Amanda Bynes Huffs and Puffs in NYC Situation Dire

Amanda Bynes puffed a Camel cigarette on the streets of NYC Friday evening ... then rolled into the Cartier store wearing sweatpants ... and the situation continues to be desperate with no happy resolution.

Bynes -- sporting a bandage under her eye -- walked around the Upper East Side Friday before hitting up the fancy jewelry store.

Doesn't look like she bought anything ... as she left the store, undercover.

We spoke with multiple people who saw Amanda in Union Square last night as well ... and they say she seemed very paranoid. They also tell us she was speaking to inanimate objects like a tree.

As we previously reported, Bynes was acting very strange at LAX before her flight to NYC -- and people close to her feel the situation is dire. Until Amanda's parents pull the trigger and go back to court for a conservatorship, it's a waiting game until she poses a significant danger to herself or others.

Amanda Bynes Arrives in NYC ... Face Bandaged

Amanda Bynes landed in New York City Friday morning with a large Band-Aid across her face.

Bynes was walking through the airport, fussing with her freshly dyed hair with a sweatshirt tied around her waist. The strangest part of her appearance was the huge bandage under her right eye ... covering most of her cheek.

As TMZ first reported, Bynes was spotted at LAX before her Thursday night flight and she was acting very strange. Unclear if she had the bandage in L.A.

People close to Amanda are saying ... before they can take action to get her help, she has to pose a danger to herself or others. It's possible this is a sign of that.

Amanda Bynes High, Bizarre and Off to NYC

Amanda Bynes is off to NYC ... and she is not well.

Amanda was at LAX Thursday night at an airport restaurant, acting bizarre, painting her face with excessive amounts of makeup.

Sources connected to Amanda tell us she was visibly high all day, talking to herself and complaining about her life.

The pics below are from a Thousand Oaks, CA hair salon, where Amanda got a dye job. She was there for several hours -- again acting bizarre -- before heading to the airport.

We believe she is now in NYC.

Amanda Bynes Kicked Out of Fashion School For Weed, Bizarre Conduct

Amanda Bynes was out of control at her fashion school ... showing up high and offering fellow students money to do her homework ... and we're told it got so bad she was kicked out.

Several classmates at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Irvine say Amanda has shown big signs of trouble for a while ... and various people have told us she often went to class high on weed.

Student Rachel Loritz tells TMZ ... Amanda often ditched classes ... but even when she showed up, she was clearly high, and not good at hiding it ... she almost always wore sunglasses and laughed out loud at inappropriate times.

We're told the pendulum would often swing and she would then get in "horrendous arguments."

Rachel says ... Amanda paid fellow students to do her homework ... and some took her up on it. Rachel says she rejected Amanda's offer.

We're told Amanda was caught cheating off someone during a test ... and when she was called out she threw a fit.

Multiple sources tell us Amanda was kicked out of the school last month.

Amanda Bynes Friends Waiting for Something Really Bad to Happen

Amanda Bynes can't get the help she needs until something really bad happens ... because her parents will not re-establish a conservatorship ... TMZ has learned.

Multiple sources connected with the family tell TMZ ... Amanda's parents do NOT think she has a mental illness. As one source put it, "They think she's a bratty kid who thumbs her nose at them and smokes a lot of pot."

We're told everyone around her parents are urging them to get the conservatorship, but so far no luck. That said, it's impossible to put Amanda on a 5150 psychiatric hold until she creates a substantial risk to herself or others.

We're also told various professionals are trigger ready to get the 5150 if Amanda goes off the rails, and they believe it's only a matter of time.

Amanda Bynes Parents Knew Nothing of Arrest No Idea Where She Is Now

The parents of Amanda Bynes are in the dark about their daughter's arrest and have no idea where she is or what she's been doing since her conservatorship ended.

Bynes' father Rick said he and his wife learned about Amanda's arrest from the media ... they weren't the ones who bailed her out. Rick repeatedly said, "We don't know," when asked about Amanda.

It's interesting … Rick said he thought his daughter might be in New York, but TMZ has learned she's staying in the Hollywood area right now.

As TMZ first reported, Amanda moved out of her parents' house once the conservatorship ended earlier this month … but many people close to Amanda feel it was a terrible mistake not to extend it.

