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Lindsay Lohan

Safe And Sound

At Betty Ford ... For Now

5/3/2013 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is safely ensconced at the Betty Ford Center rehab facility in Rancho Mirage, CA ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Lindsay checked in late Thursday night ... barely dodging a looming arrest warrant.

We broke the story ... Lindsay has re-hired Shawn Holley, who then negotiated with Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White to make the deal that Betty Ford was an acceptable rehab joint.

It's ironic Lindsay is at Betty Ford -- you'll recall back in 2010 Lindsay got into an epic fight during her rehab stay with a staffer.  The police were called and civil lawsuits were filed.  It's amazing Betty Ford took her back.

We're told prosecutors will back off their promise to seek an arrest warrant today ... although they still have to get the judge to sign off on Betty Ford, but it looks like that will just be a formality.

Can Lindsay make it for 90 days?  Let's be serious.


No Avatar


I didn't think Betty Ford was a "lock down" facility...

475 days ago


Thanks for the pic of LiLo's thumb. I'm just shocked she can suck it for all the waving in the face of the law abiding citizens of California. What a joke and straight up ho miss lindz is.

475 days ago


Spineless judges. Gutless prosecuters. Justice gone awry.

475 days ago


I still can't believe Holley did this giving everything Lohan has pulled on her. Making her look like such a fool. I lost all resepect for this woman.

Lohan can leave whenever she wants to right into a pair of handcuffs. That would be too easy.

All this is out of Lohans pocket, the state isn't paying a dime for any of this. That's one good thing.

475 days ago

Linda Petrou    

If she makes it until Sunday I will be surprised.

475 days ago


So she fled a Court Ordered Rehab and went to the Rehab of her choice? This is legal how? If this were you or I, we would have had an arrest warrant THAT DAY and cuffed THAT DAY. Guess rules never apply for Lohan. The fact that she allowed to pull this stunt shows what a joke the judge and police are.

475 days ago


It almost like she is on permanent roller skates. This has gone on for to long. She NEVER gets into actual trouble for anything. As a celebrity I would think that by doing all of this she would be alienating herself from Hollywood by her behavior. Apparently I would be wrong judging by the amount of people she can rally by her side when needed. Come on Holly if you don't wise up you going to be just as much to blame for Lindsay's inevitable death as her parents and Lindsay will be.

475 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I'm looking at that photo of poor Lilo photoshopped in front of the Betty Ford Revolving Door VD Clinic sign.
Don't worry Lindsay sweety, there will be plenty of cocque for you to suck there. You won't have to hoover your thumb off - there will be plenty of willing janitors to trade mouth jobs for Meth.

475 days ago


In a Country where Financial Inequality is a huge issue and very real, it's nice to know that our Laws and the System doesn't apply to the rich and famous. Keep dangling that fact guys. Don't be shocked when half the public snaps and Revolution comes.

475 days ago


This doesn't change anything. Lohan will still be a no talent drunk, druggie and thief. Nothing is going to change that fact.

475 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

Lindsay wins again !!!! BWAAAAHAAAHAA !!!!

475 days ago


Rehiring Shawn is a surprise. Especially since Lindsay has no money. Lindsay just wreaks havoc anywhere she goes--such a waste of life. She's a grifter who happened to become a celebrity.

475 days ago


Good. Really tired of reading about this loser. The only media outlets that report on her comings and goings are TMZ and Radar on Line ( and that is because her dad and mom call them to report on Lindsey's every move) the rest of the media could care less. Hopefully we can have a break on hearing about her for a few months. Seriously TMZ, I don't want to read about her comings and goings while she is at the Betty Ford Clinic, or when she has visitors, or when she is seen in one of her 270 outfits. She is a spoiled, entitled 26 year old who needs to grow up.

475 days ago


After Dina went and promised Heller hand jobs for life, Lindsay pulls this stunt. Her own mother can't trust her.

475 days ago


Keep trying TMZ. The only thing as annoying as Lilo's antics is TMZ's campaign and obsession with getting her locked up.
Jail will not help this damaged, self-detructive individual.
You look silly, TMZ. Give it a rest. Move on.

475 days ago
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