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Charlie & Denise

Go To Court

Over Bob & Max

5/7/2013 9:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen
and Denise Richards are in court right now, where a judge is expected to allow Denise to have temporary custody of Charlie and Brooke Mueller's twins Bob and Max while Brooke gets help in rehab.

The open question ... will child services and the judge be down to let Brooke take the kids back when she leaves rehab -- a place which has become a revolving door for her -- or will they simply say enough is enough, and attempt to strip her of custody?

As we reported, Mueller's 4-year-old twins with Charlie were taken Thursday night after the L.A. County D.C.F.S. decided Mueller's home was an "unsafe environment" due to her suspected drug use.



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Enough is enough for those poor little boys. They need stability and Denise provides that. Brooke is a lost cause.

500 days ago


Denise needs to take guardianship of those boys! I'm sure Charlie is on board for that (at least he acknowledges his issues.) I used to not like Denise but seeing how much she has stepped in for these kids gives me new respect for her. Well done!

500 days ago


The court shouldn't bounce these kids back and forth. Just give them to Denise, Brooke gets supervised visits and let them live their lives.

500 days ago


They should NEVER be taken from the care of denise ever again!

500 days ago


Maybe Charlie also realizes the kids are better off with her.

500 days ago


This is very admirable of Denise. She is raising 3 kids on her own and now she is willing to add another 2. She is a very strong woman and this shows how awesome she is.

500 days ago

Yada yada ya    

Always liked Denise

500 days ago


Good for Denise but really why can't Charlie take care of his own kids

500 days ago


Why wouldn't Charlie want custody of the boys? Maybe he thought that instead of being cared for by nannies while he's at work they were better off being raised by a stay at home mom and in the same house as their sisters. If I recall correctly Charlie bought Denise a house in the same neighborhood as his if not on the same street. That would mean that he would be able to see all of his kids quite often.

500 days ago


Strip her of custody. It's obvious she does not care about those kids enough to sobber up and give them a stable life. How many chances can she get?

500 days ago

Wow ...    

I do not envy Denise, but I applaud her for stepping up to the plate and helping those kids out. It is a long haul ahead. I don't foresee the bio parents getting custody anytime soon. They will have to be in long term care and sober for a very long time - drug testing etc before the court will even contemplate returning the kids full time to Brooke. Visitation certainly, perhaps supervised at first. But yeah, I'm thinking Denise now has 5 children. Kudos to her!

500 days ago


These boys are brothers of Denise's daughters- they're all family. It's not weird at all that she takes them in. She's in a good position to take care of them but neither of their parents are. His parents are too old and Brooke's parents really aren't suitable for the job either, if they take the boys it's just to try to save face. Let the parents and grandparents visit the kids at Denise's house and let the kids have a stable life for once.

500 days ago


why does Charlie not have custody ?

500 days ago


Charlie is a whacked out crack head and major, major props to Denise for raising her daughters' half siblings. Still, very sad and disruptive to her family and those boys not to have an intact family. Why the eff did Charlie and Brooke have kids?

500 days ago


Charlie has ALWAYS got a cig hanging outta his mouf. If everything else doesn't kill him, he will die a slow, agonizing death from cancer or emphysema. Won't be fun, Chuck. Don't smoke, kids!

Good for Denise for always picking up after him.

500 days ago
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