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Boston Bombing Suspect

Supporter UNLOADS

Pressure Cooker 'Is Way Too Heavy to Carry'

5/14/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An ardent supporter of the "Free Dzhokhar Tsarnaev" movement fervently believes the Boston bombing suspect is innocent -- and among her points of defense ... a pressure cooker bomb is "way too heavy" to carry around in a backpack.

Sarah Cook called in to "TMZ Live" yesterday to explain why Dzhokhar is innocent, claiming the mainstream media is unfairly turning the public opinion against the 19-year-old without reporting all the facts.

But Sarah's defense is holier than Swiss cheese -- and her worst argument ... Dzhokhar couldn't have carried a pressure cooker bomb in his backpack because they're "way too heavy."


FYI, a pressure cooker bomb weighs roughly 30 pounds ... certainly not out of the realm of possibility for a 19-year-old male.

The interview's pretty great ... so we gotta ask ...


No Avatar


If I could have jumped through my TV set and strangled this stupid ignorant sad excuse for a human being I would have! Her parents must be so proud!

506 days ago


I am OUTRAGED at the Sarah Cook comments today. I live in Cambridge, MA and our community is still trying to recover and heal from the brutal MURDERS and CRITICAL INJURIES caused by THIS BOY AND HIS BROTHER. He admitted his guilt to the FBI.! Apparently this ignoramus thinks that a TERRORIST MURDERER can't have a pretty face. How do you think Ted Bundy got all his victims? Sarah Cook should spend her time building a website to honor THE 100+VICTIMS of this tragedy instead of spreading misinformation and glorifying a killer. Shame on her.

506 days ago


You have to check out some of the crazy sites this rather gullible girl calls research they are completely made up by other total idiots who think they know everything but actually know NOTHING.

506 days ago


Sad that only 6% of TMZ readers pay attention, but not too hard to believe by some of the comments....

506 days ago


Dzhokhar confessed to the bombings while he was in the hospital. This girl is a useless ****.

506 days ago



506 days ago


Innocent? Ahem.. Does anyone remember when they were cornered by police and the brother that died JUST HAPPENED to have bomb on him that he ignited? Anyone? Anyone? So innocent people just walk around with bombs? ROTFLMFAO Is this girl really that ding-batted? I think al qaeda has found a new recruit.

506 days ago

Peeter Pahn    

Dumbass beech

506 days ago


this bitch is cray. he confessed you *******. how can you have sympathy for the victims when you are defending the murderer!

506 days ago


I guess if you negate the fact that he and his brother told the owner of the stolen Mercedes "We are the Boston Bombers", and the video of them shooting at police officers, and the friend who came forward who said the younger brother was bragging how he learned how to make a bomb, and Tamerland's YouTube channel dedicated completely to terrorism and jihad, and completely dismiss how it just so happens that 3 of his Jewish acquaintances mysteriously has their throats slit...........seriously give me a break! A few years from now this chick is going to be ashamed of herself for giving this interview.

506 days ago


I am OUTRAGED at Sarah Cook's comments about the Boston Bomber. I live in Cambridge, MA and our community is still struggling to recover and heal from this tragedy. Sarah is an ignoramus and is spreading misinformation and glorifying a SELF-CONFESSED MURDERER. That's right, he admitted his guilt to the FBI. Does she think a KILLER can't have a pretty face? How do you think Ted Bundy got all of his victims? Sarah's efforts should go to building a website honoring the 100+INNOCENT people that were KILLED or MAIMED by THIS BOY and his brother,and stop flapping her gums about something she knows nothing about. #disgusted

506 days ago


Sarah: What magical properties does a backpack have that makes it impossible to carry a pressure cooker? I use a pressure cooker in the kitchen and have absolutely NO problem filling it and lifting it to cook a roast or stew for dinner. As to that boy being innocent because "he's too beautiful"? No. not physically and especially not spiritually. If he were innocent, he would not have had wounds from a shoot out with the police, he would not have made the admissions he made in the hospital.

506 days ago


I would be happy to switch this idiot out for any one of the bombing victims.

506 days ago


OMG!!! Is that stupid chick for real!!!!!! What about the MIT officer they killed? What about their confession to the guy they carjacked?........Maybe she should go visit all the people that were hurt by these two maniacs, and tell them to their faces that "suspect #2" is innocent! What a MORON!!!!

506 days ago


why is this nut even getting any publicity at all?

506 days ago
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