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Ordered to Pay Kid Support

Right Now (Na Na Na)

5/18/2013 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Akon has been ordered by a judge to cough up $5,000 a month in child support ... which would be considered MASSIVE ... except for the fact that he's raking in over $40,000 per month.

TMZ broke the story ... Akon filed a paternity case against Rozina Negusei (one of his many baby mamas) because he wanted the court to establish custody, child support and legally recognize him as daddy Akon to their two young sons.

As part of the process, Akon had to file docs about how much money he makes. He listed his income as $40,708/month and based on that number, a judge ordered him to pony up $5,000/month for the kids.

According to the docs, the judge took into consideration that Akon makes SIX other child support payments.

As for the rest of it ... Akon's baby mama received sole physical custody and the two will share legal custody. Akon also gets a say in all major decisions and will cover health insurance for the two boys.


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So He would have To Pay now $60...,000.00 Dollars a Year Minimum in Child Support PLUS He Already Pays 6 Other Child Support Payments, This IDIOT is Just Working to give ALL Of HIS Money to His EX'S LOL....

522 days ago


I was gonna look up Akon on Google...but honestly...I just don't give a shìt.

522 days ago


He makes about $49O,OOO Dollars a Year So that means He Pays about 65% in Taxes between Federal, State and City Taxes and He also Pays a Total of 7 Child Support Payments of $6O,OOO a Year or More EACH, After everything is Paid AKON might NOT even have enough money to buy HimSelf a Happy Meal..............LOLZ

522 days ago


I wonder how many women around the world this guy knocked up. Wouldn't be the first or last child support

522 days ago


Wait he got 7 different baby mamas? Wow

522 days ago


If you want to have a great moment of fun look up for is appearence on MTV Cribs. The guy will give you a tour in his 100k a month (rented 1 day for that shooting) house like if he paid it cash...

522 days ago


Sounds like a box of condoms might be cheaper.

522 days ago


Child support is necessary. Let's play math boys and girls. 5000 a month when he makes 40,000 a month. If he gives 5000 a month to each of the OTHER 6 baby mommas that's 35,000 total with this 5000 included. That leaves AKON 5000 a month to live on equal to each baby momma. Sounds fair BUT why should he give ALL the support. Let each momma bring home some bacon too and let him keep more of his bacon and maybe he will be a better pay. Also the man needs bucks for rubbers or vasectomy because I don't think he plans on NOT rubbing the bacon. One more kid and he's broke. If this reported INCOME is pre-taxed, he's screwed already. I'm hungry, thinking I need a BLT.

522 days ago


According to wiki, he previously had 6 kids with 3 women, so this would bring his total to 8 kids with 4 women. Hey, give the guy some credit... at least he sticks around long enough to knock each one up twice! What a guy.

522 days ago


Some women love getting pounded by monkeys!

522 days ago


Um yeah.....he might be making $40k month in 2013.....but the guy's net worth is $80 million. He isn't stupid....he took her to court now because he knows he isn't cutting any albums this year.

522 days ago


Siring bastards, no matter how many, is no indication of manhood, only poor judgement.

522 days ago


Damn.....There are some dog desperate women in this world!!! Akon is ugly as a butt pimple!. I guess he thinks 6 chlid supports make him a man. It really makes him a stupid fool but at least he is taking care of his spawn.

522 days ago


Akon may be paying his baby mommas but he is still get those Lady Gaga residual checks for discovering her.

522 days ago


I don't care how your justify it, but $5K a month for one kid is not supporting the kid. It is supporting the mother.

522 days ago
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