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MIchael Jackson/Wade Robson

You Be the Judge

5/18/2013 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0517-wade-robson-michael-jacksonWade Robson now insists Michael Jackson molested him, although lots of people think he's lying through his teeth.  So we gotta ask ...



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Jackson constantly allowed Joe Jackson to get away with abusing his mother & lying to him about how important it was to bring the media to his house full of kids. Maybe Jackson wanted to be obedient like Katherine & got brainwashed by her to think it was ok to play games with the media as long as you're a very famous/infamous.

Jackson didn't take other people's abuse of children very seriously, as a result.
He wanted to look like a child on TV, but everyone knew he was not that naive. He seemed to think that children & their parents were stupid like Joe Jackson. Pedophilia should not have been a word in the Jackson home & interviews, but Jackson wouldn't simply check the backgrounds of anyone coming to his home. He let ANY child in his bedroom & when he permitted the millions paid to Jordan Chandler,
and then laughed about it in the Martin Bashir do***entary, he invited more pedophile rumors the rest of his life & after his death.

I don't believe Jackson was destroyed by the trial, as some people do, because he didn't have to face too many truth tellers. He still could do whatever he wanted in public events & at his friends' homes.

The problem was Jackson didn't admit his own irresponsible obsession with dysfunctional families at Neverland, his drug abuse & neglect of his own kids after hiring a criminal to give illegal drugs and going to Arnold Klein's office, with his kids, for numerous Demerol injections. His kids were also affected by his refusal to get background checks before bringing
strangers' kids to his home. Paris had to defend him about the crime accusations, but I'm sure she didn't want to admit he lied to her about Propofol destroying his health.

525 days ago


the numbers don't add up.

y'all just MJ hating mother****ers on this site.

524 days ago


You people who think that MJ was a Pedo. You are all gullible ****s. You all need to get some research done. He didn't do **** all to them little brats! The families wanted MONEY, if you lot can't see that. Then you are all stupid for believing in such BS like TMZ here. All tabloids and media gave MJ a bad name, you had people like Akon sticking up for him.

524 days ago

Cathy T    

Can't believe there are still so many dumb people who think Michael was a pedophile...come on people examine the facts and open your eyes!

524 days ago


MJ was not a pedophile! he cared about kids alot of kids are saying that they haved fun in Neverland and that Michael a nice personne was

524 days ago

Dorothy Culver    

money, money, greed.

524 days ago


Going after a man that cant defend himself. Total B*tch move.

524 days ago

Melanie Zarth    

“It’s a great loss for us and I just hope and pray that the creator, whatever you believe in, still holds us in favor to send us another angel like that. Because if not, we may have lost more than just a man." “It must be something chevy cruze very special to send a man like that down. He influenced so many different people, so many different industries, politics, science, music, art … and then to be taken away? Maybe we didn’t take good care of him.” Wesley Snipes...AND SHAME ON ALL OF YOU! ESPECIALLY TMZ AND YOUR KIND for misleading the public. People who KNEW him know the truth, even the greedy bastard extortionists know the truth.

524 days ago

black or white    

TEAM WADE ALL THE WAY! This is WADES VICTORY TOUR and Im glad he spoke up. all that money over the years... I know, money does not buy happiness. Im sorry for what you went through Wade. Im waiting for all the other kids in hollywood that are adults now to speak up.

524 days ago


Wade could be telling the truth who are we to judge.Only he god and Michale knows what really happen.

524 days ago



524 days ago

Clelia Blestcher    

Money, money money the only thing I want ...
Michael is innocent !

524 days ago


This guy is an idiot, should have come out with this when mj was alive. Now he's just looking to make himself what he thinks is relevant.

524 days ago


I think it's really sad that almost half the people in this vote remembers MJ as a child molester, rather than a great entertainer. I have done extensive research in all aspects of these caes and strongly believe that he was completely innocent. I simply haven't been able to find any indications as to think otherwise. But even if you have doubts about his innocense, that doesn't in any way compromise the fact that his talent was a great gift to the entire world. That is what his legacy should be.

524 days ago


WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

524 days ago
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