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President Obama

I'm Not Jay-Z's Travel Agent

4/17/2013 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Obama
is squashing Cubagate once and for all -- and it seems he's had it up to here with Jay-Z.

When POTUS was asked about the trip on "Today" ... you could see him bristle.  At first he tried being diplomatic, and finally in a moment of frustration groused, "We've got better things to do."

Jay-Z sparked controversy when he rapped in "Open Letter" -- "Obama said chill ‘You gonna get me impeached' ... We don’t need this s**t anyway chill with me on the beach.'"

The question now ... Is Jay-Z persona non grata at the White House?  That tends to happen when you embarrass the Prez.  If that's the case, Michelle's 50th BD is gonna be awkward, because Beyonce is slated to sing ... or lip sync.


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He didn't bristle. He was smiling with that SEG he always uses. As he has made very clear to everyone, he doesn't have to play by the rules, and neither do his friends. Not a fan of either.

364 days ago


But other than this "issue" President Obama is ALL up in Jay-Z & Beyoncé's Grill....LOL!

364 days ago


Look at that!

but why do u keep calling obama a liar???
Do you have any proof Jay Z is telling the truth Obama is a legitimately elected president–two solid majorities of both electoral and popular votes. He was born in Hawaii, proven fact. He is a Christian. He’s no more evil than any other politician, a lot less evil than some I could mention. He is not trying to ‘destroy America’ unless your definition of ‘destroy America’ is to have a Democrat in the White House. He is not a marxist or a socialist or a communist or a fascist, he is not a terrorist, he is not a traitor and the people who use these words are only showing very clearly that they have no idea what the words actually mean! He does not hate white people.

He -can- be impeached, if he does something deserving of impeachement! But he hasn’t! Calling the POTUS a POS and a fraud seems to the usual calling call for you right-wing racists and bigots like you!

So He is to blame for the stupid acts of a coward who bombed people. That does not make sense, But To you, this is just another opportunity to blame Obama, isn’t it? Sick.

Your irrational hate for the President is really beyond the pale.
Do you sleep with a gun under your pillow?

This is why the GOP is constantly losing. This is One of the reasons Romney lost!

364 days ago


what's wrong with his response?? he isn't Jay's travel agent and we do have better things to focus on.. I mean really?? We were just bombed the other day innocent victims lost lives.. some will never walk,drive,write or do anything again in life.. I mean an innocent 8 year old is in the process of being buried he will never go home to play and rip and run with his sister/friends or sleep in his bed. His little sister will never walk again, his mom is fighting for her life. And all the stupid dumb reporter could do was ask him about JAY's trip to CUBA??? WHY??? I MEAN WHY??? you mean to tell me that this is what the reporters are stuck on BEYONCE AND JAY Z?? there is clearly some other news going on than these 2... I'm still not past the Sandy Hook tragedy. But tell me how we can start by saving our YOUTH.. because if they all die we have no future presidents,Jay's or Beyonce's to begin with.. IJS....

364 days ago


JayZ is no more special than anyone else , well? sold a lot of meth, coke and H and then brought the money out to California and started his empire, nothing good will come of that money, he will find judgment day a bitch.He could have earned the money many different ways. Pot? it does not hurt anyone, the others all do. Obama is in no special need from Jay, that is trippin'.... let me say this the song does tell me one very important thing, wrong or right ....don't want a guy around me who is a snitch, made up or not he just broke even a white guys moment.

364 days ago

judy jetson    

The country is being bombed by terrorists and he's talking about this sh*t!! I have full confidence that he will bring the terrorists to justice. The terrorists do too.

364 days ago


"groused"? "frustration"? looked like President Obama remained patient and diplomatic despite the annoying question.

364 days ago


"Groused"? "Frustrated"? Appeared to me that President Obama remained patient and diplomatic despite the annoying nature of the question. Indeed, he has better things to do than manage the itinerary of a rapper and his wife.

364 days ago


It would benefit our country if the community organizer would just go back to Chicago. Perhaps he could open a travel agency there.

364 days ago


I'm so let down with the Prez. He just won't stop talking and just keep using our money for the campaign and going to Hollywood parties, and just wants to hang with the stars, and give them special treatment..Going to Cuba was the last..I won't participate in buying CD's with the carters being so insensitive to others being abused by a government of hate. then throw it in our face as AMERICANS... Its so bad...and now we're having explosions, people being killed...They have have lost reality just like you do when you become a star, it is ok to make money but enough is enough..there is a line of GOVERNMENT and SHOWBIZ..please just stop Both of you Prez.. please try and shut up and do things...Showbiz...just entertain..Please..enough...

364 days ago


Just another example you can give them millions of dollars or even put them in the White House but they still act as if they are living in the ghetto. How this guy was elected President 2 terms remains an unsolved mystery. As our President entertains, vacations and wastes our tax dollars he is still telling us we are not paying our fair share. This guy only has one goal that is to destroy and divide this country.

364 days ago


not that anybody cares !!

364 days ago


Jay Z screwed up royal and put Barry in an uncomfortable position, now if the Prez is seen with the "Carters" laughing it up it will look like the prez question Jay Z and the lip-sink queen got preferential treatment...any time the prez get caught with his hand in the cookie jar he does the same thing he did here, he looks peeved and lashes thin skinned

364 days ago


BradJolina go all over the world and bring back native kids from their home country. And now y'all mad because somebody goes to cuba?

364 days ago

South Side     

Get a life people. Jay-Z went to Cuba. BFD. The only people who care about this are TeapubliKlans and a few Cubans in Miami. YAWN

363 days ago
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