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Lindsay Lohan

Judge Tells Shawn

'You Saved Her!'

5/6/2013 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was saved from almost certain arrest by the lawyer she once stiffed and fired ... this according to the judge.

TMZ has learned ... Shawn Holley snuck into court this morning, along with prosecutors, where the judge formally 86'd attorney Mark Heller from the case and announced Holley would be Lindsay's new lawyer.

Judge Jim Dabney told Shawn, "You snatched her from the precipice."   Translation:  The judge was about to issue an arrest warrant because Lindsay was a rehab no-show but Shawn stepped in and saved the day.

Holley told the judge Lindsay was safely ensconced at Betty Ford.  Prosecutors voiced concern that the rehab joint only offers 30-day programs, which would mean Lindsay would repeat the same program 3 times to fulfill her 90-day sentence.  But Holley said there were longer programs that would not be repetitive.

The judge seemed fine with Betty Ford and said there's no need for another hearing unless prosecutors have a problem with the facility.   Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... prosecutors are currently investigating Betty Ford to determine if the facility is suitable.

A big issue is whether Lindsay will be able to leave and/or sneak out of the facility. You'll recall during her 2010 stay at Betty Ford she left the facility several times.  That's because she was staying in the residential part of the facility.  Sources tell us Lindsay will stay in the hospital section for her entire stay so leaving won't be an option -- at least that's the plan.



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This judge is a wimp like all the others

534 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Lindsay Lohan In A Sober House — Not Lockdown Rehab

Posted on May 2nd, 2013 at 1:14 pm


The rehab facility that Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer claimed she checked into Thursday morning is swiping back at media claims that they’re not a licensed treatment center.

“It has been reported in the media that Morningside has no license/certification to provide drug and alcohol treatment. This is completely false” Mary Helen Beatificato, Chief Executive Officer of Morningside Recovery Center told RumorFix.

She stated that the company runs a clinical facility that is certified by the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs as meeting all minimum standards of care and treatment.

However, treatment will not be taking place on site where Lindsay is said to be staying. Beatificato explained that Morningside runs several structured residential sober living homes in the cities of Newport Beach and Costa Mesa. These sober living homes have live-in house managers who are employed by Morningside to enforce house rules and conduct daily Breathalyzer tests on each of its clients. No treatment is conducted inside these homes.

So Lindsay has chosen a rehab that goes against what they court ordered — a lockdown facility in which she would receive treatment. She will live in a “sober house” with a house manager and other clients with no other supervision and will report to their main clinical facility for any psychiatric or rehab treatments.

We don’t think the judge and the Santa Monica City Attorney’s office are going to look favorably on Lindsay’s latest move.

534 days ago


This of course is a total waste of time but hey she pays or gets someone else to pay who cares. Total waste of alot of money. Who cares it's not out of the state or countys pocket.

Then she get's to do her 30 days labor CS and 18 months of shrink. Not bad for somone who's been on probation since 2007.

I think Dabney wants to save taxpayers from this clown. She's a waste. Hey she's not in jail it's out of her pocket. They don't care.

534 days ago


Judge, you're a fxxkin joke. TMZ, you wanna do something constructive follow this judge's finances to determine if he's on the take of Ms Lohan.

534 days ago


Lindsay will stay in the hospital section for the length of her stay unless she would prefer not to. She would go to jail unless she would prefer not to. She would enroll in a rehab facility in NY unless she would prefer not to. She will complete a rehab program but prefers to have her drugs and cigarettes with her. She is sentenced to jail or a rehab program, but would prefer not to go until she has had a chance to go to a drug/alcohol infused music festival for two weekends. She has had two months to select a rehab facility but would prefer to start looking now. Reports have it that she would prefer to go to rehab in Hawaii. While there, she would prefer to have the judge apply the suntan oil and the prosecutor wave palm fronds over her delicate skin. Hopefully, they will comply or she would prefer to just go home and allow her "people" to provide for her needs. Did I get the entire list of preferences or is there something else the world should be doing for her? Apparently, her wish is command.

534 days ago


I'm at a loss why peeps are getting their 'clams all wrinkly'? We all KNEW this judge was spineless when Side Show Heller sprung the court with her rehab roulette and didn't force her to the agreed upon rehab at SeaHag. Then it turns out that after a judge gave the OK to Morningside and she bailed, an arrest warrant was STILL not forthcoming. She then shows at BF 45 minutes later that the 'deadline' and AGAIN nothing happens. We knew all this Friday. If My Cousin Heller was still on the case, the outcome would have been the same. Today was just a formality to get Holley as the attorney of record and give the DA a chance to vet BF and make sure they'll abide by the plea bargain agreement. Meh . . . .

534 days ago


@Nikki...There is no gun to Lohans head. If she want's to leave she can. She just fully knows damn well she can't. If she does right into handcuffs.

This is all up to her. She knows what she has to do.

But not to worry, should she screw this up good chance it will be the staffs fault of someone elses. As everyone knows it's never Lohans fault.

534 days ago


hmm, LiLo stay in rehab? I hope so but will have to see it to believe it.

534 days ago

Suzy Q     

I'm getting a vision.

June, 2014

Lifetime is announcing the premiere of their new movie "Rehab Schmehab. The Lindsay Lohanhab Story"

Original screenplay by former Judge Jim "couldn't wait to get out of that stuffy courtroom" Dabney with Lindsay playing herself in the title role.

Billed as a "zany look at Betty Ford and family therapy", it makes "Postcards from the Edge" look like a kindergarten production of "See Spot Run".

Mark Heller has an uncredited cameo as a rehab ambulance chaser being run out of the lobby.

Produced by Turbanator Bribe Money, the film will be commercial free because they couldn't sell any ads.

534 days ago


Shawn Holley is fabulous!

534 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is Veruca Salt-she wants it NOW!

534 days ago

Suzy Q     

"Lindsay is already begging to switch out of Betty Ford. She has been complaining to everyone that will listen that she doesn’t want to be there and that it isn’t the best place for her. Lindsay says she wants to go to either a treatment center in Hawaii, Crossroad Centre in Antigua, or even Lukens Institute in Florida."

Obviously a message to her money men Turbs to make the arrangements.

I hear Saadam Hussein's Spidey Hole Rehab has an opening. And there's GREAT security.

534 days ago


Some of this has been shared already but the ending of Perez' comments are interesting.

Partial article:

In fact, not only Is Lilo repeating her mantra of "I don't need rehab," she's allegedly telling people at the treatment facility that Betty Ford is not the best place for her at this time.
Which we totally agree with, seeing as JAIL would probably be the best place for her at this time… but we digress.
One supposed insider claims:
"Lindsay is already begging to switch out of Betty Ford. She has been complaining to everyone that will listen that she doesn’t want to be there and that it isn’t the best place for her. Lindsay says she wants to go to either a treatment center in Hawaii, Crossroad Centre in Antigua, or even Lukens Institute in Florida."
Yeaahhh… see the thing with doing TIME for a CRIME that you have COMMITTED is that the choice of "punishment"/"treatment" is not generally left up to the perpetrator.
But as Lilo has proved, if you are a celeb and if you cause a big enough STINK, then people will generally bend over backwards to accommodate your wishes.
Just wait… we bet Lindz will be out of Betty Ford and into a (spa ) rehab of her choice within the week!

534 days ago


Harveys exasperation on Blohan is exactly how I feel. He admitted she NEVER goes to jail and he said if she screws rehab up and leaves, at this point, she still won't go to jail. I'm with Harvey on this. . .

533 days ago


She steps in and saves this twit who still owes her money? I would have let her rot in a jail cell.

533 days ago
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