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Amanda Bynes

You Be the Judge

5/25/2013 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0524_bynes_pollAmanda Bynes has had a rough week. She's been arrested and charged with three crimes in New York City ... added to three crimes in L.A.. People are really worried about her, so we gotta ask ...



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She looks like a Guy with Short Hair.................i would still nail her....

463 days ago


She needs help!

463 days ago


if all of this is an Act and NOT real, She then deserves 10 Oscars But i do think her craziness is real....

463 days ago

Mary P    

Everyone swore Charlie Sheen needed a 5150. I maintained the entire time that he was on the spot lucid when he had to be. And now that he's out of one show and got another with far more creative freedom - guess what? He's boring again. She could be going loopy but are people naive enough to think that there aren't at least some actors/tresses who don't think this is hilarious and a prank to play on everyone?

463 days ago


I guess they're waiting for her f-ing head to start spinning around and she vomits green!..yes!..she's nuts! in by opinion!.

463 days ago


Amanda seriously needs mental health intervention! Watching a person on a downward mental spiral can be entertaining- its like watching a trainwreck in the making. You cant help but looking even though you know you shouldnt!!
I must say its really upsetting to see some of the ignorant comments about mental health issues! TMZ inform yourself about bi-polar and schizophrenia. You just dont "COMMIT" someone because they have it. So you question about Amanda being "committed" or "acting" in 5 years is just ignorant!! In 5 years I hope she is receiving treatmeant for her illness and not need to be hospitalized, the sooner the better.

463 days ago


So sad. When the child star party is over, all that's left is drugs to pass the young hasbeen time.

463 days ago


I thought Charilie Sheen was bat **** crazy and he seems to have calmed down some now. So I can't judge people very well. Its looking like she either has a really bad reaction to drugs or she's acting up a storm. If its drugs, she should be committed or at least put in jail. If its an act, she belongs in jail period. Either way get her away from other people so she doesn't either kill them in a car accident or kill them with crap she's throwing out her window.

463 days ago


I like how no one's realized that in her mugshot and her court appearance, her "piercings" are gone, and she has no holes where they should be. I have multiple friends who have had them and taken them out, and they leave massive dents in your face. The wig is TRYING to look crazy and a mess. She was well spoken, understood every word everyone said to her at the court appearance, and her face doesn't look like she's had any work done besides the lip and face plumping, but she looked like that on the red carpet for quite a while before the 'crazy' streak. This literally all happened out of nowhere, overnight. To top it all off, no professional deems her unfit after all her irrational behavior. I think it's Joaquin Phoenix all over again. No one goes from head on right, poised and pristine to crazy overnight. Britney, Lindsey, everyone who's ever gone over the deep end has done it gradually. You could see the signs a mile away. This is too perfectly random.

463 days ago


Sorry, Amanda might be a wackadoodle but she's far from mental as Britney was circa 2007-08. This girl runs around New York looking for attention (when's the last time she had a hit movie/show?) while Britney got strapped to a gurney and wheeled out under the lights of hundreds of photographers, helicopters and fans... twice.

463 days ago


I have a relative like this!
What a good shrink will do is, Go to her home, If she does not open the door he will write a 5150 right there, that shows paranoia, grounds for a 5150. Talking through a door shows fear. This illness takes a very skilled shrink.
My relative tryed to hug and kiss the shrink to win points, the shrink did not fall for it.
She spent 6 months in the ICU of the physc ward, then was released on a court order of having to show up every three weeks for an injection. Now for years already she is doing just fine, but the court order can never be removed and has to keep being renewed in court. The court order can never run out.

463 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

dang. if people think this celebrity is loony, then that would mean like 50% of the country needs to be locked up. that would mean that when burning man comes around, the police may as well set up 51-50 wagons, and gather each and every one of them who participate there up and haul them into psychiatric hold. sure, she's not acting like a brady bunch family member, or a leave it to beaver, but this is far from loony.

463 days ago


So many people are so sure they know best for everyone.
But...they know nothing about mental health issues or drugs. They just react with their prudish and prejudiced thinking.

463 days ago


another mental case who thinks that being an actress entitles her to be a social misfit and expects to stay above the law and society.

463 days ago


another so called celebrity who thinks that drugs, alcohol and breaking the law does not apply to them.

463 days ago
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