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Chris Brown

Graffiti Scofflaw

5/4/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0503_chris_brown_house_tmz_articleSeems like Chris Brown has pissed off a whole new batch of neighbors, and he didn't even have to savagely beat anyone ... all he had to do is some serious tagging.

Chris' Hollywood Hills home is now bedazzled with huge graffiti murals.  Chris is a talented artist and the works have markers that make it look like he did it himself ... but we can't confirm it.

But as pretty as it is ... it ain't sitting well with Chris' neighbors, who called L.A. City Councilman Tom LaBonge, complaining it was a blight on the block. 

LaBonge passed it on to L.A. City officials, and Chris was cited for having "unpermitted and excessive signage" on his property.  If he doesn't remove the murals STAT ... he'll be fined.

It could be the complaints are the proverbial nuclear fight over how a married couple squeezes a toothpaste tube.  In other words, there are deeper problems ... in this case we've learned neighbors are royally pissed off at the loud parties Chris throws at all hours of the night.  They've also had it with cars speeding up and down the street.

We reached out to Chris. So far no word back.


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nipples mugee    

BTW< what ever happened to tan mom ?

540 days ago


As you see, when a black man buys a house you can no longer do what you want with your property. Not surprised

540 days ago


I'm really suprised by all these ugly ass comments! Well, not really. I forgot, you guys that are talking bad of him are so perfect. you guys forget he's a kid w a bunch of freakn $$! You really can't mess up in this country because you people will NEVER let it go! U would think he's the only person in the world that has messed up! But its ok for Charlie Sheen, Robert Downey Jr etc.. I don't get it.

540 days ago

Boogie Onerism    

Please dont call this graffiti, its ten year old draws better murals than this with his eyes close.

540 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Property value probably dropped a cool half a mill... lol

540 days ago


Trash is as Trash does

540 days ago


The only thing more ugly than his "art" are the colors on his car.

540 days ago


He's a ******, why is anyone surprised that he would graffiti up the joint?

540 days ago


Hate the graffiti, but love his music. wish the manboy would grow up!

540 days ago


I am no fan of Chris Brown, but I really really dislike snooty neighbors and/or homeowners' associations. If people own property they should be able to decorate that property however they wish. It's his wall, and he can have it tagged if he wants. I think it's ridiculous that home owners need to be told how they can paint their walls, what they can have in their back yard, what types of Christmas lights to have, how high their flags can fly, or what kinds of gardens people can have. They need to take care of their own lives and mind their own business.

540 days ago


For everyone on here that wants to bring Charlie Sheen, Robert Downey Jr. & others with questionable pasts. The difference between them and this waste of skin sack is that they have done everything in their power to change their lives for the better. CURB STOMP needs his f u c king head beat in with a baseball bat and then be paraded around so people can have the pleasure of beating him with a bat also.

540 days ago

Az Heat    

Hey jackass that's why they have art galaries! If I lived close to him that sh!t would be getting covered up real quick! Don't make the neighborhood look like ass just because you want to display your so called art! If he is allowed to keep this on his house I would have ”Hey N!&&er your art looks like sh!t painted on my house just so he could see it every damn day!

540 days ago


sh*tty. just like him.

540 days ago


Why do bad things keep happening to Fist Brown? What did he do to deserve this?

540 days ago

Wow ...    

When you move into a community, right or wrong, you have to consider your neighbors.. Well that is, if you want to live peacefully. If CB is a fan of his artwork, then paint in areas that are not visible on the street. It is a win win.

540 days ago
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