where she was getting all the support, but wasn't willing to put in the work. She had set herself to fail, and when she failed, she blamed the show, the trainer, everyone who was there for her. But she wasn't there for herself. \
Obviously when she wasn't putting forth the effort, the weight wasn't coming off, so she started crying abuse, torture, claiming she was belittled. This was all lies just to coverup her own failure.
This girl just wants attention. Nothing pleases her. She wants everyone to cater to her, it's everyone else's fault. She's overweight, so people make fun of her, therefore she eats more. She gains more weight, she feels self-conscious, therefore she is looking for the slightest stare or comment. Probably even imagines people are talking about her when in actuality they are talking or laughing about something else.

564 days ago


Burn more calories than you take in and you lose weight. Take in more calories than you burn and you get fat. No diets can avoid this simple equation. Get off your a $$ or don't eat as much. Most of us have no concept of what hunger really feels like

564 days ago


Oh, my darling. I'm quite sure that you, and your parents signed a waiver. Ya got nothin.

564 days ago

tired of hearing about them    

I remember that weekly segment. It was two years ago. She was trying to loose weight before her prom. R.R. had a doctor check in on her so she was under medical care. Her father was not very supportive buying a lot of junk food. She made the choices she did. She went on the show of her own free will. Her father must have signed a release. I am really tired of people not taking responsibility for their own actions.

564 days ago


I'm confused here!! I thought she was on the show to lose weight! You can't do that by sitting on a couch. She should have known she would have to work for the goal that I'm assuming she wanted to achieve. People and their dumb lawsuits!

564 days ago


Ok TMZ why not show the portion of the episode where she had to be airlifted off the mountain because both bones in her leg were broken and joint damaged saying that she would need further surgery to correct the damage in her leg. I am sure by airing her screaming in pain scared saying she was scared the EMT would not be able to carry her off the mountain she was emotionally humiliated. Typically I would not defend someone going on one of these biggest lose type reality shows but this is a young teen girl and from what I saw it seemed more like bullying for ratings. They could have used a bit more tact when airing why she was removed from the show.

564 days ago


Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, I'm fat and it is the fault of everyone but me. I had no idea I would have to work out when I signed up.

564 days ago


You don't up the speed of a StairMaster. You increase the resistance. It's not like a treadmill- you won't fall off

564 days ago


Don't sign up if you can't take the heat.

564 days ago


Give her a few baconators she'll be aight

564 days ago


Explains why she's fat, everybody else is to blame.

564 days ago


That Christina chicks should have sued her own parents! Don't blame the show for caring about your health! All fat people are over sensitive -_-

564 days ago


So what did she expect ...them to give her keys to her very own brand new Hover Round and directions to the closest Dairy Queen!

564 days ago
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