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Jodi Arias


of 1st Degree Murder

5/8/2013 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

050813_jodi_arias_fox_launchA jury has found Jodi Arias GUILTY of murdering her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander back in 2008.

Arias tried to fight back tears when the verdict was read ... and overall showed minimal emotion.

Members of the victim's family were seen crying in the courtroom ... lots of emotion.

People inside the court said jurors appeared stoic when the verdict was read.

Officials say Alexander sustained nearly 30 stab wounds and a gunshot wound on June 4, 2008.  Arias had argued she killed Alexander in self-defense.

It took the jury 15 hours and 5 minutes to reach the verdict.

Now, the jury will be tasked with deciding if Jodi should face the death penalty for her crime.

Outside of the courtroom, people were celebrating ... cheering, clapping, crying. 

The Arias murder trial dominated the media ... and if you don't know who she is, you clearly haven't been watching CNN, HLN, Fox News, 48 Hours, Inside Edition, ESPN, Cartoon Network, etc, etc, etc.


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This chick truly got what she desereved!

431 days ago


YES YES YES!!!!!! So glad that a jury finally did the right thing.

431 days ago


Too bad Simpson & Anthony got away.

431 days ago


Leave it to TMZ to forget to mention SHE SLASHED HIS THROAT FROM EAR TO EAR!

431 days ago

Julie Ann Fletcher    

I absolutely LOVE TMZ!!!

Next trip out to LA I will definately be on a couple of your bus tours.

Keep Up the Fantastic work, all you guys.
Julie Ann Fletcher
Logan Central

Please can you say a 'Hello' to me on one of your shows.

431 days ago


Pay backs a bitch! LMAO!!

431 days ago


I just saw Jodi's post verdict interview. I think she is STILL trying to manipulate everyone somehow by saying she wants the death penalty. I think she is just trying a "reverse psychology" ploy.

I think what she DOESN'T want is the death sentence because that means she has to stay in isolation on death row for most of every day for probably a couple of decades. Then, MAYBE the state of Arizona wouldn't execute her because she is a woman and so few women get executed in America.

More likely, I think Jodi realizes that she would just rot on death row in that tiny cell ... who knows how long.

Give her the death penalty!

431 days ago


Jodi - "no jury in the world will EVER convict me!" lmfao

431 days ago


Thank you Mr. Martinez...... You are a dynamic prosecutor....

431 days ago


@ scoopie - you raise a good point but if Travis was so against Jodie and thought she was “the worst thing to happen to him” then why was he leading her on. Why did he have phone sex with her a week before murder - not to mention actual sex... you usually don't engage your "stalkers".

431 days ago


I mean were ANY of us really surprised??!?!? Duh...

431 days ago


Rip Travis. You didn't deserve any of that.

431 days ago

Eric Anderson    

Beleive it or not, today at teh Gateway Community College I noticed a lady resembling Jodi Arias as an identical relative walking in the east parking lot with an expression as if she is guilty of thoughts that are provoking enough to sway her to stav\b someone multiple times. Hell, to contentious womans, the gal in the photo looks innocent incomparison. Take a look folks the guilty party has already been let go and is wandering the area not far from the twenty fourth street rehabilitatin center north of the Sky Harbor Airpark!
Get real folks the American justice system is at work again with an erroroneous lot.

431 days ago


YES! Now finish the job and ask for the death penalty... this was not a gentle death or quick one imposed upon her victim...

431 days ago


I'd still do her.

431 days ago
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