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Boston Marathon Bombing


Hunting for Suspect #2

4/19/2013 7:20 AM PDT UPDATED: 4/19/2013 9:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

8:27 AM PT -- Cops say Dzhokhar is NOT holed up in the building in Watertown where cops were seen preparing for a firefight.

8:25 AM PT --
Just about every single university in the Boston area has been closed --- including Emerson and Boston College -- while authorities continue the hunt for Dzhokhar.

7:48 AM PT --
Cops have broken out guns and body armor and appear to be gearing up for some sort of tactical offensive in Watertown. 

6:46 AM PT --
A YouTube page has been discovered that appears to have been created by the older brother Tamerlan several months ago.

The page contains links to several religious videos -- including one titled, "Allah Is the One" ... and another called, "Islam."

6:42 AM PT --
Cops believe the younger brother, Dzhokhar, may be armed with an assault rifle ... and is probably carrying explosives.


Cops have shot and killed one of the men suspected in the Boston Marathon bombing -- after a fierce gun battle in Watertown, Mass. ... and now officials are on the hunt for Suspect #2.

Here's what you need to know ...

-- The suspects are brothers from Chechnya ... 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev and 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. They reportedly moved to the U.S. around 2002 and have been living here legally.

-- The brothers were located in Watertown, Mass. last night ... after they allegedly robbed a 7-11 store and hijacked a car. The driver of the car was unharmed.

-- The brothers then shot and killed a security officer on the M.I.T. campus -- and cops came racing to the scene.

-- A ferocious gun battle ensued ... with one witness saying at least 60 shots were fired  ... and the brothers reportedly threw grenades at the cops.

-- The older brother, Tamerlan, was killed in the shootout ... but Dzhokhar (pictured below) escaped.

-- Cops believed Dzhokhar is armed and dangerous ... and has a bomb strapped to his chest.

-- Officials have launched an intense manhunt for Dzhokhar ... and have released a new picture of the 19-year-old.

-- There are reports the older brother was a boxer who wanted to become part of the U.S. National Boxing Team.

-- At least one of the brothers went Cambridge Rindge and Latin School ... where Matt Damon and Ben Affleck went to school, according to reports.

The question now ... are these brothers -- who have presumably been Americanized and living in the U.S. for years -- considered domestic or foreign terrorists.

6:38 AM PT -- Police in Niagara Falls, N.Y., have pulled over a pair of Russian nationals this morning and reportedly have robot and bomb techs on the scene to investigate suspicious packages. It's unclear if there is a connection to the Boston Marathon bombing.

According to Buffalo television station WGRZ, the FBI has been notified and the joint terrorism task force is working with state police.




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Thanks Congress for not passing the gun law now not only American crazies can have mass shootings but now terrorists can too. I sure do feel safe.

523 days ago


There is a joke on the sort of Russian Facebook page of "Djohar Tsarnaev" --

A Chechnya, an Ingush, and a Dagestani get in a care. Who is driving?

A: The police.

В школе задают загадку..Едет
автомобиль. В нем сидят – дагестанец,
чеченец и ингуш.
Вопрос – кто ведет машину ?
Мага отвечает: - Полиция.

523 days ago



523 days ago


I think this is suspect # 2's facebook page..

523 days ago


I think this is suspect number 1's facebook page.. is it?

523 days ago


Wait, I thought TMZ was only interested if this because that New Kids on the Block guy happened to be within a 50-mile radius of the explosion.

523 days ago


"My son is a true angel," he told The Associated Press by telephone from the Russian city of Makhachkala on Friday. "Dzhokhar is a second-year medical student in the U.S. He is such an intelligent boy. We expected him to come on holidays here."


he's coming home. dead as the people he murdered.

523 days ago


How were they able to find these two guys and TMZ can't find Kanye West for Kim Ktrashian?

523 days ago


This is a serious situation. I'm currently stuck in my house because we are on lock down and a police officer has died.. And all some people care about is that TMZ isn't a qualified news media outlet???

523 days ago


Why does the United States keep letting foreigners into our country? We need to go back to the fifties where foreign access to our country was almost nonexistence and our country was a much safer place to live. The people that lost their family members and the people that got hurt, should not only raise hell with the United States political officials for their liberal views on foreign access to our country but they also sue the individual person who signed the papers granting these murderous foreigners legal access into our country.

523 days ago

BB not bb

" this is important is because the Boston Police Commissioner is on record stating that they had “no specific intelligence” that there was a drill, while University of Mobile coach and marathon participant Alastair Stevenson has publicly stated that there was announcements telling people to stay calm and not be alarmed because beefed-up security was part of a “training exercise.” "

From where I sit, this is just another fall guy scenario to make Americans feel unsafe and insecure. If the US military was involved in this, they can just pin it on anyone. A Saudi man was seen acting suspicious but they decided to go after Chechnyans instead.

If the one brother was trying to be on the US Olympic team, don't you think being a terrorist would conflict with that? They go from being terrorists to armed robbers, to random killers of security guards at MIT? This whole story is just too wild. Plus, they don't look that violent.

If you look at the SEALS in the video in the link, they look like they are on the job. The CIA is instigating wars all over the world, possibly in Chechnya also. They and the US military are backing the rebel forces in Syria who are causing all the carnage, even according to President Assad himself.

The CIA has been taken over by Nazi infiltrators and the US government has been taken over by Islamo-fascist corporatists. Whatever dope they find to pin the blame on, the cause is much deeper.

523 days ago


hopefully if he has a bomb on his chest it only maims him and he dies a slow painful death.

523 days ago


Hundreds of people walked around with backpacks on that day, but only 2 were caught on camera placing them down and running away. Get your head out of your a$$ BB

523 days ago


Cant understand why people think we need immigration reform when we have such fine examples of foreign nationals in the country like these 2

523 days ago


All of America's college students will always defend Islam. They hate Christians and white conservative males. College students are so brain washed they have no thoughts of their own. The so called peace loving members of Islam need to stand up take the chains off of their women and join us in the 21st century.

523 days ago
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