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Lindsay Lohan

Not a Big Cocaine Fan

But Loves Ecstasy

5/5/2013 7:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0505_lindsay_lohan_tmzLindsay Lohan claims she isn't a big drinker and has only done cocaine "maybe four or five" times ... but boy does she love herself some ecstasy.

Lohan sat down with Piers Morgan late last month for an interview that just appeared in the Daily Mail and if you believe her ... we're all crazy, because she doesn't really have a drug or alcohol problem.

Here are the highlights:

-- She got advice about controlling her drinking from Heath Ledger. He told her he had given up drinking for a full year so she took his advice. She says she has no prob giving up alcohol.

-- She hasn't taken a drug (other than her prescriptions) in a year.

-- She's not an alcoholic and can give up drinking.

-- She's taken cocaine "maybe 4 or 5 times in my life."

-- She likes ecstasy better than other drugs.

-- She does not think she needs to be in lockdown rehab for three months.

-- She thinks rehab will be good for her because it gives people time to just be by themselves.

-- She's straight.

-- She calls Dina "mum."

So we gotta ask ...


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She rubs her neck more then dina..and we all seen pictures when she eas on the stem fast diet weighing 40 lbs...wonder if she beieves her own lies

535 days ago


She's still trying coming to terms with being an addict. She thinks somehow she can fool other people as well as herself. It's very normal to minimize and lie to yourself. But the disease will do the work for her and trust me..she will come to terms with her addiction. Its just a matter of time.

535 days ago


Hey Lindsay. Heath Ledger is dead. His own advice didn't help him. You are a liar. Ecstasy does turn your hands black and make your teeth yellow. Crystal meth does that. And there are plenty poster child pics if you looking like that. Nobody believes you and I am pretty sick of hearing about it. Go away.

535 days ago


This is the typical Lohan con.

Lindsay sets up, is still in trouble yet never her fault. Rehab joke take 7.

Dina Lohan and Michael Lohan go around all the talk shows THAT PAY, tabloids THAT PAY doing the token blame each other for what Lindsay does to herself. It's worked and they made alot of money off of the poor little Lindsay bullshyt. Very old.

Current Lohan bullshyt. It's all Mark Hellers fault (won't mention the fact that Lohan called every attorney in L.A. and was turned down flat.)

Heller will be used and blamed .She did the same thing to Holley.

Mark Heller is being blamed for Lohans own crap(anyone surprised) the incomp lawyer, all set up.

Dina Lohan and Michael Lohan will use Heller as the bad guy, joke lawyer, to go around to whatever talk shows, THAT PAY, tabloids THAT PAY that will get them money. Done this crap for years.

When Lohan spent more than a 3 hour mug shot in jail they including Lindsay couldn't trash Holley enough. She sucks, she's no good bla, bla, bla

Con is back on. Depends on the takers.

535 days ago


Lindsay claimed in an interview in 2010 that she doesn't like cocaine and wont touch the stuff ever again. Lindsay is ordered a few months later to submit to random drug testing and tests positive for cocaine. Lindsay in a interview while arrest for stealing states that alcohol is not part of her life and she wont touch or be near the stuff. Lindsay tests positive for alcohol a couple weeks later. Why are we supposed to believe her now?

535 days ago


Did Piers repeatedly pass coffee through his nose upon hearing these absurd lies? Poor bastard probably needed to see an ENT after all that.

535 days ago


She loves ecstasy huh? Now I can see why shes so dumb. That stuff eats holes in your brain.

535 days ago


And we have dildo dina saying this will be lindsay last rehab visit..maybe she is in the same death pool online that i am in, and has inside info and life insurance

535 days ago


TMZ didn't pull another non-exclusive.

How come nobody shows the photos of Lohan in court wasted pulling her hair extensions out. That's Lohan. Puts on all the make-up fake eyelashes for her current mug shot the next day. Must have forgotten about the wig. Oops.

