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Conrad Murray

MJ's Death??


4/26/2013 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

042613_conrad_murray_today_launchDr. Conrad Murray is once again speaking out from jail (but not singing this time) -- still proclaiming his innocence in the death of Michael Jackson ... and says he has hopes of practicing medicine again some day. 

Murray called in to the "Today" show this morning live from jail and said he is sorry that Jackson died, but he still maintains he is in no way responsible for his death. Murray is sticking to his story ... that Jackson administered the fatal dose of propofol himself.

The good doctor also said he DIDN'T file his appeal to shorten his prison sentence, but rather so that he can one day restore his medical license and see patients again.

Good luck with all that.


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Doesn't matter if Michael wanted a lot of people doctor shop for drugs, that's why DOCTORS are held to a higher standard. He knew what he was doing was wrong but he needed money because of all of those kids he doesn't take care of....FIRST DO NO HARM YOU STUPID BASTARD!

512 days ago

mj fan forever    

This absolutely disgusting murderer still blames Michael Jackson for what HE did!!!! And all this is happening just because greedy unnatural mother Katherine dropped the restitution request so he can say whatever he wants and grab money using Michael Jackson's name, bashing him on tv!!! He's so with no shame that even wants to be a doctor which he is NOT, he is a MURDERER. They should just rip his damned license FOREVER!!! And NO judge will ever grant anything to a disgusting murderer mentally disturbed, and by the way, Judge Pastor was disgusted by his total lack of remorse and blaming the victim!!! He should just serve his TOO short time and rot in jail murderer with no scruple before rotting in hell!!!!

512 days ago


He has no remorse, and refuses to accept any responsibility. Forget medicine--that's not going to happen. He'd be wise to show a little humility and shake that smug attitude before he gets out.

512 days ago


Blame it on the boogie

512 days ago


The hype is that Murray killed MJ. MJ was already an addict. You could see it by the way he staggered and spoke for years. Not to mention his behavior and love and I mean love for kids. ****, he was a man and acted like he was still 9. He was plain embarrassing to watch. If Murray induced the needle it was because MJ wanted it. Plain as that.

512 days ago


This Dip S**t still doesn't seem to get it! He took an Oath to Do No Harm for starters. Which he chose to ignore. Use a drug outside of a medical setting, with no monitors or anything. Walked away from his patient to call his "Instrument". Tried to hide the evidence. Tried to perform CPR on a bed. And this only a fraction of what he did and did not do. Shows absolutely no remorse whatsoever. This jerk is a disgrace to the medical profession, and I am glad that he lost his license! It is just a shame that he did not receive life instead of just 4 miserable years! Which he is constantly whining about, and trying to get out of - and acts like he should be treated as though he were in a luxury hotel or something. Sick of this Dip S**t!! When he does finally get out - he will need to be on the look out for the MJ Fans!

512 days ago


he had his trial, should have spoken then! now stay in jail, it's safer there for you, idjit!

512 days ago


Murray is a liar. His failures caused a death of a patient. Murray's inability to accept responsibility for his actions should add on to his sentence.

512 days ago

Glenda in Texas    

Murray is getting the star treatment from jail. If he is in fact in jail. Lol.

512 days ago


Conrad Murray and Jodi Arias are two mentally disturbed individuals who are pathological liars, kill other people without remorse and feel they should be declared innocent for their actions. Murray & Arias are a threat to society as long as they live. - It was proven during Murray's trial that it was impossible for MJ to inject himself with propofol. It was proven in court that Murray had MJ on a propofol drip and Murray was not giving MJ a saline drip. Murray and Arias should be should be institutionalized with lobotomyies given weekly.

512 days ago


lobotomies. That's the correct spelling. Sorry.

512 days ago


Michael Jackson was an addict. Plain and simple. And they will do ANYTHING to get their drugs.

512 days ago


"no way responsible...he has hopes of practicing medicine again some day"

I'm sure patients are going to line up to see a so-called doctor that does not even know how to administer CPR. Good luck with All That.

512 days ago


Murray is a coward. He can repeat that his innocent until his face turns blue. The truth is truth, facts are facts! He bought all the medical ingredients that went into Michaels body. He is the one that set up the make shift hospital room in one of the bedrooms in Michaels house. He is the one that omitted the use of Propofol to the UCLA doctors and paramedics. He is the one that didn't even remember how to do CPR to his dying patient. He is the one that asked MJs body guards to clean the room before calling 911. Wtf kind of doctor is he? Does he gave memory loss? They say if a lie is repeated several times eventually the liar takes it as the truth. Murray needs to stfu he is a proven idiot

512 days ago

nosy bugger    

he did another tv interview!?! GTFO
i'm telling you he's is only doing this hoping book publishers will approach him, maybe incite a bidding war,
but by law he is not he is not allowed to profit off his crime, so this should be interesting(maybe an overseas publisher?)

512 days ago
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