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'Dance Crew' Judge Shane Sparks

I Believe

Wade Robson

5/12/2013 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0510-shane-sparks-michael-jackson-wade-robsonFormer "America's Best Dance Crew" judge Shane Sparks -- a convicted statutory rapist -- has Wade Robson's back ... telling TMZ, he believes Michael Jackson molested the choreographer.

TMZ broke the story ... Wade has filed a claim with the MJ Estate, alleging the King of Pop molested him for 7 years, from the time he was 7 until he turned 14.

Shane tells TMZ, "I've been knowing Wade forever. Because of the man he is, I do believe him. I don't think he would lie about this because this could hurt him ... He don’t need the publicity or the money. I think this is something that has been on his mind and he had to get it off."

Shane tells us, a big clue emerged soon after he met Wade, who was not much older than 7 at the time.

According to Shane, Wade's tiny apartment was filled with ridiculously expensive electronics -- mixing boards, beat machines, video games, and other "rich kid" toys ... all of which were gifts from Michael.

Shane says Wade was so tight with MJ, he was allowed to host birthday parties at Neverland Ranch without Michael present -- and the only room that was off limits was Michael's bedroom.

Background on Shane, a self-professed MJ fan ... back in 2011, he was convicted of having unlawful sex with a minor under 16.


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Captain Obvious    

More victims are coming forward very soon.

Police found vulgar books and polaroid photos of nude boys MJ knew. Not to mention he was accused multiple times of molesting boys. Anyone who thinks this is normal, is most likely a pedo themselves.

500 days ago

mike p    

I have started a facebook page in support of Wade Robson and other victims of MJ please like this page and write sometning to show your support, The Michael Jackson lunatics have said enough its the sane people's turn to speak.

500 days ago


No one cares about negative publicity if they think a payday is coming soon

500 days ago


Ok, so everyone within Michaels CLOSE inner circle always supports him, yet EVERYONE outside of it says ya I believe something could of happened. People that were with Mike closely always say that these accusations are random, yet the OUTSIDE world and side people are so confident. Michaels employees that were "actually" close with Michael all say the same thing, but these websites wanna use Shane Sparks, (who was never in Michaels inner circle) and his opinion is Wade had a lot of gifts so something was up. It's Michael Jackson his damn house was a THEME PARK. They type this mess like only people with no common sense read these stories.

500 days ago

Vincent Mcentee    

Of course a close friend with Wade will defend him, i would not be surprised if those two planned it out and described how these disgusting lies would work.
It would be obvious for someone to get involved with something they can earn money out of, especially since Wade has came this far into it already. Also they're friends so its no surprise either, people like RAY J have confirmed in the last week (ONCE AGAIN) That Michael never touched him.
People like Lionel Richie spoke on how these claims are 'Bogus' which is right! They're more then bogus and pathetic, Wade had his entire life to admit up to this. 20+ years to be exact, now hes telling us about these sudden 7 years? No, i say he is a liar and hungry for money...He seems to have grew up to become just like the other children, and that dance judge most likely never know Michael himself. So who is he to believe one side of the story when he knows nothing of the other side, or simply knows nothing of the truth? Here's the truth.
Michael Jackson Is Innocent.

500 days ago


TMZ are you serious? You interview a convicted child molester with **** for brains--questioning him about Michael Jackson supposedly molesting this clown Wade Robson whom btw has been unemployed for some time now, who can't prove ****, obviously needs attention, want revenge and MONEY from MJ estate? Excuse me, but I just can't get pass the fact that EVERY FREAKING LOSERS WHO CLAIMED TO HAVE BEEN MOLESTED BY Michael Jackson, all has gone after money and not JUSTICE!
Unbelievable!! One family used Michael to pay for their son medical bills, they all moved in and freeloaded off him for years before MJ kicked them to the curve then suddenly they sued, same people that tried to sue JC-Penny. Then another family father wanted MJ to invest in his business and MJ turned him down flat and suddenly there's another child molestation charge and now a bunch of years later here come Wade Robson overgrown broke ass wanting money too. Not JUSTICE mind you, MONEY!

I'm convince, Harvey need to clean house over there at TMZ because some of their reports is ridiculously stupid. How much did they pay this attention seeking nobody for this lame interview and who is his next young victim? Now there's a story. UGH! Not right to accuse someone of wrong doing when you don't have any evidence to back it up or when the person you accuse is decease unable to defend themselves. This whole thing in my opinion is pathetic. It's disgusting to say the least. Shame on them all!!!

500 days ago

lisa gram    

shane sparks can't be talking he was accuse of child molestation a while back ago.

500 days ago


of course MJ molested him just like he did hundreds of other kids, but a little late to be making an accusation..........repressed memory is just bunk..........our society is flooded of pedophiles and child molesters....sad sad!

500 days ago


I believe Wade, too. I love how TMZ has to inform us that Shane is a convicted statutory rapist. The girl was 16, but how old was Shane? Thanks for leaving that part of the story out TMZ. Wade is telling the truth. Michael Jackson's guilt was written all over his bleached, surgically mutilated face. Being a great entertainer doesn't mean you are unable to molest a child. Just like being a priest, teacher, policeman, business man, politician, parent, or any occupation under the sun doesn't make you unable to molest a child. Stay strong Wade.

500 days ago

What I Think    

Write that book, Wade. I'm anxious to read it.

500 days ago


Harvey and all the other idots at TMZ keeps repeating the same old thing over and over - never correcting or posting a separate apology when they are wrong. It's all about getting people to come to their site - ad dollars people, it's all about ad dollars. The more people come here the more money they make. Believe me Harvey, Charles and even Mike don't really do their homework, don't read trial transcripts but they will keep telling the same damn story over and over again. They never correct the wrongs that they have written over the years here. They just move on - as Michael said, tell the lie often people will believe it is the truth!

500 days ago


TMZ, Jackson has been dead like 4 years now and youre still reporting on molestation stories about him? Who cares, just let the guy rest in peace and this Wade guy just another loser looking for a payday from the Jackson estate because hes probably broke..

500 days ago

Sam Davidson    

I've no doubt this comment will be deleted, but judgement should not be passed on either Wade Robson or Michael Jackson until all the FACTS are laid bare, when the court do***ents are unsealed.

People are entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.

Until there is evidence to support Wade's claims, I will continue to believe that Michael Jackson is being falsely accused of these heinous crimes and I have good reasons to believe that. We must remember that he is not here to defend himself and so he is already at a disadvantage.

I am aware that I am in the minority here.

I was in the courtroom in 2005 when Wade gave testimony in MJ's defense and there are A LOT of unanswered questions which need to be cleared up before people start making assertions about MJ's guilt.

However much some may like or dislike Michael Jackson and for whatever reasons (whether justified or not) ... I would urge you all to treat this with maturity; think logically, reasonably and be willing to consider both sides of the argument.

Don't just put your faith in the outcome you would most like to see, because a lot of people only listen to, and believe what they want to hear ... the truth, to them, is irrelevant.

Child abuse should not be taken lightly ...

... nor should an extortion attempt masquerading as a genuine child abuse claim.

500 days ago


Two broke, jobless people who is trying to use the last piece of relevant celebrity they have left to turn a profit...dude was fired from Americas Dance crew and is unemployed and wade hasn't had choreographed anyone that i can remember since the 90's.

500 days ago

Nun ja biz    

I don't know the facts or what happened behind closed doors BUT an adult man having sleep over with children is not normal. I'm sorry!! I don't care how famous the person it. I would understand had his children had a sleep over but at that time he didn't have children.

500 days ago
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