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Lindsay Lohan

Judge Tells Shawn

'You Saved Her!'

5/6/2013 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was saved from almost certain arrest by the lawyer she once stiffed and fired ... this according to the judge.

TMZ has learned ... Shawn Holley snuck into court this morning, along with prosecutors, where the judge formally 86'd attorney Mark Heller from the case and announced Holley would be Lindsay's new lawyer.

Judge Jim Dabney told Shawn, "You snatched her from the precipice."   Translation:  The judge was about to issue an arrest warrant because Lindsay was a rehab no-show but Shawn stepped in and saved the day.

Holley told the judge Lindsay was safely ensconced at Betty Ford.  Prosecutors voiced concern that the rehab joint only offers 30-day programs, which would mean Lindsay would repeat the same program 3 times to fulfill her 90-day sentence.  But Holley said there were longer programs that would not be repetitive.

The judge seemed fine with Betty Ford and said there's no need for another hearing unless prosecutors have a problem with the facility.   Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... prosecutors are currently investigating Betty Ford to determine if the facility is suitable.

A big issue is whether Lindsay will be able to leave and/or sneak out of the facility. You'll recall during her 2010 stay at Betty Ford she left the facility several times.  That's because she was staying in the residential part of the facility.  Sources tell us Lindsay will stay in the hospital section for her entire stay so leaving won't be an option -- at least that's the plan.



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Note to self: If I EVER get in trouble and need a good attorney, remind myself to hire Shaun Holley. There must be some kind of angel on Lindsay's shoulder to get Shaun back. I guess that the shyster lawyer from New York went slinking back under his rock and let the real lawyers handle this one.
Shaun must have a good heart to volunteer to take Lindsay back as a client.
Isn't there any other place on this earth that she can go to OTHER than Betty Ford?? Send her back to that place in Utah. She seemed happy there. She was in clear fresh air and out of LA.
I think that she needs to go to a sober living house after she leaves rehab. Rather than just dumping her back in the same toxic environment like before. Then when she leaves there she needs a sober companion. If she fails all these steps, throw her butt in jail.

544 days ago


Translation: TMZ does their own translations as best suits them, as usual. Judge said nothing about jail. He was talking about her life.

544 days ago


Thats to bad, I was hoping nobody could save her

544 days ago


FK! The btch deserves to go to jail! Fkn lock her useless ass up!

544 days ago


How much is all this researching treatment facilities and other acts by the law costing tax payers? Lots of time and money. Shame on them all. Book her and be done with it!

544 days ago


Why didnt Shawn tell the judge Lindsay didnt need to be in rebab as she has only used coke like four times and no longer drinks because Heath Ledger told her not to? Why didnt Shawn tell the judge sending Lindsay was pointless and that its like being sent to lunch detention and she is asked the same dumb questions over and over? Why didnt she request that Lindsay be sent to Fiji to work with children on the tax payers dime?

544 days ago


You can do this Lindsay!

544 days ago


Holley saves the day, yet again...I wish the judge would still feel the need to jail Lohan, though. Lohan is not learning anything at all from all of this.

544 days ago


Crazy Lindsay will find a way to screw up. Vegas won't take it that she'll do the entire time w/o messing up.

544 days ago


this is all part of the lesian network.......lesbians get special treatment since the laywers, judges and guards are all lez. not a judgement just the way it is.
it's like "oh shawn holley is back on the case? oh ok....nevermind"
lohan will kill herself eventually since she doesn't drink, and has done cocaine like 4 will be a carwreck.....

544 days ago


TMZ has learned ... Shawn Holley snuck into court this morning. . .

So now because she didn't call tmz to let them know ahead of time, its 'sneaking'? OY!

544 days ago


There are some other reports saying Lindsay is miserable at the Betty Ford rehab and wants to be moved. I know that “Hollywood Lifestyle and Mentality” creates an extremely distorted view and understanding of what the world really is, but someone in this girl’s life has to be a rational human being (Thank goodness for Shawn). She is not supposed to be “happy” at her rehab facility. This is a substitute for jail time. This is a sentence as a result of a crime or multiple crimes which the court passes down in lieu of jail time. I think the rehab plan was actually the best because had she been sent to jail she would have been released after a few days because of overcrowding, because although she is a danger to our senses and patience, she is not a hardened enough offender to be deemed a risk. She’s a risk to herself more than anything. Bottom line. You don’t like your rehab facility. Boo f*&^%$ hoo. She has no sincerity in her voice or words in her recent interviews. She is like any other addict. She knows what she has to say to make people go away. “I’m sorry, I did wrong, I am accountable for my actions”. All buzzwords given to her by the many specialists and rehabilitation staff she has dealt with. She has no remorse and I doubt understands the meaning of it. She needs the attention of all of these events to keep her going financially because she hasn’t and won’t likely get any for her acting or lack thereof. Do yourself and the world a favor. Stop chasing fame. Save your own life. Shut your mouth and stay in rehab so the world doesn’t keep its opinion of you being a selfish, spoiled, self indulgent addict perma-child.

544 days ago


I am so tired of reading about this low life. Lindsey's problems are of her own making, she needs to start taking responsibility for the choices she makes in life. She is 26 years old. She needs to start acting like an adult.

544 days ago


Shawn Holley is an idiot.

544 days ago


prosecutors are currently investigating Betty Ford to determine if the facility is suitable

She re-hired her to get out of this rehab, buy some time while a new rehab is found.

This prosecutor is an idiot. What he should tell Lohan is Fine, you don't want to go to this rehab, How's about some jail time? Period. That should shut her yap.

544 days ago
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