We're told Amanda is smoking a lot of weed and is off her anti-psychotic meds for Schizophrenia and bipolarity.

We're also told she was busted for DUI because she was under the influence of Adderall.

Amanda Bynes Driving Under the Influence of ADDERALL Desperate Situation

Amanda Bynes was under the influence of Adderall when she was arrested for DUI ... sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... but her problems go much deeper than a criminal case.

We've learned the Adderall was prescribed by a doctor and she had taken the drug before getting stopped in Van Nuys Sunday and failing multiple field sobriety tests. She was arrested for DUI.

Adderall is a stimulant and we're told Amanda was "out of it" when she was stopped.

Fact is ... it's no defense to DUI that the drug in question was prescribed -- it's still operating a vehicle while impaired. But Amanda now faces a probation violation -- she's on probation for reckless driving -- and the fact that the drug was prescribed may help her there.

The deeper problem is this ... As TMZ first reported, Amanda has moved out of her parents house and is now living in Orange County. We're told she's smoking a lot of weed and is off her anti-psychotic meds for Schizophrenia and bipolarity.

Amanda's conservatorship ended earlier this month and we're told her parents saw no need to extend it because they believe she's better now, but everyone else in her life feels it was a horrible mistake to let the conservatorship lapse and they fear for Amanda.

Amanda Bynes ARRESTED FOR Driving Under Influence of STIMULANT Weed Problem Resurfaces

Amanda Bynes was arrested in Los Angeles Sunday after cops determined she was driving under the influence ... and our law enforcement sources say she was on a STIMULANT ... but we're told she has also developed a serious weed problem ... again.

Here's what we know -- Bynes was driving a Mercedes in the San Fernando Valley when she stopped in the middle of an intersection on Van Nuys Blvd.

A CHP officer spotted her and determined she was under the influence. She was taken to the LAPD Van Nuys division where a drug recognition officer determined she was under the influence of a stimulant. Toxicology tests are being performed now to determine the exact drug or drugs.

According to the incident report ... Amanda had a "disheveled" appearance.

Amanda was then booked for DUI. She posted $15,000 bail.

Amanda has had trouble with mental problems for years now. Her parents had a conservatorship which ended earlier this month and as one source says, "Things started going haywire."

We're told Amanda has moved out of her parents home and is now living in an Orange County apartment. We're told she has been smoking weed for weeks and things are bad again.

The arrest triggers a legal problem. Amanda is on probation for a reckless driving conviction last February.

Amanda Bynes All Charges DISMISSED In Bong Case

Amanda Bynes' rap sheet just got a little shorter ... a judge has DISMISSED all charges in connection with her NYC pot bust -- so it's like it never happened.

It's exactly what we said would happen ... if Amanda kept her nose clean for 6 months -- and she has -- she would have the slate wiped clean in her criminal case.

You may remember ... Bynes allegedly tossed a bong out of the window of her NYC apartment ... when cops responded to complaints from neighbors that she was smoking weed and acting erratically.

She was charged with marijuana possession, evidence tampering and reckless endangerment.

Amanda went to court last January and was told if she stayed out of trouble ... the case would go away and that's exactly what happened in court today.

Bynes' lawyer tells TMZ ... Amanda has satisfied all the conditions -- meaning, she's stayed out of trouble. We're told the judge praised her recent behavior and then formally dismissed the charges and sealed the case.

Amanda Bynes Cops Plea in DUI Case

Amanda Bynes has just scored a victory of sorts in her DUI case, pleading no contest to a lesser offense ... TMZ has learned.

Amanda was arrested in April 2012 in West Hollywood and charged with DUI.

Amanda's lawyer Rich Hutton was in court this morning and accepted a plea of "wet reckless" -- a drinking-related offense that does not have the serious consequences of DUI.

Under the terms of the deal, Amanda will be placed on 3 years probation, must attend a 3-month alcohol ed course, and pay various fines.

It appears her license was suspended because she refused to submit to an alcohol test at the time of her arrest.

Her lawyer tells us she's doing well now.

Amanda Bynes Judge Praises Mom for Job Well Done

Amanda Bynes has made progress by leaps and bounds, and today the judge in her conservatorship case credited her mother for the shocking progress.

