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Brooke Mueller

Denise Is the Best Mom

for My Boys Right Now

5/4/2013 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0504-brooke-mueller-denise-richards-tmzBrooke Mueller is thankful Denise Richards is the one watching her boys while she's getting professional help ... and sources close to Brooke tell TMZ she's glad they ended up with Denise ... instead of her own mother. 

As we previously reported, Mueller's 4-year-old twins with Charlie Sheen, Bob and Max, were taken Thursday night after the L.A. County D.C.F.S. decided Mueller's home was an "unsafe environment" due to her suspected drug use.

According to our sources, Brooke feels Denise is a great parent and will give her boys everything they need while she seeks help. We're told Brooke is grateful to Denise and knowing her boys are in good hands is allowing her to focus on herself and get better.

We're told the decision to leave the kids with Denise did not sit well with Brooke's mother, who felt she should have taken them. But our sources say the boys have never spent extended time with Brooke's mother and Brooke is glad that DCFS placed them with Denise (not to mention their half-sisters as well).


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Ivan in Phoenix    

Brooke should lose her kids for a minimum of a year of being tested weekly for drugs & alcohol. Every time she fails a drug test the year will start over. Denise should get Brooke's child support money since she is doing all the work raising the kids during this time.

505 days ago


I think Charlie should have legal custody and Denise should have physical custody. I read in another article that DCFS felt that Brooke's mom outright lied to them about Brooke's whereabouts and condition. I don't think DCFS could trust her to follow the conditions of a court order. I think the boys need to quit being bounced back and forth and if Denise is willing to keep caring for them then they should stay with her. Brooke has had 4 years to get her life together and to stay sober. Let her have visitation provided she passes a drug test but I wouldn't give her custody again. She may only be seen as a source of trauma to those boys.

505 days ago


Denise is a good person. I have read that she is taking the kids in exchange for huge amounts of money, blah,blah, blah. But taking on two rambunctious 4 year old twins is no easy task, especially when you have 3 little ones of your own. She has saved those kids time and again. I wish she would just get custody of them. Brooke clearly will never clean up her act. She has has "professional help" more than Lindsay Lohan and she slips back further every time. Sad for the kids but at least they do have Denise and their half siblings. And uh maybe their father?

505 days ago


How many times has this happpend. Charlie Sheen still refers to them as his "twins". Well his twins are still Bob and Max or whatever name legal or otherwise.

With all of Charlie Sheens money he can just pay for his kids and that's it.

All the drugs Sheen and Mueller did and has done even during pregnancy, hopefully that did not hurt the 'twins'.

505 days ago


Glad to see at least one of these three parents is being able provide stable life for these kids. Kinda odd that it's the ex wife of your ex husband... but whatever works..

505 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

Its a step in the right direction that Brooke acknowledges that neither she nor her family are the best option for the boys right now. I wish her healing and peace from her addiction.

505 days ago


why doesn't charlie straighten his ass up and be a father???

505 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

A candy bar would be better than Brooke as a mother.

505 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

It's so tragic when not even ONE of the parents can be trusted to raise the whelps. Both parents should be spayed and neutered to prevent a reoccurence of this bad behavior and lack of responsibility.

505 days ago


It's always good when everyone gets along as does Charlie's ex-wives...they're family!

505 days ago


I'm sorry but there is so much wrong with them. These kids are taken from their mother and their father can't be trusted either! Now we learn Brooks mother wasn't given first choice... It's great the kids are safe but these kids are growing up without their mother or father raising them. I wish people wouldn't have children if they don't plan on taking care of them!

505 days ago


Denise must be a wonderful person and not your average Hollywood type. She should be nominated for Mom of the Year!

505 days ago


What a loser, 'I'd rather do drugs than raise my sons'. As for Denise Richards, she must be mother earth, her own girls, a house full of pets and now the twins. She's a good woman, the more the merrier.

505 days ago


Dayam...couple months ago, Brooke was all upset cause Denise wanted to take the twins to a party at Charlie's house...make up your mind, drug-addled celebrity seeker...
Seriously, what is Brooke famous for beside being a side-show freek in Charlie's world?

505 days ago


Denise lately looks like she's doing meth, sad to say.

505 days ago
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