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Brooke Mueller

Tries to Wrestle Twins

From Charlie and Denise

5/10/2013 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller
is making a full-court press to move her twins from Denise Richards' home to Brooke's brother's home ... because she fears Charlie Sheen's volcanic temper will put their kids in harm's way.

Sources connected with the custody war tell TMZ ... Brooke's lawyers are going to court today in an effort to remove Bob and Max, the 4-year-old twins, from Denise's home.  Brooke wants the kids to stay with her brother while she rehabs at The Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage.

Brooke believes Charlie is violent, and by putting the kids in Denise's care, it exposes them to Charlie.  Brooke's lawyers are going to custody court today ... to get what they claim are sealed documents outlining a pattern of violence on Charlie's part.  They want to take those documents to dependency court, where a judge stripped Brooke of custody.

Our sources say Charlie and Denise both think it's ridiculous to put the kids in the care of Brooke's bro, because he has no real relationship with the twins.  What's more, it would mean uprooting the kids from their school, doctors, family, friends, etc.

Fact is ... Denise has bailed Brooke out of these situations multiple times in the past and Charlie has helped out, so it seems weird that suddenly that arrangement is so risky. 


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The Maharincess of Franistan    

This DUMB crackhead needs to focus on ther TWENTIETH VISIT TO REHAB rather than on uprooting her 4-year-old twins who have been through enough with a miserable base-head for a mother.

She needs to worry about controlling her crack and methamphetamine addiction rather than her children's movements.. They are in a safe place. And she is lucky that she has someone who is able to care for them.

The average person would've lost them to State custody and would have NO SAY in what they did or where they stayed.

SHUT UP crackb*tch!

530 days ago


Any judge would be stupid to take the word of a junkie.

530 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

"In the case of Mueller vs Sheen let the plaintiff speak."

"Yes your honor, Ms Mueller has hired us in her stead to appear in this matter."

"I see. This is a pretty serious matter regarding the custody of her own children. Where else would she be that would be more important than a decision concerning her own flesh and blood?"

"*sigh* (clearly annoyed) We thought you would have heard it since it's been all over the news. She's in rehab."

"Really? Rehab? No, I HADN'T heard since my days are filled with hearing cases and my evenings are filled with writing decisions on said cases. But back to this rehab--"

*plaintiff's lawyer rolls eyes*

"--if your client is so concerned with how her own children are being raised, why on earth would she be in rehab? Seems to me--no no, that's not a question--as I was saying, seems to me, that a mother who is that concerned about HER OWN FLESH AND BLOOD does everything in her power to make sure she is the number one moral and emotional guiding force, as well as physical guardian and protector of her two minor children, making sure they grow up healthy, safe, well-adjusted with a reasonable amount of intelligence, having been educated as best they can not only in school but with the help of their parents, correct?"

*deadpan* "Yeah."

"Fantastic so we got that out of the way. With that said, regarding the matter of Mueller vs Sheen and the current custody of their minor children, mhy rulling is that you get the F*** OUT OF MY COURTROOM UNTIL YOUR MALADJUSTED WITCH OF A CLIENT can behave CONSISTENTLY like a responsible adult SHOULD who has borne two children. 'Kay?"

"Y- y- y- yes your honor. Thank you." *slinks out of the courtroom in humiliating defeat*

The End

530 days ago


Brooke is evil and her parents are enabling idiots - suspect her brother is in cahoots with the parents who are behind this move.

530 days ago


Denise should get perm. custody of the kids......That other wannabemommy is no mother and is just pissed that Denise is a proven better parent. She see's the threat now of losing her kids all together because she has no control over her drug/booze use.

530 days ago


big BIG HUGE news coming out about Charlie and Denise, and then this will all make sense to you all. Brooke's not crazy... just wait until tomorrow and you'll know whats up, trust me! You heard it here first.

530 days ago


It's horrible to say but these boys would be better off if this horrible, greedy. selfish woman would just OD already.

530 days ago


It has absolutely nothing to do with the twins themselves, but everything to do with those child support checks. When Brooke doesn't have the boys, she doesn't get the checks. Brooke gets $50,000 a month in child support from Charlie Sheen.

530 days ago


She will no longer have $50k/month for her drugs.... She has no care in the world about her children.

530 days ago


With everthing you can say about Brooke, as much as I like Charlie's sense of humor, he is really in no position to judge. He may be a little better off than Brooke right now, but with his past, it makes no sense at all for him to try & judge Brooke.They're are his kids but he's done alot of things over the years, & he had one daughter & later 5 kids while doing the stuff he's done so... I like ol'e Charlie alright, but I wouldn't trust him with MY kids. That's the funny thing, except for Denise's marriage to Charlie, I don't know of anything she's done that they could hold against her. In court anyway, Brooke or Chl may hold things against her on a personal level (fair or not) but that doesn't effect the outcome a case like this.

530 days ago


This has nothing to do with her boys, it is all about the CS payments. She knows that if Denise is with the kids she gets the money, if she has the boys go to her brother then she gets to keep control of the money. She is the WORST kind of mother!!!

530 days ago

Wow ...    

Brooke Fvck Off! Your kids are now safe.Think of them first, before yourself and oh yeah, that monthly support check.

530 days ago


The court should permenantly remove her kids and her brain. Both would do better without her. She's damaging both.

530 days ago


Either Brooke is completed whacked out or her Mom got to her figuring she's missing out on a money grab!

530 days ago


Brooke Mueller is an unfit mother. She's too hooked on Meth to even take care of herself, let alone those two cute little boys. If they don't get those boys away from Brooke they'll be doing drugs too by the time they're teenagers, the hard kind, like her.

530 days ago
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