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Prince Jackson

I'm Not Into Bonding

With My Mom Right Now

4/23/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's 16-year-old son Prince Jackson is clearly into girls ... but NOT the grown woman who goes by "Mom" -- aka Debbie Rowe.

Sources with direct knowledge of the situation tell TMZ ... although Prince's sister has developed what we're told is "an intense bond" with the woman who gave birth to her ... Prince has no curiosity or desire to develop a relationship with Rowe ... at least for now.

We're told it's not that he has beef with Rowe ... it's that establishing a relationship with her is not on his radar.  His 15-year-old sister Paris, on the other hand, now has a passion for nurturing a relationship with Rowe, and the 2 have spent a good deal of time together in the last few months.

Our sources say there's no conflict between Paris and Prince ... they just have different priorities.

As for Rowe, we're told she would absolutely like to have a relationship with Prince, but -- just the way it happened with Paris -- she wants it to develop naturally ... when Prince is ready.


No Avatar


that kid not cute.

519 days ago


that is one ugly mug

519 days ago


Usually the oldest one gets affected more emotionally. Same thing happened to my cousins. Their mom left them when they were very young. Younger one speaks to her now after 15yrs or so... older one wants nothing to do with her. Still angry..

519 days ago


Umm Prince, maybe the lil kids aren't safe.

519 days ago


Everyone deserves to know where they came from, you hear all the time about kids were adopted, want to know who their biological parents are. It's a natural craving. Michael, and Debbie did a very selfish thing. I fault them both. Irregardless if he wanted to be a single parent or not. His children deserve and need to have a mother in their lives. Michael always said how much he loved his mom, he should then realize a child needs both parents. Now I'm not letting her off easy either. Who gives away two children for cash?! I feel really bad for the kids. I'm just as sad as everyone else about his passing. But don't believe for a second if Michael was still alive those kids wouldn't be in hiding, and Paris proves my point. No matter how bad a mother may be morally. Paris needs her, we all want to know who do we look like, do we have the same personalities, do we like the same things. Questions we take for granted because the majority of us grew up with our bios, this little girl. Has no idea where she came from. I for one get it. Hopefully Debbie intentions are pure, and honest. This little girl is very vulnerable, I hope she doesn't take advantage of that

519 days ago


Umm wheres Blanket ? no news on him .. is the lil mexican kid not as important as Prince and Paris ?

519 days ago


The same thing you people are doing to Prince now by saying he is ugly ands king fun if his pimples, that most people get at that age; is the same thing people did to Michael back in the day. People used to react adversely to the natural things of his age. It created in him a self image, not because of Joe teasing him, but because the expectations and harsh comments of people. Prince, if you read these comments, don't pay attention to the intentional destructive criticism of some people. You look fine the way you are, there's nothing wrong with you. Just be yourself!

519 days ago


Girls will only like him for the money he can provide, not his looks.

519 days ago


It created in him a del image problem.

519 days ago


Hopefully, he will bond with her later............nothing like a mom.

519 days ago


I would not want to bond with my mother either if she sold me to a freaky, ugly, bleached tranny. Maybe he should go find his real daddy Klein and bond with him.

519 days ago


Seems like both are pretty normal kids despite the crazy upbringing. Here's hoping they can have a healthy relationship with their mom on their own terms and in their own time.

519 days ago

Jimmy Rustle    

Have to say I admire Debbie's approach. She seems genuine and patient. Not a gold digger and that's nice to see. Though I think TMZ and the media should butt-out and let nature take it's course.

519 days ago


How do you bond with someone who was really just a gestional carrier? She was paid loads of money to carry kids and to sign her rights away.

519 days ago


I thought she sold her kids

519 days ago
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