535 days ago


Well, I read the Piers interview. This clearly shows Lindsay is, at the very least, a delusional, pathological liar. Her answers in this interview, along with her past behavior, are quite indicative of someone with Borderline and Narcissistic Personality Disorders (or one full blown disorder with traits of the other).

I don’t think Piers believed a word she said. I think he did her a great service by not interrupting or calling her out on anything. Perhaps he knew that was the only way for the world to see what was really going on in her head?

Feeling entitled to do as she pleases, believing she is a huge movie star, stealing, assaulting people, driving intoxicated, lying, using people and blaming others when she is caught doing something wrong or illegal without even a drop of self blame or empathy? Classic Narcissistic PD traits.

Feeling the need to be with people (hates to be alone), creating chaos and drama all the time, sobbing, begging and pleading to get her way, refusing to let go of relationships that are clearly over and self medicating with drugs and booze to stop the emotional turmoil inside her head? Classic Borderline PD traits.

I know Lindsay needs to stop the drugs and booze, but she’ll just start right back up again if she doesn’t deal with her underlying ‘issues’ (personality disorders). I think Shawn Holley knows Lindsay has these ‘issues’, and probably sees this as an opportunity for Lindsay to get the proper help. I’m expecting Shawn will find an In-Patient Treatment Centre that will be able to treat her personality disorders, as well as her drug and alcohol addictions. There is no pill or cure, but three months or intense in-patient treatment followed by long-term psychotherapy can help manage her symptoms.

So, the ball is in Lindsay’s court … again. As Seamus kindly pointed out in another thread – no amount of help will benefit Lindsay if she keeps denying she has issues – and – Holley may only be helping Lindsay out for her own reasons (career/money).

A lot of criminals have mental health issues. I have compassion to a point. If they continually break the law, risk the well being and lives of others yet refuse to accept responsibility and get help, then I'm sorry - they need to be kept away from society. This is probably Lindsay’s last chance to get some real help for her underlying issues. If she leaves rehab and picks up where she left off, she will end up in jail or dead.

*I apologize for the long post and run-on sentences.

535 days ago


I've been gone for awhile. As Quiet pointed out in a post. Has there been any REAL evidence that Lohan is at BF. Will court papers name where she is rehabbing? Is either evil momma or creepy dad verifying she is there? Is incestuous dad still trying to get her moved to the rehab resort?

535 days ago


She is, right this second, detoxing + feeling pretty bad, I'd guess.
Must be very nasty.

535 days ago


Lohan is a pathological liar. And it's just amazing how she thinks we, the American public, are so easy to fool. But Lohan, ever the lying bully, isn't fooling anyone but herself. If she's only taken coke 4 or 5 times - then she got caught 100% of the time she took it, which is impossible. Lohan has done meth, coke, crack, heroin, pot, ecstasy, and a whole host of prescription pain medicines. She has drank vats the size of water towers of vodka.

She is so amazingly delusional to think we would believe her! Nothing but lies spout of her and her mother's mouths. LIES, LIES, LIES.

Lohan, dear little-brained Lohan - STOP LYING! TELL THE TRUTH FOR ONCE IN YOUR STINKING, POS LIFE! Accept that you are out of control with your substance abuse. Stop trying to hide it. Stop trying to fool the public. Because you are looking more and more like s*** every time you lie. You lie to get out of trouble, you lie to impress people, you lie because you're lazy, you lie because you want to do drugs, you lie all the time - including to yourself.


535 days ago


Someone is black checking.damn the truth hurts..could it be red spluge gall splater

535 days ago


I can't get this song out of my head-I don't know why.

If you wanna hang out you've got to take her out, cocaineIf you wanna get down, down on the ground, cocaineShe don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie, cocaine
If you got bad news, you wanna kick them blues, cocaineWhen your day is done and you wanna run, cocaineShe don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie, cocaine
If your thing is gone and you wanna ride on, cocaineDon't forget this fact, you can't get it back, cocaineShe don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie, cocaine
She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie, cocaine

535 days ago
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