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Kardashian Diary Lawsuit

Ex-Stepmom Claims

Suit Is B.S.

5/19/2013 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0519-kardashian-kids-kim-khloe-kourtney-rob-gettyEllen Pearson -- the woman who was married to Robert Kardashian when he died -- claims the Kardashian kids don't have a leg to stand on in their lawsuit against her for selling portions of their father's diary to the tabloids ... TMZ has learned. 

Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Rob Jr. all banded together last month to sue Pearson for profiting off the diary ... a diary that contained a slew of juicy personal information.

The Kardashian kids claimed in their suit that the diary was left to them in Robert's will, but in her response filed earlier this week ... Pearson claims that just isn't the case and the diary is rightfully hers.

Pearson also shoots down the idea that she hid the diary from the Kardashians, but she does fully admit to selling it to the tabloids and owns up to the fact that she got paid for it.

In the end, Pearson claims the Kardashians have no case and is asking a judge to toss it out completely.

A judge has yet to rule.



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bitch please    

The biggest exploiters of all time trying to sue somebody for exploiting them?? Hahahahaaha!! Kris Jenner and her disgusting kids need to STFU!!

465 days ago


Lol at TMZ using ugly pictures of other celebrities but using the picture perfect Kardashian photo. KMZ.

464 days ago


This is really rich coming from them. Man, they will do anything to keep their dirty secrets from coming to life. I am still ticked off that Kim won the divorce after all the fraud she committed on the public.
K Hump had an AWFUL lawyer, he should have taken her to the cleaners. All they had to do was research past US magazines, and go over the videotapes of their pathetic show.

464 days ago


Proof positive that lots of money can pay plastic surgeons into making very ugly people into media whores. Oh yeah and still ugly.

464 days ago


Look at Khloe in that bottom pix - horrible. Doesn't look anything like the rest of them. No wonder she has issues.

464 days ago


Just for fun I googled Harvey Levin Kris Jenner then clicked images - OMG!!!

464 days ago


The perfect family to show what is wrong in the US.

464 days ago


What the hell was the matter with Kris J hooking up with her ugly hairdresser in the 80s? I personally don't think Khloes's an ugly gal. She does resemble Kris J old hairdresser whom she had an affair with. No wonder her daughter is one of Hollywoods's biggest sluts. Seems like Kris wouldn't stop cheating on Robert with several men...

464 days ago


This family is just fukd up..they claim the diaries belonged to them well if that was the case..their pimp should have took care of that instead of thinking of a way to pimp her kids..Kim fat ass should have worried about her dad belongings that were left supposedly for them instead of being a whore and making a tape being pissed on..they claim their family"is open" well we know their daughters legs are open but theses thirsty bitches are getting mad cuz the truth is being a mother like daughter..they know once their exposed they would look more..slutty,nasty, and it would show their father was ashamed of them..well I bet hes rolling in his grave Kartrashians stfu don't be afraid now..your mom being a hoe is exposed and you have to deal with it!!

464 days ago


Hey KMZ where's the SNL Kanye performance? We want to comment on that. hee hee

464 days ago


Such an ugly family, inside and out.

464 days ago


Regardless of who is the rightful owner of the diary. I think Rob Kardashian would be pissed his widow was profiting on his kids. For a man that made teenagers work and earn what they received he wouldnt approve of the 'quick money deal' Pearson took.

464 days ago


IF I SEARCHED THE DICTIONARY, I still would not find adequate words to describe Mrs Jenner for "selling" her daughter Kim, to the highest bidder of her, now famous, sex tapes, and now, she is pushing her young daughter, Kendall, into the same world her filthy mind can create. So, there sits Bruce Jenner, as we all know by now, is a spineless jellyfish who is salivating waiting for his little girl to bring in the cash for him to enjoy! Unfortunately, Kendall has not yet matured, emotionally, to recognize how her "mother" is using her for profit. Mrs Jenner continues to smile thru it all with no conscience or regrets. Her balloon will only burst when God steps in to handle the controls of her unforgivable and relentless quest for publicity at her children's emotional expense. When Mrs Jenner falls, she will fall hard and no one will care, not even her "creations" will care. The entire bunch will fall into oblivion and the world will not even take a moment to look back. That will be Mrs Jenner's long awaited legacy. Life has a way of "paying us back," doesn't it ! Wait and see!

464 days ago

You Wish    

Please! These diaries make mamma Kris sound like the money grubbing ho that she is. I think the step mom had every right to show Kris as she really is......a coke ho from the get go!

464 days ago


The answer to the continuing "Khloe's father question" is simple. DNA for ALL involved, including, OJ. Betcha Mama Kris will not allow. Too much to lose. Their EMPIRE would CRUMBLE in a split second. Never happen!!!

464 days ago
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