TMZ broke the story ... Lynn Bynes became Amanda's conservator during her darkest hours -- after she started a fire in a neighbor's driveway and soaked her dog in gasoline. TMZ first reported doctors later diagnosed her with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Today Lynn and Rick Bynes appeared in Oxnard court ... to sort out Lynn's duties as conservator.

The judge made it short and sweet, saying, "Good job, Mrs. Bynes. Well done."

Amanda is now living at her parent's home and is attending fashion design classes in the O.C.

Amanda Bynes She's Mentally Unfit To Stand Trial

Amanda Bynes is mentally unfit to stand trial ... this according to her lawyer in her DUI case ... TMZ has learned.

Amanda was supposed to appear in court today for her DUI arrest in West Hollywood back in April, 2012. Amanda's lawyer, Rich Hutton, told the judge Amanda did not have the mental capacity to understand the nature of the legal proceedings.

The judge apparently had concern ... and transferred the matter to the mental health court. The judge in that court will conduct a hearing to determine Amanda's mental competency.

Meanwhile, Amanda is getting long-term treatment after being placed under a conservatorship.

Here's video ... of a noticeably unstable Amanda climbing into her Range Rover last year.

Amanda Bynes WON'T Be Charged With a Crime

Amanda Bynes is in for a tough road ahead -- dealing with what looks like a serious mental illness and a conservatorship -- but she's not going to be charged with another crime ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... prosecutors will NOT charge Amanda with trespass, arson or any other criminal offense in connection with Monday's bizarre driveway blaze. We're told cops and prosecutors view her conduct as non-criminal and rooted in mental illness. We're told the cops almost immediately decided Amanda needed professional help -- not punishment.

But the troubled star is not out of the woods. She faces DUI charges in L.A. and reckless endangerment and pot charges in NYC.

Amanda Bynes FASHION DISASTER During Court Hearing

Amanda Bynes rolled into a New York courtroom today dressed more for a rave than a court hearing -- sporting an aqua-colored wig, sweatpants, a tank top ... and sneakers!

... and no one was surprised.

Bynes was in court to fight allegations she threw a glass bong out of her NY apartment window back in May.

According to police, Amanda threw the bong out of her window before they arrested her, but she has denied the accusation ... in fact, she says the arresting officer sexually assaulted her by slapping her vagina.

She also said cops entered her apartment illegally.

But inside the courtroom today ... nothing really happened. Bynes was virtually silent -- and the judge continued the case to August 26 ... though Bynes isn't ordered to appear until Sep. 26.

Miley Cyrus on Dating Bieber 'It's Impossible ... I'm Engaged'

Miley Cyrus says it's "impossible" that she's more than friends with Justin Bieber ... despite the public flirting ... 'cause she's currently engaged to someone else.

Miley called in to Hot 99.5 in D.C. this morning ... and actually responded when the DJ asked if the photos on TMZ showing Miley and Bieber flirting in public this weekend prove they're "more than friends."

Her response: "I'm ENGAGED!" she said, chuckling. "I'm engaged. That is impossible."

It's an interesting statement for two reasons -- first, it clears up the rumors that she broke things off with Liam Hemsworth.

Second, when it came to being more than friends with Justin ... her answer isn't exactly a strong "no."

Miley was also asked about Amanda Bynes -- and she says some interesting stuff.

Give it a listen.

Amanda Bynes I Just Got a Nose Job ... And I Already Want Another!

Amanda Bynes followed through on her promise to get her nose fixed after seeing it in her mug shot ... and she tells TMZ she already wants to get another procedure ... ASAP.

In one of her post-arrest Twitter rants, Bynes said she was planning on "getting in shape and getting a nose job!"

Bynes -- who previously copped to having a nose job weeks before her arrest -- tells TMZ she got the procedure done yesterday in Manhattan and explains, "I have no bandage on. It's healing on it's own like my doctor asked."

But she's not stopping there, telling us, "I'm getting one more in 3 weeks, they are short amazing surgeries done while I'm awake but under general anesthesia. It's almost perfect."

She says once her nose "doesn't look so awful in photos" she will stop hiding from the paps.

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