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5/21/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are in no rush to get divorced ... and there are 2 lines of speculation -- either they're so rich it doesn't matter, or they may actually get back together.

Several sources connected to the former couple tell TMZ ... neither Arnold nor Maria feel any urgency to get a judge to make the divorce official, even though all of the money and custody issues have been worked out.  The reason, they say, is simple ... They're worth approximately $400 million -- which they agree they'll split down the middle -- so it's not like they need the divorce to buy a house. 

Short story -- neither one of them is in a hurry to pull the trigger, because it will have NO IMPACT on their day-to-day lives.

And other sources say there's a different reason why they haven't gotten divorced -- they are not done with each other, and there's still a chance they'll get back together.  Our sources say both Arnold and Maria have sent mixed messages to their friends and family -- at times saying they want the divorce, and other times talking about how they still feel love for their longtime partner.

One source says ... lately Maria is more amenable to divorce because she's hearing that Arnold has a girlfriend.

FYI, Arnold and Maria were together last weekend at their daughter Christina's graduation ... looking pretty happy.

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Maria looks so foolish by staying with him. She never understood all his cheating on her year after year with countless women, let alone the maid with a son with her husband. I find it funny that in her life she likes to give people advise and direction, but her own actions/behavior are plain out stupid and careless to her and her children too. Everyone saw Arnie with other women and knew what he was doing on the set, and on the westside of LA, but Maria had no clue...just dumb.

522 days ago


Wtf happened to her face??!

521 days ago


Oh, and there's no divorce because they are Catholic. They probably want their children to pretend at graduation and (that's Georgetown) so they will pretend at all public/religious events and not bring the girlfriends. Hey, is the half-brother invited to the ceremonies since he grew up at the house and on vacations? Get real. Bring the girlfriend, too. It's not like EVERYBODY doesn't know your business. Not that there's anything wrong with pretend piety. The political stuff IS a disgrace however.

521 days ago


they look like wax figures

521 days ago

Just My Opinion    

Marriage with benefits. I wonder if my hubby will go for that. I wouldn't mind playing hide and go seek under the covers with Mel Gibson. LOL

Na, it will be hard for me to keep a straight face at church, when my pastor says.. are you still being a righteous woman? Oh, yeah, pastor, I have been a very good girl, and doing everything right. If you don't believe me, ask Mel Gibson. LOL

521 days ago


How can she even STAND next to him??

What Arnold did would level anyone's self-esteem, but come on Maria... LEAVE THIS CON ARTIST. Set an example of self-respect-- for you and your kids!

521 days ago


It usually boils down to money with the wealthy.

521 days ago


What is wrong with you Maria????? I just dont get this. Cheating, lying, making a baby with the housekeeper S.O.B . . . . . whats to think about. DIVORCE HIS STUPID ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

521 days ago


It is not our business what these two do with their lives and TMZ is as usual pathetic for even making this a story. Come on...leave them alone already. If they work things out that is their business and not anyones to judge either like people are doing here. If they get back together that is their business and unlike those who say they would loose respect for Maria if she took them back I disagree.....marriages have their ups and downs. Goes to show what some of you do not know about have to work at it and yes you can make a marriage work even after someone cheats on ya and it does not make either person a loser for taking someone back either. So again, it is not anyones business what happens with this couple and maybe they can work things out after all. If not...then just move on down the road!

521 days ago


I pray they stay married in spite of infidelity on the part of the Governor. Sweet Maria will have spoken well of God's redemption.

521 days ago

Rose Damas    

I think they shouldn´t divorce because they´ll loose money, for sure. The solution is keep living splitted,if they don´t want get back together.
* money always matter

521 days ago


no she saw other women and said this betch not getting my money lol

521 days ago


Um, Arnold one day expresses his LOVE for Maria and then the VERY next day is photographed with some bimbo in a restaurant. If the Kennedy women are so smart, why do they put up with being disrespected by their spouses? I openly call these women STUPID. Just like I did Hillary Clinton, who was once voted the "smartest woman in the world". Hillary didn't leave because Bill was too powerful and she felt like she needed him to go forward with her career. But she didn't need him at all. Too bad for both Maria/Hillary. Lodie

521 days ago

L. Mack    

DUH!!! She's Catholic! And stupid!!!

521 days ago


Maria needs to get her act together and divorce the pig Arnold !!! Otherwise she presents herself as a stupid fool!!

521 days ago
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