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'Idol' Trade Talks

J.Lo for Mariah

4/24/2013 11:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Mariah Carey's judge chair has become the hot seat -- "American Idol" ratings are sliding and we've learned producers are bringing Jennifer Lopez back, but will it be a permanent move? Would a switch make you watch more?

Plus, criminals beware -- Dog and Beth Chapman are back on the hunt ... and call in to explain how their new CMT show is taking bounty hunting to a whole 'nother level.

And, Gwyneth Paltrow is on the top of People's "most beautiful woman" list -- but if this list seems like a bogus ploy to land big interviews, that's because ... well ... just watch.

(0:00) "American Idol" is struggling -- so are the producers really thinking about replacing Mariah Carey with Jennifer Lopez?
(6:00) Someone wants to put Justin Bieber's neighborhood on the map -- more than he already has. We'll tell you about the plan to turn a Calabasas gated community into the next 90210.
(10:00) Two hacker groups unite to attack the White House -- and we know who they are.
(15:00) People magazine's most beautiful women list -- just laying the groundwork to get big interviews?
(18:00) Dog and Beth Chapman call in to explain how their new show is even more intense than their last one.
(23:00) Breaking news -- Edward Norton is accused of attacking a look-alike ... but there's something fishy about this story.
(25:00) Lil Scrappy -- how a lil pee got him into big trouble.
(28:00) Alex Pettyfer makes a move to play the lead in the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie ... time for women to sound off.
(31:00) Jermaine Jackson's ridiculous comment about Katherine Jackson's $40 billion lawsuit over Michael Jackson's death.
(33:00) Jason Trawick makes a move to score chicks.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Rihanna tosses stacks at one of the most popular strippers on Earth ... and we have the video to prove it.

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Omg they should.get rihanna..oh wait shes too expensive lol

516 days ago


First off, TMZ. Your bullshyte about Mariah Carey being replaced by J-LO is nothing but, as I said, bullshyte. They already released this info on another gossip site and the producers, AND MARIAH CAREY"S camp have already made statements. The Producers had to backtrack because Carey's PR staff stated if they even tried to replace her before the season was done, she'd SUE FOR BREACH OF CONTRACT.
Impress me when the Producers finally wake the fcuk up and say they are also firing Nicki Minaj. You've got two judges who NEITHER are qualified to be making comments about upcoming talent. Mariah hasn't been relevant in years and Minaj is redefining the English language with her own poetry and made up words. AUTOTUNE is all she has going for her.

516 days ago

Wow ...    

If you guys cover the K family, I'm out of here. I want to here about real celebs, not people you made famous.

516 days ago


I thought that article was funny because Justin Bieber was the only one not in a reality show.

516 days ago


Since I know you folks read these comments. THANK YOU for your awesomeness. I didn't get your email until this morning about my sound problems yesterday. You folks make it worthwhile to come and sit and listen to TMZ Live, at least us posters know you care. GOODONYA. I hope you folks have a wonderful day. Hopefully no sound problems today for me LOL.

516 days ago


For all my fellow posters, new and THE REGULARS. Read this post, I'm sending you all, no matter where you are, or what you are doing some major GOOD KARMA. Been an amazing two weeks in my house and I want it to rub off on all of you. Hope this gives you some luck and smiles for the days ahead.

516 days ago


The show is boring, bring back Steven Tyler...........

516 days ago


Oh God, I just knew eventually we'd have to hear about the over the hill hippie backwoods loser with the really bad 1980's mullet and his big titty not worth a flying fig wife. COMEBACK YOU SAY, how many people actually watch CMT?
Sorry, I used to love that show back when it was first on. I LOST ALL RESPECT for Beth when I saw her adjusting her makeup in the rear view mirror in one episode before running out to capture a bond jumper. I lost all respect for DOG when he bragged about how he brought two year old BABY LISA out on his jobs. HE LEFT A TWO YEAR OLD BABY IN A CAR TO GO CHASE DOWN A FUGITIVE? No wonder you have five baby mommas, 11 kids and A MAJORLY SCREWED UP FAMILY> Is "BABY LISA" out of jail yet for assaulting her husband? How about Leiland, is he talking to you yet or does he still have his own company to get away from you?
Is that other son of yours still dating the BLACK GIRL that you so nicely referred to as the "N" word you fcuking hypocritical racists piece of shyte?

516 days ago


After reading the responses from the previous Jlo / Mariah story. Its plain to see that America is unhappy with this season as a whole. Reminds me of the old Dallas episode where Bobby Ewing woke up and realized its was all just a bad dream. Remeber when Idol was ""must-see-tv"" Wouldn't that be nice. That how I feel about season 12. Scrap this season and start over next year with new judges and new contestants. Whoever wins season 12 will always carry the stigma of pseudo-winner.

516 days ago


Someone needs to sober up the idiots that decided "GWENETH PALTROW" is the most beautiful woman in the world? Are you kidding me or are you trying to win back your 40 something and over crowds to read your magazines? How about picking Janice Dickerson as the most beautiful corpse, I might believe you then!

516 days ago


Will JHO -- I leam JLo sing live, for once, on AI?

516 days ago


This show is on it's last leg. Doesn't matter who they use as a judge. Pay them between $10 to 18 million...big waste

516 days ago


ROFLMAO, so, TMZ LIVE is going to talk about the White House and the threats huh? I'm shocked considering you had to pull down all the threads that you posted about them. I guess you can speak live about it but you aren't allowed to post huh? MEH!!!

516 days ago


Few questions, what happened to Boyle? Norton? And, do you like the new landscapy appearing shot you are in?

516 days ago


Good to see the cubicles are much larger now. Half your staff was growing out of the smaller ones. I'm sure FATASS MIKE now has more room to swing his arms around and more drawers to hide his Crispy Cremes. I just hope you didn't make them so big they have echos in them. I don't need to have DIRTY RYAN and BIG MOUTH RAQUEL hitting 6.0 on the Richter scale with their comments.

516 days ago
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