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Kim K & Kanye


You're Saving Sick Babies

4/30/2013 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0430_kim_kanye_hospital_getty_2Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are bona fide HEROES ... this according to a Chicago Children's Hospital which says the money raised by the couple will be used to treat sick babies.

TMZ broke the story ... Kim and Kanye are urging friends and family members to abstain from sending baby gifts -- instead, they're asking well-wishers to send donations to the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

Now, reps for the hospital are hailing the couple for the generous move -- saying, "Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago would like to extend its sincerest gratitude to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West for their thoughtfulness and support of the hospital."

The rep continues, "Funds donated on behalf of Kardashian and West will be directed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Fund which will help care for the most critically ill babies and their families."

"We wish them all the best in the upcoming arrival of their baby."


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Why won't she just go away... oh, that's right, TMZ.

507 days ago


in spite of others personal negative opinions about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. I happened to think what they are doing is to be commendable regardless of their allege motive. Helping that Chicago hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit by having friends/fans and family send donation and fund which will help care for the most critically ill babies and their families is a fantastic move on their part. Seriously Kim/West do not need money or gifts for their baby they can very well provide for themselves. How generous of the two to offer this in kindness. God works in mysterious way, doesn't he?

507 days ago

Kev the Realist    

The fact that the hospital is now pandering to the KRAPTRASHIANS and KRAPYEE Gay West, is disgusting. These 2 media whore couyld have done this behind the scenes,but no beacsue they are so disgusting and vain, they want all the publicity that they can get. I need to go puke now, they are disgusting.

507 days ago


it's difficult to believe this VERY OBVIOUS PR SPIN. If Kim were "known" for her Charity work I could buy in...however her last know (publicized) "charitable" contribution was her wedding gifts that went to her Mother's "church".
Hey Kim, i f you were MORE charitable MORE OFTEN maybe you'd get less flack

507 days ago


TMZ has jumped the shark, Harvey's perverted side came out when he posted bikini pics of a 17 year old and TMZ did it with pride, now he is trying to sell us the two most self centered selfish celeb's are "hero's" have you forgotten Kanye's charity that never donated a penny and then shut down, how generous of these two to urge other people to donate their money in instead of giving these two rich cheap jerks baby gifts, you want to do something good Kym & Kanye, donate a million each of your own money to St Judes children hospital. fat Mike with the unhealthy Kym obsession must of written this

507 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

No TMZ these two rich, self absorbed people are not "HEROES".
> The Firemen and police who ran into the World Trade Center when everyone else was running out - they were heroes.
> The men who patrol our mean streets every day and night - they are heroes.
> The men and women who put on uniforms to represent our country in times of war AND peace - they are heroes.
> The people who looked for other bombs after the first two blew up during the Boston Marathon - they are heroes.
> Single mothers who raise children by working two jobs after their men ran out on them - they are heroes.
> The Doctors, nurses, and volunteers who spend every day trying to save desperately sick children, even when they know many of them won't survive? They are heroes.
Two people not getting a few gifts because they already incredibly rich - they are not heroes.
Now if you told me that they have been showing up, unannounced, without cameras or a script, and had been taking care of these children - cleaning up their vomit, emptying bed pans and urinals, mopping up floors, holding the hand of a dying child - - then I would call them heroes.
But they're not, they are handing out press releases.

507 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Oh, be sure to make those donations in their names so they can get a fat tax write off.

507 days ago

Physical Graffiti    

Tacky as ****

507 days ago

Wash. Hts. Girl    

They will take it as a tax write-off, it is a win-win for these two narcissistic losers.

507 days ago


If Kris the pimp have anything to do with it,half of the money will end up missing.

507 days ago


I really hope the some staffers at TMZ HQ reads these comment sections so they can see that we are not buying this horseshyt PR stunt.

507 days ago


Now, she is in Paris? Must be getting near the time, for the SURROGATE to be delivering. I am basing this on how phony & size changing her prosthetic belly looks, in the red dress, on DAILYMAIL.COM. I do not believe that she is pregnant. The "belly" regularly diminishes or expands in size.
Who will reveal the truth??

507 days ago


Aww, that's great! I hope they make a generous donation also.

507 days ago


Its awesome they are doing this but lets get real. We know it wasnt their idea so stop making them sound like Mother Teresa. Kim would NEVER pass up free swag.

507 days ago


mmm wonder whats behind this generous gift,self smuggness perhaps ?..or.. Has kris karcrapian decided on everthing this kid is gonna sleep in , dress in , what it will eat, what it will ****t

507 days ago
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