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Chief Keef

NERDIEST 911 Call Ever

'They Were Rolling Marijuana'

5/21/2013 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This. Is. HILARIOUS ... the squarest hotel security guy ever called 911 on Chief Keef yesterday to report that the rapper and some of his black friends were "rolling marijuana" inside their hotel room, and TMZ has the audio.

The call was made from a concerned security guard at the Le Meridien Atlanta Perimeter Hotel in Georgia who happened to stumble upon a bunch of nice hotel guests who happened to be partaking in some dope smoking.

During the call, the security guy alerts the 911 operator to "a bunch of gentlemen rolling marijuana and smoking ... all in the room ... the room's filled with smoke."

The security guard seems astonished ... because, "I announced myself as 'security' and they let me in the room AS IF IT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER!"

The guy also warns 911 to send cops to the scene ASAP because he feared "those guys may just bolt." 

He clearly doesn't understand stoners ... they're not really known for "bolting" anywhere.

Eventually, cops arrived to the room and arrested 17-year-old Chief Keef for the weed ... all thanks to the heroic actions of one really square hotel security guard.

One last thing ... did he really need to call 911? Or couldn't he just have asked the guy to stop smoking? Hmmmmm.


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Rusty Shackleford    

of course he did the right thing, all of you at TMZ have been going way to far glorifying pot lately. its illegal, and should be treated as such.
its so irresponsible the message you put out there for impressionable people that its ok.

491 days ago


"Some of his black friends"? Woah TMZ

491 days ago


Let's get real here for a sec. He's a minor doing something that is illegal in Atlanta. Don't see a problem with the guard doing his job. I've done stuff in my past & when a cop has busted me I've owned up. I paid my fine and went on being smarter about what I do & where I do it. He's 17 -- just cause he's famous doesn't mean he gets off. And to the one that wrote over crowded jails -- do you actually think they'd send him to jail? Really, there's no concern here about over crowding jails with this weed bust. He'll pay a fine & it'll be done.

Until the laws are changed if you smoke you gotta be smart about --- simple as that. But even in California he wouldn't be legal to smoke would he? He's a minor right, don't know the Cali. laws but I'd say that would still be illegal for him.

491 days ago


the manager will have his ass fired!
worst PR.
stoners are known for long stays ^^

491 days ago


The security guard should be ticked for abuseing 911
In cali you can sit down at almost any out door eating area and every one shares there weed.
The waitresswell even supply you with a bong if needed.
when celbs go to other states they don't know how to treat high rollers!

491 days ago


Whatever. If I tried to smoke weed in a hotel room, I'd get the cops called on me. Why should this kid be above the law like all the other Lindsay's in Hollywood. Think it's lame? Then try and change the laws about marijuana legality. Don't blame the poor security guard who's cashing his $10 an hour paycheck.

491 days ago


So hotel security should lose his job because some little wanna be thug wants to some weed? **** you all...all you think you're so cool smoking weed man....its nothing new, we all did it. Yeah even your parents! It doesn't make you cool, it doesn't make you tough. You are just the same as all of us that have done the same thing. It's illegal and no hotel staff should lose their job for not reporting an illegal activity at his work, He had to call the cops you ****s, it's hotel policy.

491 days ago


That security was a true hero....just think what would've happened if he hadn't've intervened??....I dunno, the vending machines mighta been violated or something like that shoot....good police work, Poindexter St. Snarley!!...gotta love white people!!!!!!!!

490 days ago


I agree that a teenager shouldn't smoke pot. Where is his adult supervision were they arrested? Marijuana is the safest mist therapeutic drug on the planet. I believe it should and will be legal for anyone 21+ unless medically necessary. But the ones who should be sent to jail are the ones who allow their children to use and those who supply to minors.

490 days ago


It's the prohibitions fault if it were regulated like alcohol minors couldn't get their hands on it. I didn't drink until I was 21 I couldn't get anyone to buy it for me because they could have gone to jail.Bbut as an adlt I was able to make the choice.

490 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

What a loser! Who calls 911 for that!

490 days ago


Yea what a F@gG0t...I wouldn't mind if I hear he got beat up in a next story

490 days ago

cat scratch fever    

That security guard should be fired for calling the police on a paying guest and breaking his confidentiality.

490 days ago


Top Flight Security of the world Craig

490 days ago


Why would a security guard go check a leak?? That's a maintenance issues.. I would be on the security guard side if i hadn't already seen how they treat young black males staying there, the 2 days I stayed there with my cousins we were constantly harassed and watched, we even got told by the front desk that their hotel doesn't allow smoking, more than 3 times in our only conversation, and asked if we could please consider the other guest and not be too loud..

490 days ago
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