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Rev. Al to Chris Christie

I Can Help You

KEEP the Weight Off

5/7/2013 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

050713_al_sharpton_launchAl Sharpton wants to be the Mickey to Chris Christie's "Rocky Balboa" ... telling TMZ he'll personally train the Gov's obese ass to ENSURE he doesn't regain the weight he's lost after Lap-Band surgery.

Sharpton -- who's dropped a ton of weight WITHOUT the use of surgery -- was in NYC today when we asked if he feels voters will judge Christie negatively for using the Lap-Band shortcut, instead of dropping the poundage through diet and exercise. 

Rev. Al essentially told us the ends justify the means ... and insists Christie needs to focus on maintaining the weight loss ... even offering to be Christie's "maintenance man."

But the weight loss doesn't guarantee votes, according to Rev. Al ... who pointed out, "I lost weight, I'm still not president."

Solid point.


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BB not bb    

I am scared that Christie is going to be the antichrist. He has Christ in his name twice already. He is greedy, selfish, rude and arrogant. He is also a dirty crook and a liar.

He proabably is trying to get in shape to be president. Also he is hosting the Today show for an hour on Memorial Day weekend. They are trying to make him into a big celebrity.

Al is so thin that it looks like he has AIDs. It doesn't even look like him any more. If Christie gets the surgery but still can't control his appetite, he will just get fat again. It happened to Carnie Wilson.

I think that operation is crazy. All he needs to do is have control over portions. If he was busy working, he wouldn't have time to be chowing down all day.

I wonder how much he weighs now. It looks like 500 lbs. His wife isn't fat, so why can't he just copy what she eats?

I think he is a slobbering wild eyed loudmouth. I don't think anything much will change with a lap band. He just can't control himself. Maybe he should see a psychologist instead.

504 days ago


A). NEVER listen to anything Sharpton has to say.
B). Diet & exercise doesn't work for everyone.

504 days ago

BB not bb    

I think Richard Simmons coudl get Chris Christie in shape. He should try Sweating to the Oldies and Deal a Meal. That would be more entertaining as well.

Richard gets even the super fatties to slim down. I would rather see them dancing than have to hear about lap band surgery. Why don't they just wire his mouth shut. Then they can not only make him lose weight, but also stop him insulting half the people in the state.

504 days ago

BB not bb    

Diet, excersize and self control. That is the formula for success.

504 days ago


looks like a squeezed tube of toothpaste ...Id rather be f a t

504 days ago


Rev. Al may have over-done it and now LOOKS VERY UNHEALTHY, weak and shrunken.
Christie should RUN AWAY from him or end up looking just like him-SCARY !

504 days ago

BB not bb    

I wonder how much of our GDP is wasted on overeating. If people ate like the skinny people in other countries, maybe there would be less debt also. Eating out and just buying groceries is expensive. You could save a ton of money just by getting thin.

504 days ago

Duke Steele    

Has anyone seen Tawana Brawley lately?

504 days ago

san rafael blue    

Al looks unhealthy that slender, he's gone too far. Maybe like a picture of Dorian Grey, where your true self end up showing on your face for the world to behold. Tawana would have to cover her eyes!

504 days ago


Rev. AL looks like he has one foot in the grave, imvho.

504 days ago


well the reason why sharpton has never had a snowballs chance in winning the presidency is because everyone knows his running was racial agenda motivated.

504 days ago

BB not bb    

Instead of getting a lap band operation, why not just wear pants with a tight belt? I bet it feels and works the same way, but you don't have to have it permanently. I think it must be torture to never be able to eat more than a half a cup of food or else you will throw up. That is what happens to these people until they stretch out their stomachs again.

If you knew what thin people eat, it is barely anything. They probably eat the equivalent of one regular sized meal per day. When you eat for pleasure rather than to satisfy hunger, you are on the path to getting fat. I think gluttony is a major problem in this country any more. That is what being fat genrally amounts to.

If people saved the money from the food that they didn't neet to eat and used it to feed the poor, they could probably feed a lot of people.

504 days ago


Wow. What an amazing guy. She's already lost a ton of weight with the extractor drops diet. I bought mine on eBay. It better work for me like it does for her.

504 days ago

yeah ok    

The Truth is that he was able to loose all that weight while he was on a 40 days hunger strike while in jail for the Vieques [military bombing practice] protest

504 days ago


Rev Al is the most disgusting low life ever and he looks like old stretched out leather. He needs to just fade away permanently! Remember Tawana!!!

504 days ago
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