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Lindsay Lohan

Safe And Sound

At Betty Ford ... For Now

5/3/2013 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is safely ensconced at the Betty Ford Center rehab facility in Rancho Mirage, CA ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Lindsay checked in late Thursday night ... barely dodging a looming arrest warrant.

We broke the story ... Lindsay has re-hired Shawn Holley, who then negotiated with Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White to make the deal that Betty Ford was an acceptable rehab joint.

It's ironic Lindsay is at Betty Ford -- you'll recall back in 2010 Lindsay got into an epic fight during her rehab stay with a staffer.  The police were called and civil lawsuits were filed.  It's amazing Betty Ford took her back.

We're told prosecutors will back off their promise to seek an arrest warrant today ... although they still have to get the judge to sign off on Betty Ford, but it looks like that will just be a formality.

Can Lindsay make it for 90 days?  Let's be serious.


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Who pays for the treatment? That's one question. Then I have to comment that it seems strange that a reputable facility like Betty Ford would take her back. It is even more surprising because I am surprised they take people who are going to rehab as part of a plea-bargain. Rehab is very difficult and Lindsay Lohan makes it seem like a game.
When you are ready to quit drugs you can but to try to quit to avoid jail is very difficult. She should just go to jail and get it over with and then get a driver. If she wants to do whatever she allegedly is doing, that's none of the public's business, until she is out there driving drunk. She's had too many chances and they never call her bluff so you can't blame her for doing whatever she can get away with.

352 days ago

Jeff Portlance    

Just think of all the tax payer money that is being spent on this one little girl. Court costs, rehabs etc etc... It could probably wipe out 10% of our debt...

352 days ago

Jeff Portlance    

Just think of all the tax payer money that is being spent on this one little girl. Court costs, rehabs etc etc... It could probably wipe out 10% of our debt...

352 days ago


Any rehab that allows their patients to smoke cigarettes should have its license revoked. Nicotine is at the top of the list of the most addictive drugs out there. What a joke! Betty Ford is the worst. Lohan should have learned that the last time she went there. This is like a broken record. Doing rehab time to avoid jail. It only gets worse. Just look at what has happened to her since she started this routine. Wow! Learn from this all you druggies and boozers. If you really want to recovery ... get real ... and go into a faith based program that only works with people who WANT to be there to change. Logan is a perfect example for those who want to play endless games with their lives. She is the poster child of what NOT to do to recover.

352 days ago


How long before TMZ calls Heller Skeller? He doesn't have the Judges ruling anymore that no info about Smeggy is too be released. If nothing pops up here before TMZ Live today I can almost lay a bet in Vegas that Heller Skeller will be phoning into TMZ. If it isn't him, it will be Micheal Bloathan calling in to gush about how happy he is that Shawn Holley is back and then turn it around to make it all about him. MEH!!!

352 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Hey TMZ, I think it's time for a new "WHO WOULD YOU RATHER". It could be between this meth addict and that teen mom who just got Butt Fuqued by James Deen.
Skank versus Skank - it would be epic!
Hey even better idea. You can have a blurb at the bottom of that "story" telling us which one Deen liked better.

352 days ago


No she won't make 90 days, she Got to want it. She's not there yet! Her days r limited on this earth. She's had so many people wanted to help her, but she not ready. She still the party girl. Hopefully this time things will click!

352 days ago


So she doesn't go to the agreed upon rehab, then skips out on that rehab for a third rehab. WOW!!!! people in LA need to protest or something this is straight BS

352 days ago


If she's there, it's because she thinks that she can get away with doing what she wants, like going out at night, getting high and facing no consequences, even if she gets caught. Perfect for the master of the "I don't have a problem" attitude Lohan.

352 days ago


who's paying for this?

the slunt belongs six feet under the rehab.

352 days ago


I didnt know if you are set to enter a court ordered rehab program by a certain date that you could just show up elsewhere in another state, then decide that place isnt good enough for you and then check in elsewhere at the very last minute after your atty told the judge in court that you were already in rehab. Good to know.

352 days ago


Shame on you Holley

352 days ago


Well, I'm glad she checked in. I hope they don't allow her any adderall. And I also hope she honestly gets better. But let's face it - she won't. She'll get out and start her adderall all over again and she'll snort it with her vodka and she'll be wreaking havoc at nightclubs and she'll arrive late on every set that's dumb enough to hire her and she'll continue to steal and she'll punch someone else in the face and she'll crash her car again and there'll be a water container filled with vodka on the scene again and she'll continue the cycle all over again.

Because Lohan's problem of drugs is secondary to her main problem - she's a giant a$$hole. She is a mean, bullying, entitled, lying, thieving, face punching a$$hole, who doesn't care about anyone other than her tiny, flabby, materialistic self. She has no ethics, no morals, no principles, no self control, no discipline, no will power, no intellect. She's just a dumb bully.

So whether she makes the 3 month deadline of no drugs or drink in her system - or not - it doesn't matter. She'll still be the same dumb, career criminal, BULLY. It's in her DNA.

352 days ago


Rehab anywhere will do this girl no good because SHE DOESN'T WANT HELP! She has been in and out of rehabs like it's a second career and she's learned absolutely nothing except for the fact that she can continue to get by because there are so many people in her life that allow this crap to happen. Shawn Holley, regardless of the $ or publicity, should have put her foot down. Yes, being a lawyer is her job but even she can't be blind enough to see that the girl has issues that will eventually kill her. Holley may be a stellar lawyer since she's able to get Lindsay out of unbelievable situations every time, but I'm seriously questioning the woman's moral sense. No matter your job, you should do what's best for the person and sometimes that means walking away for good if they aren't willing to change for their own betterment. Just like the times before, this rehab stint will come and go with little to no positive results.

352 days ago

Ellie G    

LMAO, she is her own Judge, Jury and Jailer. F the legal system.

352 days ago
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