Amanda Bynes Mom Takes Her Off Meds Despite Evidence of Mental Illness

4/10/2014 1:05 AM PDT

Amanda Bynes -- Mom Takes Her Off Meds ... Despite Evidence of Mental Illness


Amanda Bynes
' mother just came out publicly and said her daughter does NOT suffer from Schizophrenia or bipolar disorder -- she says the only problem Amanda had was weed -- but multiple sources tell TMZ ... that's just NOT true.

Amanda's mom says all her her daughter's problems emanated from marijuana, and she is now weed-free, so Amanda is off ALL medications.  Lynn Bynes says, "She has no mental illness whatsoever."

We made the rounds again Wednesday ... and everyone we spoke with stands firm -- Amanda does suffer from Schizophrenia and Bipolarity.  Beyond our sources, there's documented proof of mental illness.

-- Amanda was placed on an LPS Hold last year after a judge heard evidence in the psychiatric hospital where she was being held.  According to California law, someone can be placed on an LPS Hold only when the person remains "gravely disabled as the result of a mental disorder or impairment by chronic alcoholism."  As we reported, doctors presented evidence of grave mental illness.

-- Amanda's mom won a temporary conservatorship after a court-appointed investigator determined Amanda was severely mentally ill.  The judge granted the conservatorship order not too long after Amanda soaked her dog in gasoline and almost lit it on fire.

-- Amanda's lawyers in both California and New York won delays in her criminal cases based on mental illness.

-- Sources directly connected to Amanda and her treatment tell TMZ Amanda was given a complex Rx cocktail in a Ventura County psych hospital specifically for Schizophrenia. 

-- Amanda spent weeks at the UCLA psych ward and at times was so incoherent she had to be restrained.  Amanda left after she became freaked out by other patients.

-- Sources tell us, during Amanda's stay at a Ventura County psych hospital, she would tell doctors about the "Bad Amanda" and mimicked an exorcism and began biting herself. 

-- Tamar Arminak, the celebrity lawyer who reps Amanda's mom, tells TMZ, "Amanda is now on zero medication."  Her mother believes all the talk about Schizophrenia is false and that's why she took her off the meds. The mom says she's had no psychotic episodes in the last few months. 

Sources connected to Amanda tell us they are alarmed and fearful.